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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Defrosting The Box

Today and tomorrow I am off work because I am in work the weekend so I thought I would have a good tidy up. I did, and I also started defrosting the ice box in the top of the fridge because it was bad, really bad. I left it to drip for a few hours with a bowl of hot water underneath it and had a dig and a poke at it at about 6pm. Thinking it was going to take me all night and away from my knitting, something amazing happened. The whole block of ice, the size of a drawer, came out in one piece. Here it is after a few goes of putting hot water on it in the sink.

I have done loads today and I treated myself in Asda to some lovely chrystanths and some scented candles too.

The next thing today that I want to complete is the back of the kimono I am making. Its about 21 inches long now and needs to be 28 inches so I am going to start it again soon. Its going very well though.

I am off now to walk the dog, wash up and then finish that kimono. Catch ya all later aligator.
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