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Friday, 30 August 2013

Autumn On Its Way

Yep, it's still lovely and warm but there is a chill of a night and as we are all aware, its getting darker in the mornings and evenings. I haven't been out jogging for 6 weeks and it's driving me mad. Everytime I go out and see someone jogging I say 'that should be me' but I can't. I know that if I did, it would put me back again and I would be in pain. My foot has not swelled up as much but it still hurts when I get up in the mornings and after sitting down for a period of time. Doctor said I have 'plantar fascitis' and should avoid exercise like jogging but exercise like walking and stretching. So its a contradictory to me but heyho, they know best. I have been off work for a week for annual leave and not really done much but it has been a good rest. I have been dealing with some stressful times the past few weeks which has not been easy but as a parent, you just have to cope. I did intend to do a lot of cleaning and catching up with the decorating but alas, I failed miserably. All we did was paint the wood cladding in the hall, stairs and landing. It looks lovely and fresh painted white but I wanted to do so much more, never mind! Anyway, I have been busy crocheting and knitting and my latest project is this
I have called it Autumn on its way but may change the name as it progresses. I have been enjoying the garden too and F has been pottering around taking cuttings which always excites me. I hope we get some multiples for the spring next year. I will start my christmas knitting soon, cant believe how quick the year is going. That's all folks, hope to have more for you next time.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Target 60 completed

All done! Watched Countryfile and Antiques Roadshow and just got on with it. Measures 6 feet 3 inches by 4 feet 1 inch. Will post the edging pattern very soon.

A bit dopey

The title of this post says it all. Stress and worries have made me quiet, miserable and to say the least down in the dumps. I have spent a lot of my spare time pottering around the house and making sure that it's 'tidyish' and most evenings I have been working on my Target 60 blanket. I completed all the blocks a couple of days ago and crocheted them together and joining as you go with my own design hoping that when I get to crocheting all around the edge, it will give me a base to start the edging. Well, so far it's doing ok and am pleased with the outcome. My mind kept wandering off to my next blanket I want to do, whether its going to be knitted or crocheted and it's not easy you know. I love my crocheting, it's so quick to make a blanket but inside my head I keep seeing visions of a knitted squares blanket with loads of colour. The only thing that puts me off with that is, sewing the squares together! Anyway, my aim is to keep making blankets, as many as I can in order to recoup the money back and to put out there into the big wide world, my heirlooms. The blanket's I have made with copyright are going to be gifts to those near and dear to me and hopefully, will be looked after. I was looking at a colour wheel on my mobile the other day as I rode home on the bus and I kept looking at what matches with the colour orange but it's a difficult colour to match up. I think a blue would go nice with it but I dont want the orange to be bright and bold so am leaning towards a rusty orange...who knows! Then I got the idea of doing a blanket that is a stitch sampler but using the silvery grey I am using for my Target 60, black and cream and maybe even a beige. Not sure with that yet, just my mind trying to keep occupied.
I haven't been able to go jogging for over a month because after wearing a cheap flat pair of shoes, I ended up damaging my muscle under my foot and was diagnosed with 'plantar fascitis' and it flipping hurts in the mornings and after I get up from sitting down. I have been strapping it up, rolling my foot on a bottle of ice and it does help but it's not enough for me to feel comfortable to go jogging again at the moment. I don't want to make it worse and end up not jogging ever again. I am still walking my 4 miles a day and trying to eat normal but it's not easy at the moment. I have put on 4 kilo's which has got me down a bit but am trying to stay positive and hopefully, will lose it again soon. Oh well, am off to do one of the worst jobs around the house, IRONING! Have a good week and I will post my edge pattern from the Target 60 blanket in the week. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Target 60

I have been crocheting squares from Jan Eaton's book called "200 crochet blocks" and I have done around 26 of the designs. I have also done a few of my own and got to 52 so far. I am really enjoying it and decided to soak them in Comfort Softener in a bowl for 10 minutes and then spin them on a short spin in the washing machine. It's been lovely and warm today with a light breeze so I decided to put them outside on the table to dry off and they did within 10 minutes.
I ended up spending a couple of hours sorting out some of them, some ended up too big and I had to take away a row from a few of the squares. They are all now waiting to have the ends cut off and then I can do the join as you go method of crochet. I want to find a nice silvery grey to do the border and edges so am not rushing. I also decided to use the little leftover bits to make a start with doing a single crochet blanket. It's going quite well, will show a picture soon. Sorry this is a short one, not done much other than work and housework. Tammie is doing ok and Typsy is fine too, not liked the humidity much and be quite glad when it all gets back to normal.