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Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A random random

Well, doesnt time fly when your like a robot. My daily routine is, get up at 7am and go off to work. Back home 8 hours later, walk dog, get dinner on (if I feel like it), see if the kids are going to appear for a meal, get changed and ready for bed, watch tv and knit. Drink tea and a bit of chocolate and off to bed to start again.

I must say though, I have been quite productive with my knitting. I am about 80% done on a larger mitred square blanket. I am not sure if its going to be for me as I didnt realise till yesterday, I am short on spare blankets or whether to give it away as a christmas present.

I also have knitted two pair of mittens in between doing the blanket, one pair was for my neice who is 5 years old and the other for my other neice who is 18 years old. I wished I had taken a photo of the gloves cause they were my own pattern. I am also going to finish another big blanket done in aran yarn and crochet. Its so big now and fits across my kingsize bed.

I do feel sometimes that I need to have inspiration with my crafts and get a bit 'bored' with the same old thing. I have promised myself that I will, one day, design something that everyone loves and wants to buy the pattern. Thats one promise in my life I am going to achieve.

Oh well, I suppose I better think about going off to bed and dreaming about my ambitions.
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