Sunday, 27 June 2010

Still all quiet, but better

The sun is still definetely, out. Its still too hot without much air around which is the worst kind of heat for me. I have felt a bit better the past few days but thats only because I have been keeping myself busy.

This first picture is the nearly completed basketweave afghan that I have been making since February. It was shuvved in the cupboard for a few months because I got bored with it. I am just doing a few rows of single crochet in brown to compliment the cream aran and then its my last ufo of knitting.

The other picture is of my completed Lucy bag. I decided not to put buttons in the middle of the flowers because they would not be noticed amoungst the colours.

The next picture is of a rather daring project that I am practising. Its called 'Summit Shawl' from and its rather unusual as you can see. It looks really complicated but its not for an experienced knitter. It just takes a little concentration and once you do the first curve of each row, you pick it up really quickly.

Well, thats me done for now. Another week at work although I have booked a long weekend off and intend to try and stay positive those days too.
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