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Friday, 10 December 2010

Feeling like a robot.

Yep, dont we all feel like we are robots at times. Work, rest, sleep, work, rest, sleep.....never stopping and thinking about enjoying the things we take for granted. Sounds a bit sorrowfull doesnt it, but today I woke up at 7am thinking, thank god its Saturday only to realise that in fact its Friday. Boohoo. Also I forgot that I said I would cover someones work shift in the laundry tomorrow so I am up at 6am on a cold, dark and probably miserable Saturday tomorrow.

Never mind, at least I have still got my hobbies to do when I shut the front door after walking the dog. The picture above is my Swirl Scarf I have been making. Its taken about 4 hours so far and got only one more row. Its from the Inside Crochet Issue 11 Magazine and its brill.

I have also finished my large blanket for my bed and its lovely and warm. I will post a picture on here another time. Night night.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Well for the first time in years I have put my tree up in November. You cant see the fibre optics showing which is a shame but I think it looks pretty. I have collected the different tree ornaments since I became a mum.

It is still snowing here and rather chilly. Might not take dog out tonight, we will see. I gave myself a challenge today of not having the tv on all day and so far, I havent. Mind you, I havent done any knitting yet either which is astonishing really. I have tidied, cleaned, washed, ironed, changed bed linen, hoovered bedroom, dusted, done more washing, went to shop for bread and cake and now, having a cuppa before I decide what to do next.

Its snowing at last

Well my wish came true. Got up at 8.30am and saw this when I let the animals out for their morning wee. Had a look at the news quick and as expected, delays on trains, cancelled trains, buses delayed. However, so far, schools are still open. Plus, we knew this snow was coming so why didnt my borough council put grit down. TYPICAL.

Oh well, am off to get some toast and another cup of tea. Bye for now.

Monday, 29 November 2010

A weathered story

This photo was taken about a month ago when we started getting frosty mornings and at this very moment, it has been snowing most places in the UK apart from where I live. Its been very cold, to a freezing O oc but not enough for snow. I have had my heating on for 4 days solid because I almost had frozen pipes. I say almost because when I switched the boiler back on after a rather freezing evening, the boiler couldnt ignite or do anything. So being a single lady I didnt want to have to call out anyone and decided to leave it on all the time. I have used almost £10 in about 4 days having the blinking thing on.

Other news is: I finished my mitred square blanket, (yes another one) and its come out excellent.

I used all my scraps of yarn, mainly all acrylic and I used a size 5mm circular needles. Plus I used a 6mm for the edging. I did double up all of the yarn I used to give it that extra thickness.

I have been rather busy of late, I have been working a lot so spend most evenings knitting or crocheting. I have made a couple of pairs of childrens mittens for my neices and nephew and also, been trying to knit that cowl of mine but its taking so long.

The next project that I have on the go and by the way, has been on the go since May is my crochet afghan for my bed. I realised that I didnt have a warm home made blanket in my house just out of crochet so I have been doing this.

I managed to find a lovely red, blue and another cream aran yarn and I personally think, its going to look great on my bed. I have noticed that on the 400g balls of aran the yardage is very different. I can get 24-29 rows with one ball of 400g yarn and on another I can only get about 20 rows so it goes to show you the difference.

On a christmas note, I have finally done all my gifts now. First time in years, I may even consider wrapping it all up today. Now off to get a cuppa.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A random random

Well, doesnt time fly when your like a robot. My daily routine is, get up at 7am and go off to work. Back home 8 hours later, walk dog, get dinner on (if I feel like it), see if the kids are going to appear for a meal, get changed and ready for bed, watch tv and knit. Drink tea and a bit of chocolate and off to bed to start again.

I must say though, I have been quite productive with my knitting. I am about 80% done on a larger mitred square blanket. I am not sure if its going to be for me as I didnt realise till yesterday, I am short on spare blankets or whether to give it away as a christmas present.

I also have knitted two pair of mittens in between doing the blanket, one pair was for my neice who is 5 years old and the other for my other neice who is 18 years old. I wished I had taken a photo of the gloves cause they were my own pattern. I am also going to finish another big blanket done in aran yarn and crochet. Its so big now and fits across my kingsize bed.

I do feel sometimes that I need to have inspiration with my crafts and get a bit 'bored' with the same old thing. I have promised myself that I will, one day, design something that everyone loves and wants to buy the pattern. Thats one promise in my life I am going to achieve.

