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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Jack the Ripper....this picture could be where he use to walk around.
If you know your history there's a house at the end of Highbury Fields, near Highbury Tube Station where the artist Walter Sickert lived and worked. Sickert was a suspect at one time of being Jack the Ripper. This photo was taken just before Christmas when we had quite a bit of fog and doesn't it look spooky. Part of this park has a walkthrough with the old fashioned street lights and is a popular area for visitors. There are carved sculptures out of dead tree's which are just gorgeous.
The next two photo's are of Canonbury Square, not far from Highbury Fields and to look at the photo's you wouldn't think you were in London. The first photo look's like a street down a little village to me! Don't even ask how much the rent would be on one of them houses/flats.
This last photo is at New River Walk and look what's happened. It's an Elder Tree and it has collapsed through the weight of the ivy and snow. Poor thing! I have just been told that the River will be drained next week to get a good clean up from the leaves and debris. Wish I could be there now instead of stuck in an office. Oh well, treat over. Will be posting again on Sunday.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Islington, London in the summer & winter. If you ever want to visit London that makes you feel like your NOT in London then I suggest you go to this place....
This is a small footbridge in New River Walk and it is so peaceful and the wildlife in there is brilliant. When you walk through from begining to end there are benches amoung large shrubs, an old hut that has been there for many years, all kinds of tree's and some of them spread their branches right across the river. There are bird's of all types and let me tell you, when it's springtime the baby birds are so cute that you just have to give them your sandwich. There is a various planned rockery with shrubs and if you like the colour of green, then it's the place to be. It is so peaceful, so quiet and you could just sit for hours. It's not far from Essex Road where there is a good bakery (not expensive) and you can grab your cake and coffee and just enjoy it sitting on the bench.
The next picture was taken a few days ago near one of the entrances and it look's cold. But, I think it would look good as a picture or poster because it's SNOW. It's so calm and I just feel like I want to go there right now. The tree's are gorgeous and you just got to touch them, especially the Swamp Red Wood. It stand's so tall and the colour of its big trunk is a beautiful red. Here are a few photo's of my walk to work on Monday...I love taking photo's when the weather changes....
What else have I been doing, well I finished the Crochet Granny Blanket and have just got to put a name tag on it. I have started another design of my own, it's a random kind of blanket because I am just trying out different things and if I don't like the stitch, I unpick it. So far, its not too bad and the creative thought's haven't stumped me is a taster of what it looks like so far...
I'am off to chill for a while. Will put another post up on the blog next weekend. Have a good week and by the way, did you notice it's still light at 4pm, so excited that Spring is on it's way. I hate getting up in the dark and leaving work in the dark. Take care...

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Haven't blogged since November, my apologies to those few that read this. It's been a difficult time the past couple of months and I still have my moments but thought I should pop in. I got my christmas present's finished that I wanted to make and they were appreciated and are being used, which makes it worth while. I had lost my 'mojo' for a while because of worries and lost more weight but am trying to hold my head up and get on with life. Let's face it, it's only 'me' that can kick myself up the arse to get through.
As you can see, we have got SNOW. The second picture was taken only a few hours ago of my back garden and it still hasn't stopped snowing. It's good to see even though its about 3 weeks late when we really wanted it.
I have been making a single bed blanket to get together a stock of blankets to sell, just in case someone wants a special blanket that you can't buy in shops. This has taken me a couple of months, which is bad for me, but at least its almost finished. Just got to do a white border around it and then its done. I am going to wash it in the machine and then got to think of how to store it without it getting dusty. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Have spent the weekend doing nothing. Literally. So am going now to watch some podcasts. Have a good week and will try my best to post once a week.