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Monday, 29 November 2010

A weathered story

This photo was taken about a month ago when we started getting frosty mornings and at this very moment, it has been snowing most places in the UK apart from where I live. Its been very cold, to a freezing O oc but not enough for snow. I have had my heating on for 4 days solid because I almost had frozen pipes. I say almost because when I switched the boiler back on after a rather freezing evening, the boiler couldnt ignite or do anything. So being a single lady I didnt want to have to call out anyone and decided to leave it on all the time. I have used almost £10 in about 4 days having the blinking thing on.

Other news is: I finished my mitred square blanket, (yes another one) and its come out excellent.

I used all my scraps of yarn, mainly all acrylic and I used a size 5mm circular needles. Plus I used a 6mm for the edging. I did double up all of the yarn I used to give it that extra thickness.

I have been rather busy of late, I have been working a lot so spend most evenings knitting or crocheting. I have made a couple of pairs of childrens mittens for my neices and nephew and also, been trying to knit that cowl of mine but its taking so long.

The next project that I have on the go and by the way, has been on the go since May is my crochet afghan for my bed. I realised that I didnt have a warm home made blanket in my house just out of crochet so I have been doing this.

I managed to find a lovely red, blue and another cream aran yarn and I personally think, its going to look great on my bed. I have noticed that on the 400g balls of aran the yardage is very different. I can get 24-29 rows with one ball of 400g yarn and on another I can only get about 20 rows so it goes to show you the difference.

On a christmas note, I have finally done all my gifts now. First time in years, I may even consider wrapping it all up today. Now off to get a cuppa.
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