Oh well, I suppose I better think about going off to bed and dreaming about my ambitions.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Been a long time

Didnt realise its been almost a month that I have written on here. Havent done anything much really, just working a lot and spending every spare minute doing knitting or crochet. The house is kept fairly tidy and have been thinking about christmas presents this year. Its going to be strange and difficult this christmas. Kids will probably be at their girlfriends in the afternoon and so I will be alone but, the kids are not kids no more. 20 years old and 16 years old, they have to live their lives now. I feel sorry for my Tammie (dog), she often looks around when its too quiet.

I have got a couple of projects on the go at the moment and they are going very well. Am off now to colour my hair cause the grey is showing through too much. Getting old you see.

Sunday, 26 September 2010


I finally had the weekend off and today, Sunday, I have had such a lazy day. Didn't wake up till almost 9.30am and then spent hour in bed with cup of tea, laptop and my dog Tammie. I had decided to have a browse through and then found more patterns to add as favourites. It got me wondering too about designing different accessories for knitting and as easy as it could possibly be with knitting stuff, its the publishing side that worries me. How do people do 'self publishing'? Thats 'thought 1' for the day.

I also am wondering about how and when to start some decorating. Ot oh, here comes
'thought 2'. How can people decorate their house with little money and get a good quality finished project. (I must stop buying 'your home' magazine).

'Thought 3' is easy. Am going to make some fairy cakes today with my neice and enjoy them with a cuppa later when its gone quiet again.

I never use to like Sundays, they were always my 'down' day but today is an exception, even though tomorrow is a work day.

Friday, 17 September 2010

Baby Berry Hat

I dont know what all the fuss is about lately. I know theres people out there that have to have the bestest yarn going for projects but lets get serious for a moment. Wool, whether it be alpaca, 100% wool, bamboo etc, its expensive and like the time when I bought some 100% wool for a kimono, it stretched another 2 to 3 inches when blocked. So its rather disappointing that you buy the best you can afford and it dont go according to the pattern, swatch and tension.

Anyway, never mind. I have been very busy these past few weeks making loads of Jean Greenhowes Christmas Stockings and I am on the last one so I thought I would have a go at something quick and easy before I get stuck into the last stocking. This picture you see above is 'Baby Berry Hat' from and is a free pattern. The good thing is its knitted up so quick, within 2 hours, has intarsia and i-cord and is a great gift for a baby. I used ACRYLIC yarn, yes a cheapy that is guaranteed not to stretch in the wash, and barely used about 25g of yarn in the lavender and hardly anything in the green yarn. I am so chuffed that I am going to take it to work with me tomorrow to see what reaction I get. Fortunately, the lady who designed the pattern has got copyright on it but states that you can sell the item but not the pattern. So if I am lucky, I maybe able to sell a few for christmas savings.

Anyway, am off to bed now, got 7 days straight of working. Oh what joy I have aye. naaarrrhh. boohoo mee.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Catching Up

Ooops, didnt realise how long it had been since I last posted on here. Been doing my usual thing, working, moaning at kids for not tidying up after themselves, walking the dog, knitting and thinking about christmas and how strange its gonna be this year.

Still finding it difficult being in a quiet house now. You dont realise how quiet the house is till the kids pop in for a few minutes then go out for hours on end. But I guess thats them growing up so you just have to get on with life I suppose.

Have been trying to design my own Mobius Head Scarf and its coming out ok but am a little bored with all that stocking stitch. Hope its worth all that when its done. Am trying to think up of some patterns that I can make some gifts but when I see the price of the yarn, it gives me the hump because it brings me down to reality. One throw that I just love is called 'Madras Throw' by Kaffe Fassett and to purchase all the yarn for it, without the pattern which is free by the way, will cost over £200. Isnt that disgusting! :(

Theres also this thing I have been wondering about and yes, its a big change of subject. How do women who havent had the marriage thing and kids thing cope with being 'alone'. How do you get up in the morning, go to work, come home and do it all again the next day? Also, do these women socialise outside of work? Its such an odd question but needs answering to help me get through each day.

Anyway, am off to try think of something to do or I may even watch a knitting show on you tube.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Catch up

I finished the Lang Jawoll and it got to about 20 inches so is now a pretty doiley on my small table. I started tusing a 400g ball of cream aran and am crocheting a blanket with that and will show pictures later.

Feeling very low today so havent got much to say.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Chocolate no more

I have started yet another project because my Kimono is going very well and almost finished. I decided not to knit sleeves for it because have run out of yarn almost and cannot afford to buy anymore but, never mind,I have a lovely long waist jacket that I can wear on chilly days when autumn comes.

The above picture is the start of a 'Round Ripple' Afghan from and I am using some itchy sock yarn to make it with. I do hope that it will soften up when its washed. I love the green colour in it and I think the self striping yarn is the best invention yet.

