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Saturday, 31 December 2016

End of year 2016

Hi, I thought it about time to write on my blog and cannot believe it has been nearly 2 months since the last blogpost.

With that in mind and nearing the end of 2016, (in 4 hours time), it is only fitting that I at least make the effort.  I have not even been checking my stats on here, in fact it was a good month ago that I had a look at how many visits I have had and yet today, I checked for the first time and i have had 716 views this month.  I cannot believe that because I have not written anything, I have noticed I get a majority of views from the USA which is fantastic and the odd few from Germany, France and even Russia.

I have not really been up to a lot the past few months, in fact, just been a bit of a robot again.  I have however, been rather busy with my knitting/crochet even though some days I have not wanted to do any. I also finally, went to Liberty of London a few weeks ago with Frank to purchase the Liberty Bauble which I have wanted to buy Franks Mum but missed out on them last year.  

It is a rather nice Bauble at £5.95 each and I bought one for when my son, daughter in law and beautiful Grandchild get their own place.  It can take pride of place on their first Christmas Tree.

Can you remember the scrap acrylic blanket I started back in the beginning of September 2016, well it is finished.  Here is Tammie who has to get in on the picture laying on it and at the top of the photo you will see Tipsys head poking out from under the blanket.  All I have to do is trim off the ends to finish it completely.  Here are the stats for this blanket - it weighs 1350g and when I worked it out on Ravelry it is roughly 12.5 balls of yarn which equates to 3497 meters.  It measures 55 inches x 70 inches and fits my kingsize bed perfectly.  

Also, I am thinking very seriously of doing away with my duvet this year and going back to a bottom sheet, top sheet and blankets.  We never had duvets growing up and wonder why did we ever change to duvets that you cannot really wash much!

In total this year, I have crocheted 2 projects and 17 knitted projects = 19 projects this year.  I do like keeping my project page up to date on Ravelry so I have done..

7 knitted hats,
3 knitted blankets,
1 crochet blanket
1 knitted child cardigan,
4 pairs of knitted socks,
1 knitted cushion cover,
1 knitted shawl,
1 crochet scarf.

This works out to 13,184 meters of yarn!!

In fact, since being on Ravelry from 2009, I have made 112 projects and used 93,000 meters of yarn in total.  Am very happy with that result.

Finally, I have decided to try and make 2017 a knit and crochet blanket year because I want to advance my skills.  I want to progress in my fairisle technique of knitting and thought of having a go at knitting strips or squares of fairisle for a blanket.  I will try and complete at least one piece for each month of the year and have it ready by December 31st 2017.

I am also on the look out for another crochet blanket project of scraps to use up more of my acrylic stash from last year.  I am determined to not start using the Paintbox Yarn that Frank bought me until I can use the older stash first.  That way, in my reckoning anyway, I can have a bit more storage for when I purchase more of a quality yarn.   

I know for definite that scarfs and hats are not going to be on the agenda this year.  I may still do the odd pair of socks for knitting on the bus etc but that will be about it.   

Come to think of it, I have been trying to find myself a ladies Tank Top to wear over a shirt to keep my back warm and I have looked in loads of stores and have not found any. That was until yesterday, Frank took me to the Marks & Spencers sale in Romford and I got the last one on the sale rack.  I was very pleased with it but I would have liked a few more so Frank suggested maybe knit one...Hmmmm, maybe!

Anyway, it is almost 9pm and I am going to go and relax and reminisce about the year gone past and be thankful for all that I have in love and life.