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Sunday, 30 January 2011


Yep, it has to be said that when you have a couple of your friends stay over and knit, eat chocolate and drink tea, its a real boost to your schedule. This is my friend and work make Charlotte and my dog tammie is keeping her company while she starts casting on for a new project. Charlotte is a new knitter and got a brill knit book for beginners and she fell in love with a cable wrap. I showed her how to do the 'cable twist' and she got it really well. (See Charchar, its not that difficult).

Then in the corner is my friend and work mate Debbie. She is not in the picture because she is on the computer playing 'facebook poker'. The girls were exhausted after working a 12 hour shift so after meeting them at the Heathway we got back to my place where a home made chicken curry was waiting for them.

Today, Sunday, I was going to pop up Heathway for some lilac coloured wool out of Wilkinsons but I can do that in the morning. So I am going to start thinking about another blanket design and maybe even write one up.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Tulips & Chills

I treated myself today to a lovely bunch of Tulips out of Tesco Express and they only attracted me because of the price. They were £3 for the bunch which is pretty good at the moment. My local florist said that flowers are going to get more expensive as Valentine and Easter appears. I couldnt believe the price of lillies, £2 for one stem, thats disgusting. Anyway, I got down my rather dusty old fashioned jug to put the tulips in and am a bit cheerfull now.

As for the chills, well it must be true that as you get older, you feel the cold more because today is flipping freezing. The temperature drops to almost zero during the day and its bright sunshine and then, today its windy and feels even colder. I have succombed to wearing thick bed socks as well as my night dress and dressing gown.

On my projects at the moment, I am doing good. I made a muck up of not buying enough 'earth' colour for my 'earth, wind and fire' afghan and the post office that sold it said they dont do that tweed effect in that colour anymore. YIKES, so I have got to rethink it a bit but am definetely not going to frog what I have done.

I have got loads to do tomorrow, housework, waiting in for son's phone to be delivered, shopping to be delivered and then some major knit/crochet going on. Oooh, yeah and a bloody good lay in.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

De-cluttered day

I have spent my only day off today tidying and de-cluttering my bedroom. I hoovered, dusted, sorted, tidied and even got my son to smash up an old computer table that had seen better days. Then I set up a corner of my bedroom with a lovely wicker chair, patchwork quilt and some design books. Then at about 4pm i decided to start more crocheting.

I treated myself yesterday to an 'aloe vera' plant which i love and always wanted one, it was only £3.50 out of my local florist. I have also been trying not to use supermarkets for my shopping. Mainly because I dont have a car and the online shopping is useless. So we will see how it goes. I'm off to get some crocheting done.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

What is it with...

Solicitors. I rang an 'unbiased' solicitor on Monday asking if they can do a 'sworn' on my divorce papers and they said yes. 'Come down on Thursday'. Booked the day off, spent the evening worrying about it and when I plucked the courage up to go there today they say with a smirk 'the solicitor is not here today'. I got so angry and told her 'on the phone Monday you said that he would be here today'. She just smirked and said 'try the solicitor down the road'. So I did. Low and behold, that solicitor wasnt available either.

So I thought 'sod it'. I went to Romford with a little voice saying in my head 'go visit Hobbycraft after you have found a solicitor and eventually, I found a solicitor and breathed a sigh of relief that I had finally found a very friendly and comforting law firm.

Afterwards, I walked past the walk way towards Hobbycraft and saw a sign saying 'Burger King' and thought again 'sod it, I havent had a burger for long long time'. I walked in, ordered a whopper meal and devoured it. Then I headed back towards my home, popped in my own Solicitors, gave them the Affadavit and went home feeling exhausted and needed a sleep.

To which I did, I slept for 2 hours and woke up miserable and felt miserable all day, still do. I have been crocheting but my heart was not in it so am ready for bed and just waiting for a reasonable time to go up to bed.

This is my dog Tammie who looks totally fed up like her Mum. Still, I have got work tomorrow so should cheer up a bit. Night Night.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Strange Day today

Last night I finished this adorable afghan, all of my own design. Then at 11pm, I started another one but knitted this time and went to bed feeling rather pleased with myself.

Then this morning my Affidavit came through for my divorce and am feeling rather down in the dumps. I thought I would never ever say after 25 years of being with someone 'I am divorced'. Its like a blow to the stomach but its something I had to do. Its not been easy these past 7 months, its been such a roller coaster of emotions but only a few minute seconds of doubt.

So I am going to deal with the future now and get on with my life and focus on my work, my knitting and crochet career and my family.

Today, I am going to attempt to knit a top down baby cardigan to see if it will work for me. Wish me luck.

Monday, 3 January 2011

So far, so good

Diet is going well (sort of) and the blanket from the previous post is going even better. It measures 40 x 50 inches and I aim for it to be around 60 inches. It's amazing how time fly's when your having fun. I also decided to ask a friend of mine if we could go away together for a little holiday in the countryside and she is well up for it, so I am now getting excited cause we are thinking about a Victorian holiday to get the feel of history. Plus we can take our knitting or crochet.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Time for a new eating Plan

I have good intents this time and aim to lose about 2 stone for the summer. So watch this space.

Other news is, Christmas and New Year is over and I can get back to normal. Plans for new year are to save for holiday, win the lottery and buy a car, Oh yeah, and to make lots of stuff. I have a couple of projects on the go and this one is what I am going to be doing today (New Years Day).

Its from a book called 'Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks' and I am going to make it for the size of a single bed. Its a good project cause you can just put it down without worrying about how far you have got with it, the blocks are easy for an experienced crocheter.