I have been off work today because I thought it was a 'bank holiday' but nope, got it wrong again so have had a lazy day at home, knitting, tidying up, crocheting and of course eating the fatefull chocolate bar. No more alas, within minutes of me eating it, I ended up with a headache, so its goodbye to chocolate now. Mind you, I can still have my 'Ovaltine' at night.

Quite often lately, when I am at work, I think about my sofa and my chaise lounge where I can put my feet up and craft away to my hearts content. I think its looking rather cosy now. I got my brother David round to help me paint the walls 'magnolia' after Peanut decided to use the embossed wall paper as a scratching post. Its looking really fresh and new now. (Will post a new picture soon) I am going to get some more greenery soon, have seen a few house plants around and am waiting for the prices to fall a bit.

Am off now to potter about in the garden for half hour before I start to think about what to cook for dinner. I am being rather good lately of bothering to cook a meal even though its not the same anymore when your kids dont sit down for meals. Can't blame them though, if I had my time again at their age (20 and 16) I wouldnt be sitting around.

Friday, 23 July 2010

The lazy day of Peanut

Peanut is my rather larger than life black cat that has decided to spend most of the day on the window sill of my stair window. He is not a normal cat and I say that out of pure experience with cats. He is 2 years old almost and in that time he has bumped into furniture, swiped my feet as I walk down the stairs, he growls at me all the time or he tries to hump my leg when I let him on my lap for a cuddle. Yes, I had his bits lopped off last year to stop him from peeing in the house.

He walks like he has an attitude and when people see him they say 'he is weird looking' cause his fangs are still visible when his mouth is shut. He has a few scratches across his ear and face now and looks a bit like a trouble maker but he is so loving and you can pick him up and he wont go to claw you like my other cat.

So, if you think you have got a strange behaved pet, then you havent met Peanut. By the way we called him that cause his brother was called Kit Kat after the chocolate bar so I called him Peanut after the new kit kat bar.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Defrosting The Box

Today and tomorrow I am off work because I am in work the weekend so I thought I would have a good tidy up. I did, and I also started defrosting the ice box in the top of the fridge because it was bad, really bad. I left it to drip for a few hours with a bowl of hot water underneath it and had a dig and a poke at it at about 6pm. Thinking it was going to take me all night and away from my knitting, something amazing happened. The whole block of ice, the size of a drawer, came out in one piece. Here it is after a few goes of putting hot water on it in the sink.

I have done loads today and I treated myself in Asda to some lovely chrystanths and some scented candles too.

The next thing today that I want to complete is the back of the kimono I am making. Its about 21 inches long now and needs to be 28 inches so I am going to start it again soon. Its going very well though.

I am off now to walk the dog, wash up and then finish that kimono. Catch ya all later aligator.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Kimono knits

I started making this Kimono the other day and am enjoying the fact that it will be for me. I am determined to make something I can wear and show off at the same time. I am using the Rowan Pure Wool I got from I Knit, London and hopefully, I have got enough yardage but if not, I will make the sleeves shorter.

Its been really tough the past day and today, I felt like I was on a roller coaster. Am very tired too which doesnt help and luckily, I had offered to babysit my nephew and neice while their Mum and Dad had gone for a meal. Good job really, might have cocked up my knitting.

Oh well, off to zzzzzzz, land

Friday, 16 July 2010

Picking Up Needles

I bought some Malibrigo yarn at I Knit, London and decided to make a lace scarf for a friend at christmas. Well as you can see, its finished. I hand washed it in soap flakes and then pinned it to a towel on my ironing board. Its blocked very well and I think its going to look lovely. All I got to do is get a nice brooch for it.

I've also had time to look for another pattern to do the knit a long with and have found in my Knit Kimono book, Komon. A lovely kimono thats not too big and can be worn as a jacket in the autumn. I started it last night and its knitting up lovely with Rowan Pure Wool DK.

Oh well, am off to get ready for work so hopefully, the day wont be too long and dragging.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

i Knit, London

I went to I Knit, London on Saturday with my friend Debs who works at Canary Wharf and knows London like the back of her hand. (Her hubby is a London cabbie).

Anyway, I bought some Rowan pure wool for 90p a ball in Liberty store and then for the first time ever, she took me to Oxford Street. Wow is it expensive, but interesting. Then we went to Carnaby Street and to be honest, I dont know what the fuss is about. Its just over priced clothing and people hanging around in the 'street to be seen in'.

It was a good experience though and will never forget that I saw a bag for £800 by Vivienne Westwood. Did I swear in the store, yes, it was rather shocking too but my reaction was normal.

