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Sunday, 28 March 2010


I have been so busy trying to make ends meet lately that I keep forgetting to post stuff onto my blog. I am quite a grumpy person at the moment because recession has hit my family so hard and lately I feel its just us that its hit. Everyone else seems to be spending money and getting treats and saying that they havent had any problems.

But I am trying very hard to stay positive so here is what I have been making lately! This is a basketweave afghan that has cost only £6 to make so far. A friend of mine has bought some of the same wool and said I could have it. Am hoping to sell it at a craft stall, depending on what they charge for the stall. Its made in aran yarn that I got from Aldi's, Dagenham but they dont sell it anymore so am a little miffed at that. Anyway, when its finished it will have a chocolate brown edge on it to make it stand out.

This is an Afghan called Revolution by Yes its bright but its gonna get big and its an illusion of spirals once its the size its suppose to be. It looks difficult but its so easy to make and am intending on making a black and white one in an aran yarn when I get the chance.

The wool that is used here is from Wilkinsons and its 99p a ball but I have a fair bit of stash so I havent had to go out and buy any yarn for it.

I have made some other stuff but am keeping them for another time to post on here. I am sounding rather fed up arent I. Never mind, hey ho!!
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