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Monday, 31 May 2010

Who knows, pigs might fly

I just cannot believe that this bank holiday weekend has gone already! I havent done anything and its not because I havent got the money to go out anywhere. I think I may be getting too old before my time. I've watched the tv a fair bit in the evenings and that sucks the life out of me. Why, I sit and watch the crap thats on is a mystery and I am the first one to complain that its even switched on. Most of the time, when I am home in the day, its not on and I listen to music whilst pottering around or knitting but these light spring evenings are even not inviting me into the garden. Why! I dont flipping know.

I must admit that the past year I have started to realise that my life is changing now. I'm not depressed or nothing, my kids are older now, they dont stay in much and maybe once or twice a week we actually sit down and have a dinner together. Thats why I cant be bothered to cook meals cause its not the same. My husband is quite happy after a hard days work to have his dinner and watch tv all night! Arg!! I think one of us is going to have to start getting our butts kicked and do something once or twice a week in the evenings otherwise we are going to be pensioners before you know it.

I have finished the lace curtain and am really pleased with it. I havent got round to blocking it yet. Have got to find a place where the cats wont sit on it. I have also started a lacey capelet of my own design and am using Reflections Shimmer Yarn which is turning out quite yummy. I just hope it fits me.

Back to work tomorrow, booohooo. Never mind, got to earn the pennies.
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