Thursday, 8 July 2010


I made my first ever purchase on and the service was fantastic. Especially when your a yarn addict. Here is my stash of 100% silk and I got 5 whole balls of 100gs.

Isnt it beautiful. I do hope there is enough for my Botannic Medallion Cardigan. I havent blogged for a while because I have felt so knackered with this humidity and it makes my ankles swell terrible. Plus, nearly every morning I am waking up with pins and needles in my hands which has been worrying me so will have to get that sorted out.

Well I'm off to bed now, got work tomorrow but then on Saturday I am planning to go to the I Knit shop in London. Am excited.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Hexagon Fun

Ooh, another project started tonight. Hexagon afghan and the pattern is from

It is so easy to do and especially when there is nothing on the tv tonight. So, I put on Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets for the 20ish time and have been crocheting this delightfull shape.

Am off now to do some more.

The smell of flowers

I bought these today at my local florist and noticed the prices of flowers now. These ones were £3.95 which is dear, especially if you compare it to Asda or the market. What really made my chin hit the floor was a small bunch of fresias at £5. Thats disgusting. I've got some sweet peas in the garden growing and am going to pick them too.

My brother David came over this morning and put up my cafe rod. It looks really good and is blocking the sun lovely. It gets so hot in my kitchen with the full sun on it all the time.

I started practising the Botannic Medallion Cardigan last night. It definetely needs concentration and stitch markers. I have been browsing the www for some yarn and would really like alpaca but its so expensive and would work out to £60 for this cardigan. I would never spend that much money on one piece of clothing so I guess I will have to just use the Patons 100% cotton DK and pray it will wash up nice.

Am off to do some more house work.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Annual Leave

Today has been a rather crappy day in all. Sat on a training course listening to a bloke trying to tell me how to be an Activities Co-Ordinator. He was the most ageist, chauvinistic, pig headed man I have ever met. I intend to ask my boss on Tuesday next week, if I would get sacked for walking out of a training court. If she says no, then at least I have got some amo to fire back at the idiots who havent done a days work in nursing dementia.

So, after a boring day I very low and came home to a quiet house. Did some tidying up, fell asleep and then walked the dog. Had decided that I should at least cook something for myself to eat so my first thought was, fluffy egg on toast. Didnt eat it all but at least I ate something.

Right now, I am enjoying a mug of Ofvaltine after watching Judging Amy on CBS. I do like that Tyne Daly. Makes me feel old cause I remember her in Cagney & Lacey.

I am going to try and put a picture here now but it has not been doing what I want it to do so if it goes awol, then its probably me not understanding all this stuff. Normally I can drag and drop the picture to where I want it to go on the blog post but no, they all bunch up at the top of the blog and I get annoyed with it.


That was a lot of fiddling to do there, but eventually its dragged down to where I want to post it.

This is how far I have got on my curtain I am making for my kitchen. I intend to get it finished tomorrow so I can get the drill and screw driver out to put up a cafe net curtain pole. I am so in love with the colour green right now.

Also, I am going to do a practice piece for this Botanical Cardigan from are having a knit along over two months and I intend to have a try at this. I havent done anything like this before so am a little nervous and more excited too. Good job I live alone now, most of the time anyway, otherwise the air would turn blue if my practice piece goes wrong.

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Still all quiet, but better

The sun is still definetely, out. Its still too hot without much air around which is the worst kind of heat for me. I have felt a bit better the past few days but thats only because I have been keeping myself busy.

This first picture is the nearly completed basketweave afghan that I have been making since February. It was shuvved in the cupboard for a few months because I got bored with it. I am just doing a few rows of single crochet in brown to compliment the cream aran and then its my last ufo of knitting.

The other picture is of my completed Lucy bag. I decided not to put buttons in the middle of the flowers because they would not be noticed amoungst the colours.

The next picture is of a rather daring project that I am practising. Its called 'Summit Shawl' from and its rather unusual as you can see. It looks really complicated but its not for an experienced knitter. It just takes a little concentration and once you do the first curve of each row, you pick it up really quickly.

Well, thats me done for now. Another week at work although I have booked a long weekend off and intend to try and stay positive those days too.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sunny days, moody evenings

Yep, the sun is out, its warm and my plants in the garden are growing. I picked my second crop of strawberries last night and theres more to come. Picked up a ufo blanket the other night and have crocheted a fair bit but lost interest in it again.

My youngest son has his prom tonight and I have not been included in it except for money, and he has been out most evenings and spends most of his time out anyway. My eldest son has been house sitting and now has a new girlfriend so other than going to work, life is pretty miserable.

