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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Greenwich Mean Time

We went to Greenwich park again yesterday (Saturday) quite early and it was lovely and quiet.  There were a few dog walkers around and a few knackered joggers but not many crowds of people to make lots of noises.  When we got off the bus we walked through some of the park first and then did a right turn up a steep heel towards The Observatory and then we stopped off at a cafe called The Pavillion which is currently having some renovations done.  I sat outside with Tammie while Frank went in to get a drink and a snack and found a quiet seat and a table.  There was only another couple there with a small dog so it was peaceful.

The reason I took the photo the sign was because above it the amount of birds you could hear singing was just brilliant.  

Frank came back with a drink each and a sausage sandwich and it was robbery.  The tea and coffee was nice and so was the sarnie but for over £10, it's crazy prices there.  I hope we take a packed lunch next time in the summer and sit around, that will be something to look forward to.

Anyway, Frank took a photo of me standing at the famous clock that stands in the middle of the time zones,  you can see me holding Tammie and trying to not squint because of the sun.  Don't ask me how to tell the time by this clock, it's completely baffled me!

Anyway, we walked right through the park and got a 53 bus to Woolwich Arsenal, got some lemons off the market stall and then got the 51 bus to Frank's Mum's.  After having a chat and catching up, I made a lemon drizzle cake using Mary Berry's victorian sponge receipe but adding lemon zest for the sponge mix and lemon juice to make the icing.  It was delicious and we had some straight after it was finished.

And I filled it with Lemon Curd,  it was so tangy of lemon and am  going to have to make another one.

We then spent the rest of the day just resting, Frank did some reading and I did some more of Charlotte's 'Bringing Baby Home' Shawl.  I layed it out on Mum's bed to see how big it is and the pattern says it should be 36 inches by 35 inches with the border.  Well, knock me down, it measures 50 inches already.  I know I'm using Acrylic and not cotton but this thing is going to wrap the baby girl up well and truly snug.  So I have decided to do another 6 inches and then start the border.  I was debating whether to do a pink border because Char is having a girl but Ma said stick with white because it will be an 'heirloom' shawl to keep for generations.  

Here is a progress photo spread out on Ma's bed.....

I can't wait to wash it in the new fabric softener I got plus it will stretch a bit more too.  

The last photo for the day are some more Regia Sock Yarn Balls that Frank gave me as a surprise this weekend.  He got me another 8 balls and this drawer is two high and two deep of Regia yarn.  I am so lucky because I could never afford to buy this yarn, I worked it out there is around 20 balls of yarn there and at nearly £6 a ball that's a lot of money.

Oh well, I'm off to have a nap and to count the days down to when I see Frank again.  I wished he lived nearer to me so I could see him more often or better still, win the lotto and see him every day!  Dream on aye!!

Monday, 18 May 2015

Cake & Crochet

I should really say that the title of this post should be Exercise & The Sedentary Position because most of my days are sitting at a desk, snacking and not much else.  I still walk to work and walk home which is 4 miles in total but I think I need to boost myself and make a plan of some kind.  My jogging is so inside of me that every time when I am out and I see people jogging, I just want to kick my shoes off and go running but then by the time I am home and fed up with misery, I sit indoors after walking Tammie and just crochet or knit.

I started a new crochet project that I can carry around with me and take to work and it is this lovely christening shawl that is free on ravelry.

Its a Vintage pattern and says to use crochet cotton but my fingers would not be able to do that so Frank got me some Robin 4ply and I am using a 4mm hook and so far its coming out great.  Here is a picture of my progress from the weekend.

I have also been making cakes and I found a recipe of Mary Berry's called Victoria Sandwich and here is a photo of my successful cake making skill that may never happen again.

I seriously need to go jogging!

Now I have had an idea I have been thinking about a lot lately and it is to do with crochet.  I feel like a robot a lot of the times and my evenings and weekends are just about spending time with my family and my crafts.  I was thinking of doing a few short video tutorials on crochet techniques that people may be interested in.  So if you have taken the time to read this and other 'posts' and would like to learn some techniques for crochet or even knitting, let me know please and I will give it a go.  Obviously I will not infringe on any paid for patterns nor upset anyones copyright and will always get permission should the need arise.

So, let me know whether you would be interested and I will start looking into it.   Have a good week.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Bank Holiday Procrastination

Today is Bank Holiday Monday and although its been a fairly reasonable day weather wise, the whole weekend has been chilly, raining, cloudy and windy.  Pretty much  miserable really and I still feel like that sitting here.  I met Frank on Saturday and we had a little trip to Upminster, had some breakfast and then just looked around for a while.  We picked up Tammie and went to stay at his Mums home and rested.  Thats all we could do really, rest.  Nothing to do, could not really go anywhere because of having pup with us so we ate, drank hot drinks.  Frank read his book, he read a whole book in one day and I knitted 4 squares onto my mitred blanket. Then I picked up the last ball of Rico Loopy and knitted another two scarves.

We had been wanting to find the loopy yarn to make some scarves that his Mum wanted so she could give them as Christmas Presents.  Anyway, to cut a boring story short I have made 12 of them since March.  They knit up really quickly using a size 7mm needles and you only have 5 stitches.  Heres a photo for you to see them all together..

The yarn was purchased at Hobbycraft, Romford and they were £3 a ball. 

I have spent a lot of time thinking about things this weekend, felt down in the dumps wondering when things are going to change for my family.  I think up scenarios and dwell on them and know I should not, so I then reminisce about the past good times and feel thankful.  I want to do so much more with my life, I truly believe that if you have been given a talent you should try your best and make things happen and for me, my crafts, should be giving me the financial security i need and the experience to give to others.  Procrastinating is not always a good thing when your depression becomes low because like now, I get really angry and frustrated with myself because I have to work 40 hours a week to keep a roof over my head without any luxuries.  Plus its a job I find frustrating, restrictive and secluded.

Anyway, Im not going to dwell anymore, I have decided that I need to make more positive actions around my home and life and to start the ball rolling I will be spending an hour after work every day putting something positive into the house, whether it be some cleaning, a little decorating that I can afford or just pottering about in the garden.  My thoughts are into starting my jogging again too, it really perks your energy levels up and because my eating is more comforting than anything, I dont want any weight to pile on.  

The mired blanket is going really well, I do a lot of thinking when I am knitting it and here is a photo of it in my project bag I made many moons ago.

I made an effort today and did a lot of tidying up and 4 wash loads so far and its only 5.30pm.  The forecast is rain early evening and its getting rather dodgy outside and I still have to walk Tammie so I am off to get some more bits done before I settle down for the evening.

Sorry if I sound miserable!  Have a good week and take care.