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Monday, 25 June 2012

Oh You Make Me Uncle Kracker, I tried to put a link here but it wouldn't work from youtube so just put in the search bar 'smile' uncle kracker and you will see it. Its brilliant! I just wanted to post this onto my blog cause it means a lot to me. I have another song that does too but will post that another day. I found the song whilst watching my favourite podcast on knitting called (just highlight and copy/paste this onto a new tab and you will enjoy it. I have been busy with my knitting and have got planned a couple of crochet afghans but my priority at the moment is the man that makes me smile. I haven't read anything else since the Friday Night Knitting Club and I did try to read the second book, but it was ruined by the ending of the first book. So, reading is not for me at the moment either. I hope that I will get back into it properly, I have a book called Blossom Street on my bedside table and have managed to read about 4 chapters in a week and it seems to be going ok. I finished knitting another neckerchief out of the Riot DK and made a pair of 'fetching' gloves to match and they were gifted to my partner's Ma. I have just casted on my own 'cowl' pattern that popped into my head too but will post a picture if I am pleased with its outcome. Oh well, I am going to watch another podcast whilst waiting for my 'handsome' to come home..take care x

Monday, 11 June 2012

Hello, What can I say. I have no Moans and Groans, I am happy, extremely happy. My crafts have taken the back burner for months because I lost my mojo. Plus, I finally plucked up the courage to start 'dating' and have found a wonderful man who I wish I had met years and years ago. I have picked up my knitting recently because I finally managed to get hold of 'The Friday Night Knitting Club' book and read it within a few days. I got rather annoyed with the ending and am now trying to read the second book called 'Knit Two'. I have started to knit the Two Step Scarf just to use up the yarn that cost me £6 and a few months ago I decided to get rid of all my acrylic yarn because I had no room for it and just wanted to find a project, buy the yarn and make it. That way, I dont end up with a ridiculous stash. I have been keeping an eye on how many 'views' I have been getting and its still been going up steady so I hope this is some encouragement for those interested in my blog. I will be back with more later in the week. Bye for now.