I watched a film called 'polyanna' the other day and the girl in the film said 'always find something to be glad about when something horrible happens'. Well, I am still thinking hard but not coming up with anything.

So its another quiet, miserable evening with no conversation, no laughter and completely exhausted.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Lucy Bag & Debbie's Wedding Bag

This is my version of the Lucy Bag from I made mine with DK acrylic yarn from Wilkinson Stores and 3.75mm hook. I am very pleased with it and it didnt take very long.

Its a sparkly aran black yarn from Upminster store and it crocheted really quickly.It is my own design and the pattern will be on ravelry soon.

Off to work

I get up each morning, go to work, come home, tidy up, kids are out most nights, walk the dog, do some crochet, go to bed. Dont even bother cooking dinner because theres no point.

Will post some pictures on here later of the Lucy Bag I have been making.

Saturday, 12 June 2010


Yes I have posted a warning as a title because I am going through a very rough time at the moment. Am not going to go into loads of detail but am grieving due to seperation from my husband of 21 years.

I have tried to put things into perspective lately but to no avail and the only positive thing in my life is my boys. If they were younger, they wouldnt notice my tears and depression but they are older now and so they just have to accept it too. They are such good boys and are good to both me and their Dad at the moment.

I am trying to stand on my own two feet and believe me, its not easy. Its one of the most difficult things I have had to deal with and its also a time when you know who your friends are.

The weirdest thing I have noticed at the moment is I have done nothing but clean and clean my house. Thats not weird really but I use to moan at my husband, 'can you do this, or do that for me' while I do dinner but now, i'm buzzing round like a bee. Its a strange feeling.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Lace Capelet Finished

Finished this capelet tonight. I wanted it for me but I dont feel like my chubby arms are covered enough so will probably put it on my stall at the end of the month. I just love this wool and am going to get some more but in black and an autumn colour.

Am off to bed tonight early cause have had a busy day at work and had loads of fun too.

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Lace Capelet

I started this capelet a few days ago and am just enjoying it so much. I got the wool from a shop in Upminster, (rather posh shop) and it was £5.99 a ball but had over 400 yards of it. Its got metallic, mohair, acrylic and wool in the content so its a mixture of sorts but feels so soft and light. My vision is to wear it over a white t-shirt with a pair of jeans. I havent made anything for myself ever, so I hope it goes ok. I did cheat a little though. I casted on 240 stitches, knitted a few rows and then pulled them off the needle to see if it would go round me and it seems ok, so far.

I want to get it done as quick as I can because I need to get a bag done for a friend who is going to a wedding. She wants a crocheted black bag with glitzy bits on it, so keep your fingers crossed. If it goes well, I will post the pattern on here later.

Monday, 31 May 2010

Who knows, pigs might fly

I just cannot believe that this bank holiday weekend has gone already! I havent done anything and its not because I havent got the money to go out anywhere. I think I may be getting too old before my time. I've watched the tv a fair bit in the evenings and that sucks the life out of me. Why, I sit and watch the crap thats on is a mystery and I am the first one to complain that its even switched on. Most of the time, when I am home in the day, its not on and I listen to music whilst pottering around or knitting but these light spring evenings are even not inviting me into the garden. Why! I dont flipping know.

I must admit that the past year I have started to realise that my life is changing now. I'm not depressed or nothing, my kids are older now, they dont stay in much and maybe once or twice a week we actually sit down and have a dinner together. Thats why I cant be bothered to cook meals cause its not the same. My husband is quite happy after a hard days work to have his dinner and watch tv all night! Arg!! I think one of us is going to have to start getting our butts kicked and do something once or twice a week in the evenings otherwise we are going to be pensioners before you know it.

I have finished the lace curtain and am really pleased with it. I havent got round to blocking it yet. Have got to find a place where the cats wont sit on it. I have also started a lacey capelet of my own design and am using Reflections Shimmer Yarn which is turning out quite yummy. I just hope it fits me.

Back to work tomorrow, booohooo. Never mind, got to earn the pennies.

Friday, 21 May 2010

Winnie the Pooh Crochet Blanket

Oh boy! What a horrible week I have had but its the weekend and I am finally getting a weekend off work. I have almost finished the baby blanket for my cousin in USA and its all crochet. Its took almost two weeks just to complete the front but am now working on the back.

We have had some very warm weather here and I have finally got a chance to go out into the garden and get things done. I have got a whole load of runner bean plants to put in and I hope that they are going to grow well. May also take some to work for the ladies and gents to grow.

