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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Wind Damage No. 2 & Project Tulip Cardigan

Went for my Sunday afternoon walk with Frank and Tammie because it's such a lovely sunny day only to find the following damage.  I know it's nothing compared to the areas of Wales & Dorset, they are just devestating. My moan is the council removed a lot of perfectly good large trees and shrubs the past couple of months saying 'they want only native plants in the park'. What  a load of old tosh!!  Those trees and shrubs have been there donkey's years and should have been left alone and maybe, just maybe protected these that have been ruined after years and years of growing...

Tammie could'nt quite work out how to get past the tree that was blocking the pathway and when we stepped over the railing you should have seen the look on her face.  We obviously picked her up and moved around the devestation and to be honest, was glad to get out of there.  

In case your wondering...I am not one of those people who loves to hug trees or ties themselves to them. I just love the joy they bring to me and to the area that I live in and there's not many people that can say they get to walk through a lovely park whilst on their way to a stressful day's work.

Moan over....almost!  I can't say it's been a good month to be honest.  My head is full of worry and don't sleep that well.  I have been ill for about a week with Tonsilitus & Chest Infection and it seems to be taking ages to go...I wish it would, have had enough of it now.


I started a baby cardigan a week ago called Tulip. I bought the pattern from for a few pounds and I used acrylic yarn and my new Knit Pro Karbonz that Frank bought me for christmas.  Here's a photo of the finished cardi...

It only took a few minutes to sew in the ends and the pattern is just brilliant.  The applied i-cord that you do around the neck and for the tie is just brilliant.  It neaten's up the neck but the main thing for me is you don't pick up stitches and knit it all in one go.  It's an i-cord edge so it's done with barely 4 stitches.  It's just wonderful and the person who designed this cardi is bloody brilliant.

I also finished a crochet project that I was taking to work with me.  I ended up not getting a break most of the time so I got up early every morning and did a little crochet whilst waiting for time to leave for work.  I designed it myself and it was going to be a doily but thought I would give it a go at being a cafe net for the's made in 100% silk which I bought years ago off ebay...

I am rather pleased with it. I used a size 5mm crochet hook too and I didn't write a pattern.  I used about 100g of yarn and where you already have the holes in the pattern, I just threaded the curtain wire through that.  

And finally to finish, a close up of the Primrose Throw which has been ignored for about a week ...I am going to crack on with it after posting this.

Last but not least...a picture of Tammie refusing to move off the bed when we were trying to change the duvet and sheet covers...

I hope everyone has a good week ahead and I pray that my family do to......take care

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Becontree in film

Take a look at this film. Its on for half an hour and it tells you the history of where I live.  I recognise some of the old folk in it and they talk about the doodlebug bombs, housing being put up which was one of the biggest housing projects worldwide called 'Becontree Estate.  They also talk about when the rent man from the council use to come knocking and how people would hide in the house pretending not to be there because they didnt have the rent that week.  They talk about how you had to keep your windows clean, garden tidy and doorstep scrubbed and if you didn't, the council would have a go.  Except, nowadays people just don't have any standards anymore and its such a shame...I love it where I live, I just wish the people would stop and take note.

Hope you enjoy it and will be back later with some updates of my projects and life in general.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Goodbye January

I am glad that January has gone, it's been a month of tears, emotional stress and worry and good riddance.  I hope that January was not the start of a horrible year and that it was just a time to test me. It hasn't made me stronger, in fact, it scared the hell out of me and I just want to forget it.

That's the end of that misery and now for some photo's to cheer me and you up.  Here is a photo of my progress so far of the Primrose Throw..
I had an idea of making a couple of rows at a time and then adding them onto the main part.  Mainly because it's getting bigger. However, I should stop listening to these bright ideas.  As you can see in the photo above, I have added five primrose's to join to the main part and it's more awkward and cumbersome than before.  It's getting heavy too which you wouldn't think because its got a lot of gaps in it, but believe me it is heavy.

I haven't been able to take it to work with me either because of its sheer size and the amount of colours I would need to carry so I have been doing small projects.  I watched a podcast by knittingden and she showed a Downton Cowl which really got me excited and I e-mailed Denise, the host, and asked her opinion about my Araucania Botany Lace and whether it would be suitable for the cowl.  She thought it wouldn't be a problem and I started making it.  I did it in less than a week and here is the finished item.  

I have had three days off this week for annual leave and I spent one of the afternoons eager to finish it.  I wet blocked it in some Fairy Non Bio Laundry Detergent and it took two days to dry.  It measure's 26 inches and is about 5 inches wide.  The pattern is easy and I used my Knit Pro Karbonz interchangeable needles on a size 4mm.  To be honest, I am not liking the actual design because it looks all mixed up and I wont make it again.  The yarn however, was lovely to knit with and I am going to have to find something else to knit with it because I have a whole skein and a half to use up.

I went to see my sister in law Michelle on Thursday and we chatted and had lunch and a cuppa and I got honoured that Bella, her young cat came over to me and sat on the arm of the chair and fell asleep. He was there for ages and here is a cute photo of him...don't let the innocent eyes fool you though!

I also went over the park, when it stopped raining, and was met by a big Swan who gets right up to the fence and stares at you with attitude.  I was brave and let him take some bread out of my hand and would you believe it, he was so gentle.  I love swans but they are a bit scary looking with their size and I couldn't tell you if it was a male or a female, but was so shocked as to how gentle.  The geese usually snatch the food out of your hand.

I went to meet my son Friday morning and decided to take Tammie through the park. It had stopped raining for a while and when I got there the sun was out a little and the birds were singing so lovely, almost like a spring day.   I took some photos and it looked bleak for the want of a better word.  The council have cut back loads of trees and shrubs and it looks even more bare around the lake.  I asked one of the gardeners weeks ago why were they cutting down perfectly healthy shrubs and trees and he said that the council just want native plants there.  It's such a shame because it looks so bare.  Maybe come the spring time when it all starts getting leaves and buds, it will look good but in the meantime, see what you think.

By the time I walked through the park, the clouds were coming over again and it was looking like it was going to chuck it down again.  I carried on walking rather quickly and met my son about a mile away and then walked back rather quickly.  I ended up getting the bus to get home before the heavens opened and just as we got in, the sun burst out and I thought 'bloody typical'.  

Talking of the weather, as I am writing this the weather report is on tv, channel BBC1 and it don't look good again.  There is a weather warning again for gales, strong winds and lots of rain.  Apparently where I live it's going to get quite wet by mid day which is not good news because right now, the sun is shining brightly through my living room window.  I do hope the rain stops soon, it must be absolutely terrible for those living around Somerset.  The floods are terrible and I could only imagine the damage it has caused to family homes and farmlands.  

Oh well, I am going to go now and try to fill the day, hopefully no more tears or stress.  Frank is off out doing overtime again and my other son said he might pop over this morning so I had better get washed and dressed and do a little tidying up.