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Friday, 16 July 2010

Picking Up Needles

I bought some Malibrigo yarn at I Knit, London and decided to make a lace scarf for a friend at christmas. Well as you can see, its finished. I hand washed it in soap flakes and then pinned it to a towel on my ironing board. Its blocked very well and I think its going to look lovely. All I got to do is get a nice brooch for it.

I've also had time to look for another pattern to do the knit a long with and have found in my Knit Kimono book, Komon. A lovely kimono thats not too big and can be worn as a jacket in the autumn. I started it last night and its knitting up lovely with Rowan Pure Wool DK.

Oh well, am off to get ready for work so hopefully, the day wont be too long and dragging.
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