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Friday, 22 January 2010

It never stops

Nope, it never stops to amaze me that time flies. I have been really busy in work and of an evening am trying to get my first order completed. The wrist warmers have been made, the leg warmers are finished, the teddy bear completed and now the fair isle mittens are almost done.

I cant believe that this week has flown by so quickly! I noticed last night at 4.30pm as I left work it was ever so slightly lighter than the night before so was happy with that. It means spring is on its way. I just hate the dullness lately of the sky. Blimey even my bulbs are poking their little tops out of the soil already!

I went to Romford today with mother in law who I love to bits. Only bought some things for work and got a few items of food and then went back to Nan's after. She will be 90 in August. Then I came home and blitzed my bedroom. Put all the crap in the loft ready for a boot sale in April and then sorted through all my knitting magazines. I have so many things I want to make that I have got to put them into some sort of order otherwise I will just not get anything done that I want to try my talents at.

Oh well, am gonna go and browse the net for a while, see whats going on in the world.
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