TV has been absolutely boring lately, only watched NCIS and The Mentalist and a few history programmes.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Basketweave & Garter Stitch Baby Blanket

Heres my pattern for the lovely baby blanket I made for my stall. It measures 24 inches by 28 inches.

You will need: 2 x 100g balls of DK Yarn in pale pink and 1 x 100g ball of DK in brighter pink.
Size 4mm circular knitting needle and a 4mm crochet hook.

Method: You will need to know how to crochet.

Cast on 130 stitches.

Rows 1 - 4: Knit 5, purl 5, repeat to end.
Rows 5 - 8: Purl 4, knit 5, repeat to end.
Rows 9 - 12: Knit 5, purl 5, repeat to end.
Rows 13 - 16: Change colour and work 4 rows in garter stitc.

Repeat Row 1 to 16 a second time.

Now work 12 rows in pale pink garter stitch.

Repeat from Row 1 to the 12th row in garter stitch until you have it the length you require. (Mine was 4 repeats - 64 rows)

Crochet edge: In brighter pink and size 4mm crochet hook, do a single crochet stitch all the way along each side. Then do a shell stitch along edge.

Single Crochet: Hook into stitch, yarn over, pull through (2 stitches on hook), yarn over hook, pull through two stitches.

Shell Stitch: This is a half double crochet, 3 trebles, and a half double crochet all in the same stitch.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

My work in progress

I am off work today cause of working Sunday so have decided to post an update of my projects on the go.

Friday, 7 May 2010

Chunky Afghan

This is my first pattern, so please contact me if there are any problems.

Chunky Afghan.

You will need: Robin Chunky 100% Acrylic (100g) balls. Colour choices are your decision.

Size 5mm crochet hook (British Term)

Cup of Tea, biscuit and a good film to watch.


1. Make a slip knot and chain 6. Join with a slip stitch in the first chain to form a circle.
2.Chain 3, (this counts as your first treble) then do 2 trebles, chain 3, 3 trebles, chain 3, 3 trebles, chain 3, 3 trebles, chain 1. Then go into the 3rd chain from beg Chain 3 and do a single crochet.

Picture 2

3. Chain 3, (this counts as your first treble to start a round), one treble in the space.

Then do 3 trebles in the top of each stitch from previous row.

Now your at a corner: Do 2 treble, 2 chain, 2 treble in the corner space. (you should have 7 trebles along the first side) and 2 trebles to start the next side. Now do 3 trebles along the top of the next side, 2 trebles, 2 chain and 2 trebles. (Thats another corner).

Picture 3
Repeat this until you have the next round completed with a ch 1, single crochet in third chain of begining round.

I changed colour at this point, so trim your yarn but not too short. Tie on the next colour and just repeat from No.2 until the blanket is big enough.

Phew; I didnt realise how much time it took to put a pattern together.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Pinky project is done

My next finished project has only taken about 2 weeks to complete. Its my own design of basketweave and garter stitch. The only bit of sewing to be done are the few ends so thats not going to take too long. It measures 27" by 24" and is currently in the washing machine on a mini wash. So I am typing this whilst holding my breath. Its made with acrylic and you need to wash a baby blanket a lot so thats my excuse for using acrylic. I just love the crochet shells around the edge which I think makes it even more girly.

I am now going to start my Simply Lace Curtain today for the knit along group at and its going to be my first real big lace project. I actually did a swatch with some Patons 100% cotton and didnt like it so am now taking a chance at using some 4ply yarn on a cone. I am going to make it for my kitchen window at first and hopefully, all being well, I would like to make one as a christmas present for Mother In Law cause she is so awkward to buy for and she would not expect a hand knitted curtain.

Now changing the subject slightly!! My husband bought me this gorgeous 'Mini Apple Tree' from Homebase, Dagenham and it was only £14.99. It grows to 6 feet and can stay in the pot. Plus it doesnt need another apple tree to polunate apparently. The white blossoms are just so lovely and the thought of sitting in my garden and picking an apple whilst sitting in my chair is just lovely.

We did a lot of tidying up in the garden the weekend, even though it chucked it down with rain, was cold and windy. I planted up a lot of runner bean seeds too because although my garden is small, I really would like to have some veg growing too. The first big job is to re-paint the decking which will take a long time.

Ok back to knitting now! I also am popping to Upminster tomorrow to see if I can get some wool the colour of 'winnie the pooh'. I keep thinking its more like a golden yellow that an actual yellow so I hope I can get it. My husband's cousin in Port Orange, Florida is having her first baby and she wants Winnie the Pooh nursery for the baby 'boy' she is having. I had so much trouble finding a pattern of Pooh that I could use for an afghan and finally got send a link for free Disney charts and oh my god, they are brilliant. So watch this space.

