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Saturday, 3 July 2010

The smell of flowers

I bought these today at my local florist and noticed the prices of flowers now. These ones were £3.95 which is dear, especially if you compare it to Asda or the market. What really made my chin hit the floor was a small bunch of fresias at £5. Thats disgusting. I've got some sweet peas in the garden growing and am going to pick them too.

My brother David came over this morning and put up my cafe rod. It looks really good and is blocking the sun lovely. It gets so hot in my kitchen with the full sun on it all the time.

I started practising the Botannic Medallion Cardigan last night. It definetely needs concentration and stitch markers. I have been browsing the www for some yarn and would really like alpaca but its so expensive and would work out to £60 for this cardigan. I would never spend that much money on one piece of clothing so I guess I will have to just use the Patons 100% cotton DK and pray it will wash up nice.

Am off to do some more house work.
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