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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

A knitting video of me

I am thoroughly enjoying knitting on my mitred blanket and I thought I would show you a one minute video of me knitting on it. Other bloggers have been recording themselves whilst knitting so I thought I'd get in on the act.

I have enjoyed a few days of being at home after being layed off from work and yesterday was a day off worry so I spent all day knitting on my blanket.   Basically my pup Tammie had to have all her teeth out at the vets and it was a worrying time because of the anaesthesia and her condition.   However we collected her from vets,  minus £400, and brought her home.   They ended up taking 14 teeth out and only had a couple of teeth left.   She is still feeling under the weather but was well worth it.   It's awful when your pets can't tell you what's wrong and I couldn't stand the thought of her being in pain with her teeth.

Here is a photo of her when we got home from collecting her...

She's looking glazed and her tongue was hanging out because she was still under the drugs.  She's on antibiotics and not much of an appetite but hopefully will be her normal self.  

I started my new job today and is only 6 hours a day which is nice.  The shift goes quick... And now I'm off to do my knitting.  


Saturday, 23 January 2016

And the point is......

Another rug pulled from under my feet.   I went to work on Monday, did my shift with two hours left and then told I was not needed anymore.  So on Tuesday I was looking for work again.   To cut a long story short and trying not to curse,  I have had to go back to working in care for while till something better comes along.   Not happy at all but at least it's part time and reasonable pay.

So I've been spending few days working on my mitred blanket and I have done 15 squares in two days and now reached the Point.  Here's a photo of my planning for the last few colours..

Today I have started to work on the corners and a really enjoying it.  I'm hoping to get lots done before I have to start work.

Also I'm using my mobile top upload  post because my laptop is playing up and it's winding me up.   

The photo above is of two books I've got out of the library and can't wait to have s good look at them.   I'm thinking of a new design for tunisian crochet and once I'm happy with the progress on the mitred blanket,  I will start my ideas. 

I'm of now and hope to get the laptop sorted soon so I can post better.  X 

Saturday, 16 January 2016

It might look like I am listening

This says it all!!

Since last posting on here the only thing I really designed and completed were a pair of gloves for Ross.  He has big hands and cannot find a pair in the shops that would fit.  So for the first time I knitted a pair of gloves with fingers and I am rather pleased with them.  Especially when there are no holes between the fingers.

I played yarn chicken with these gloves.  I had to use a colour for the thumb to make a stripe because I just did not have enough.  I threw away some when I lost the plot and had to re-start them.  I had to get Ross to put his hand on a piece of paper so I could draw around it and then use that as an idea for the length of his fingers and thumb.  It came quite good and am pleased that he wears them.

I have not had much energy the past week, this getting up at 4.30am leaves me shattered by the time I get home in the afternoon.  Not to mention the housework piling up, I just do not have the enthusiasm for it.  It is tidy and clean enough and that is all that matters to me about chores.  


Now that his gloves are finished I have been working on my mitred blanket and thinking about a bit more design on it.  Here is a picture I took a few days ago and I am now bringing it to the next point like the bottom edge and will then work on one of the sides.

It is certainly a long term project but whilst I am knitting it, I keep thinking of an idea that popped into my head and I may just have to put it into process.   

It is a good job I have this blanket to knit on, it has been quite cold here the past few days and the blanket has kept my legs warm.  We have had to put the heating on full to keep warm and the weather forecast tomorrow (Sunday) is a light dusting of snow. 

Oh well, I am off to get dinner started and then walk pup.  Frank is unwell with Flu so am going to see if he will come out for a little walk to get some fresh air.  Then it is knitting and maybe a little housework.....who knows!!

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

I'm bed at 7.30pm

I can't believe what this job is doing to my knitting life, my partner and my poor pets.  I'm up at 4.30 am to get to work at 6am. I walk the two miles there and two miles back and half of my shift is on my feet.  

My feet are killing me,  my eating is out of hand and I'm grumpy when I'm tired so my Frank cops the moaning.   I try to knit at least an hour at night,  I walk Tammie straight after getting in from work and then I cook a meal.  

Can I please win the lottery so I don't have to get up at a ridiculous time.  I'd gladly work 7 days a week if I could win enough to run my own shop of creating, cafe and workspace.

Many thanks.   Time for some 😴

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Waterloo Station, Christmas & Magic

Well, all the festivities are done and all is back to normal. Thank goodness!  I worked right up to the day before Christmas Eve and I finally got a Christmas Eve off for the first time in 8 years.  We got a visit Christmas morning from Ross, Emma & Mya and had a cooked breakfast and then exchanged gifts.  Then we went for a walk with Tammie and spent the rest of the day eating, resting and watching crap on tv.

 I got very spoilt again, Louisa Harding Amitola yarn, Clover Crochet Hooks, Fiorelli Hand Bag, Knit Pro Symphony Tunisian Crochet Hooks with the extensions, Louisa Harding Grande yarn, Chanel No.5 Perfume and much more. ...especially this
A beautiful Forever Diamond Engagement Ring!!

Boxing Day and Sunday was spent going around the sales and having lunch out and then it was back to work on Monday 28th Dec for me.  Would have rather been home with Frank and pup but never mind.

New Years Eve was spent at home, I did say to Ross & Emma we would have baby if they wanted to go for drink but instead they came to dinner and they left because they wanted to be together to see New Year in.  Frank and I went to bed about 10pm and heard the fireworks go off but was too tired to get up.  

I have been busy with my knitting after deciding to have a go at designing a pair of large gloves for Ross.  He has trouble getting gloves to fit and it is not easy.  I have made one glove but am not 100% confident with them and will need some tweaking.  I shall save a picture for another day.  I am still working on the mitred square blanket too which I thoroughly enjoy doing too.

Today, we went to Waterloo to a brilliant cafe called Ecco in Lower Marsh Street but just our luck, it was shut.  Even I Knit was shut so we popped back on the train and went to Embankment and had a McDonalds breakfast which satisfied the hunger.    Waterloo Station is very big, here are a few of photos I took

This is the large information board and underneath are the barriers to get through to the fast trains.  The station serves a lot of the South of England and South Coast.  

This photo on the left was taken right near one of the entrances and it goes on for a long way.  There are steps up on the right to go up to other shops and right down the end you use to be able to get the Eurostar to France but thats all stopped now.

This photo above shows you to the right side there are shops like Accessorize but the 3 arches are entrances to the District Line etc and to the High Street.  It was fairly quiet when we got there at about 9am but let me tell you, it is jam packed within minutes.  

After getting breakfast we went to John Lewis Store in Oxford Street to have a look at their sale yarns in Habadashary and Frank bought me 3 skeins of pink Rowan Creative Linen which I will make a dress for Mya.  We had to go to the bathroom after and whilst I was in the ladies, Frank took this photo from the waiting area and it is Cavendish Square. You can see the Post Office Tower in the distance.

We had a good look around Disney Store, Boots, Next and was begining to get a bit crazy with shoppers plus it started raining.  We ended up in Debenhams for a coffee and cake and we bought 3 lovely coats for Mya on sale.  

Ross got a tattoo done on his hand by a friend who is practising and he was pleased with it.  

Here is a photo of my Magic who I absolutely adore and is the best thing that has happened to me in the year 2015.  

Be back soon!