Friday, 30 April 2010

Latest Stuff

First of all this is the love of my life. My little dog. My best friend who is always cuddling me. Although saying that, everytime I pick up my hobbies she gives me an evil eye.

Its been a real busy week at work and have had some good times. I am now off for a week so I intend to finish a few things around the house. I have got loads of gardening to do and some painting of my lounge.

Oh yeah, my hubby got a job at last after 2 years so am gonna start getting things sorted out now.

I have been busy getting some projects sorted out and have almost finished a 'mitred square' cushion cover. Its come out pretty good I think. Lovely and soft. Its got a ridge too and am now going to make an envelope type back for it.

Its made with 75% acrylic and 25% wool and its lovely and soft. Only paid £1.25 for the varigated yarn which is real good. Used about 4 balls.

To change the subject. we have had some great weather here in the UK and its so warm. I had organised my first boot sale at work and it was such a joy to do. Even my ladies and gents enjoyed it, sitting outside selling some bits and bobs and even had some ice creams.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Colours of Joy

Here is my latest project finished and am so pleased with it. Its so bright and cheery.

I have had a hell of a week this week and am absolutely knackered. Organised my first boot sale today and it went really well and the weather was brilliant too.

Friday, 16 April 2010


I am so excited and yet, completely unaware of how much time I have left in getting the schedule done for my first ever workshop on Monday. I seriously need to kick myself up the butt. Have been asked to teach how to do a mitred square so all I have got to do now is get a worksheet sorted.

Have got to work tomorrow from 6am so I will have to do some in the afternoon.

Monday, 12 April 2010

A Start of Things To Come

All I can say is, thank god winter has gone! At the begining of April my husband finally got a job after almost two years of unemployment and struggling financially and it was a bright, warm and sunny day when it happened. I also won £62 at work for losing the most weight in 3 months (5 kgs) and that was a sunny day too. Lets hope that things are looking up.

As you can see from the left, my Revolution Afghan is finished and it measures 35 inches across. I only had enough yarn to do 6 revolutions but am so pleased with it. I have bought another pattern called basketweave from and will be starting that soon.

I have also been browsing different sites looking at 'illusion knitting' and feel I may have to try that too. On the same site as above, they have loads of free patterns.

This is my little dog Tammie, isnt she gorgeous. Why is it that when you lay a completed project down to show it off, she has to lay bang in the middle of it. Convenient hah.

I also picked up two new balls of yarn from Wilkinson Stores and its varigated but they caught my eye because its full of autum colours. Dont know what I am going to do with it yet

Right, am off now, got no work today so am going to enjoy a short bike ride to get my legs use to it again and then its bike riding to work for the rest of the week. Bye all, have a good day.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

New Month, New Luck

Well what can I say! He finally got a job after 18 months of unemployment and starts Tuesday. Am kind of excited cause it means I havent got to work saturday's in the laundry at work for a bit of extra and can use my time to make stuff for my craft stall.

The Revolution Blanket is on its 5th round but am making some crochet beaded cross's for the church that visits my place of work every fortnight. Thought they might like them to give as gifts or sell them for fund raising.

Am spending the rest of today chilling out and feeling rather cold today. Do hope the weather brightens up cause I have got to walk to work tomorrow.

Sunday, 28 March 2010


I have been so busy trying to make ends meet lately that I keep forgetting to post stuff onto my blog. I am quite a grumpy person at the moment because recession has hit my family so hard and lately I feel its just us that its hit. Everyone else seems to be spending money and getting treats and saying that they havent had any problems.

But I am trying very hard to stay positive so here is what I have been making lately! This is a basketweave afghan that has cost only £6 to make so far. A friend of mine has bought some of the same wool and said I could have it. Am hoping to sell it at a craft stall, depending on what they charge for the stall. Its made in aran yarn that I got from Aldi's, Dagenham but they dont sell it anymore so am a little miffed at that. Anyway, when its finished it will have a chocolate brown edge on it to make it stand out.

This is an Afghan called Revolution by Yes its bright but its gonna get big and its an illusion of spirals once its the size its suppose to be. It looks difficult but its so easy to make and am intending on making a black and white one in an aran yarn when I get the chance.

The wool that is used here is from Wilkinsons and its 99p a ball but I have a fair bit of stash so I havent had to go out and buy any yarn for it.

I have made some other stuff but am keeping them for another time to post on here. I am sounding rather fed up arent I. Never mind, hey ho!!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Mitred Lapghan

Well all I have been doing this afternoon was trying to finish my mitred lapghan and its finally done. It has taken almost two weeks to complete and has made my wrists and fingers ache like hell, but I am pleased with it. It measures 31 inch square.

I love the black, it really brings the colours and shape out. Am going to try and do something similar with a crochet mitred square, so watch this space.

Like a robot

Yes, thats how I feel the past few months. Work, work, work and no energy left for me to be me! The only thing I am looking forward to is the spring, the bright mornings and evenings cause I am going to get up from my chair and do stuff.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Banging Headache

Oh god, I woke up with a wicked headache this morning. Got snug on the sofa with my blanket and dog Tammie and went back to sleep for another hour and half. I'm ok now after having two cups of tea and some cereal.
I have been updating some photos of mine on facebook and forgot I had taken this picture of an old project.
This is a photo taken Christmas Day 2009. I made this about ten years ago when I was heavily into patchwork and applique. The colour ran a little but has stood the test of time.
Well, I'm off to start the day. Probably lazy day today seeing as I have got work tomorrow.

Friday, 22 January 2010

It never stops

Nope, it never stops to amaze me that time flies. I have been really busy in work and of an evening am trying to get my first order completed. The wrist warmers have been made, the leg warmers are finished, the teddy bear completed and now the fair isle mittens are almost done.

I cant believe that this week has flown by so quickly! I noticed last night at 4.30pm as I left work it was ever so slightly lighter than the night before so was happy with that. It means spring is on its way. I just hate the dullness lately of the sky. Blimey even my bulbs are poking their little tops out of the soil already!

I went to Romford today with mother in law who I love to bits. Only bought some things for work and got a few items of food and then went back to Nan's after. She will be 90 in August. Then I came home and blitzed my bedroom. Put all the crap in the loft ready for a boot sale in April and then sorted through all my knitting magazines. I have so many things I want to make that I have got to put them into some sort of order otherwise I will just not get anything done that I want to try my talents at.

Oh well, am gonna go and browse the net for a while, see whats going on in the world.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Chicken Curry

Chicken curry is one of my favourite meals, not from the jar but freshly cooked by my lovely husband R. Then I am going to have to get on with the Teddy Bear Hat that I have to knit for a comission. Have been to work today in the Laundry for some overtime and had to have a kip this afternoon cause I started very early.

Tomorrow there will be a lay in with my little dog and then I will be going for a lunch with the family at a carvery restaurant. Am looked forward to that.

The picture is of the other love of my life, my little dog Tammie. She is there when I come home from work greeting me, she sits on my lap everytime I pick up my knitting and loves to knick my tea without me looking.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


I'm trying to be light hearted at this precise moment but am finding it very difficult. The thing is, up to a 14 months ago my youngest son R who was 15 was the most wonderful, loving and caring child ever. Then he met a girl and from that day on (his first ever girlfriend), he has become this major monster who is rude to me, looks at me in distaste, told me he hates me, has not got one polite word for me, does not want to be around us and this very second ago, has barely spoke two words and been very abrupt.

I am finding it very difficult in my own heart to say "get on with it" and let him get over his teenage hurtfullness but when I am sitting here, crying again because of the hurt he causes, I dont know how much more I can take. He has become this obsessive, over-powering biggot that at times, I feel like I could say to him 'I hate you'.

People say, 'he'll grow up soon and realise what a git he has been to you and your family', or 'its his hormones', or 'just leave him to it and he will come running back with his tail between his legs'. Well I dont think that is ever going to happen cause he has become this control freak over his girlfriend and now at the age of 15, nearly 16, he has already said he is leaving home as soon as he can.

I hope I can get my son back but somehow, I cant see that happening.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


By the way, have been on a diet as from the 1st Jan so if I get a bit flustered on here ranting and raving about life, men, teenagers and my crazy cat, you will know why. I am deprived of chocolate and cake.

What I've been up to

Here are some photos of my finished projects for christmas gifts! Cool, ha.

They are only a few photos and the one I really wanted to put on here of my own designed crochet cushion cover, has suddenly disappeared off my documents. Never mind, will find a way of posting it soon.
Have been very busy with work and family life and totally fed up with the snow now here in Dagenham. No matter how far in advance we are warned about the impending weather, the trains and buses seem to grind to a halt. I'm sure they do it on purpose because they dont want to go out in the cold weather. Wonder what would happen if the snow was as bad as New York or Canada!
Have got a few orders to make of some fingerless gloves, a pair of mittens and a teddy bear hat so am keeping busy with that. I started knitting a cardigan a while ago but have not been able to complete it yet cause of the extra bits of crocheting! Never mind.