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Saturday, 31 December 2016

End of year 2016

Hi, I thought it about time to write on my blog and cannot believe it has been nearly 2 months since the last blogpost.

With that in mind and nearing the end of 2016, (in 4 hours time), it is only fitting that I at least make the effort.  I have not even been checking my stats on here, in fact it was a good month ago that I had a look at how many visits I have had and yet today, I checked for the first time and i have had 716 views this month.  I cannot believe that because I have not written anything, I have noticed I get a majority of views from the USA which is fantastic and the odd few from Germany, France and even Russia.

I have not really been up to a lot the past few months, in fact, just been a bit of a robot again.  I have however, been rather busy with my knitting/crochet even though some days I have not wanted to do any. I also finally, went to Liberty of London a few weeks ago with Frank to purchase the Liberty Bauble which I have wanted to buy Franks Mum but missed out on them last year.  

It is a rather nice Bauble at £5.95 each and I bought one for when my son, daughter in law and beautiful Grandchild get their own place.  It can take pride of place on their first Christmas Tree.

Can you remember the scrap acrylic blanket I started back in the beginning of September 2016, well it is finished.  Here is Tammie who has to get in on the picture laying on it and at the top of the photo you will see Tipsys head poking out from under the blanket.  All I have to do is trim off the ends to finish it completely.  Here are the stats for this blanket - it weighs 1350g and when I worked it out on Ravelry it is roughly 12.5 balls of yarn which equates to 3497 meters.  It measures 55 inches x 70 inches and fits my kingsize bed perfectly.  

Also, I am thinking very seriously of doing away with my duvet this year and going back to a bottom sheet, top sheet and blankets.  We never had duvets growing up and wonder why did we ever change to duvets that you cannot really wash much!

In total this year, I have crocheted 2 projects and 17 knitted projects = 19 projects this year.  I do like keeping my project page up to date on Ravelry so I have done..

7 knitted hats,
3 knitted blankets,
1 crochet blanket
1 knitted child cardigan,
4 pairs of knitted socks,
1 knitted cushion cover,
1 knitted shawl,
1 crochet scarf.

This works out to 13,184 meters of yarn!!

In fact, since being on Ravelry from 2009, I have made 112 projects and used 93,000 meters of yarn in total.  Am very happy with that result.

Finally, I have decided to try and make 2017 a knit and crochet blanket year because I want to advance my skills.  I want to progress in my fairisle technique of knitting and thought of having a go at knitting strips or squares of fairisle for a blanket.  I will try and complete at least one piece for each month of the year and have it ready by December 31st 2017.

I am also on the look out for another crochet blanket project of scraps to use up more of my acrylic stash from last year.  I am determined to not start using the Paintbox Yarn that Frank bought me until I can use the older stash first.  That way, in my reckoning anyway, I can have a bit more storage for when I purchase more of a quality yarn.   

I know for definite that scarfs and hats are not going to be on the agenda this year.  I may still do the odd pair of socks for knitting on the bus etc but that will be about it.   

Come to think of it, I have been trying to find myself a ladies Tank Top to wear over a shirt to keep my back warm and I have looked in loads of stores and have not found any. That was until yesterday, Frank took me to the Marks & Spencers sale in Romford and I got the last one on the sale rack.  I was very pleased with it but I would have liked a few more so Frank suggested maybe knit one...Hmmmm, maybe!

Anyway, it is almost 9pm and I am going to go and relax and reminisce about the year gone past and be thankful for all that I have in love and life.  

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Lace failure...

Exactly as the title says, I tried the lace and because of the lack of concentration and distraction, I just could not do it.  So, when I get things done that I want to do, perhaps in the New Year I can concentrate.

I have however, been working on the scrap acrylic blanket and as you can see, it is almost half way up the bed.  I do manage to get at least 2 rows done a day and I have been placing a progress marker so I can see how much it is growing.  If I didnt do that, I would think it was not growing.

I have also had another go at stranded knitting and below is a photo of a Christmas Tree Hat design that I got from  It is a free pattern and the instructions are so easy to follow.  It only took a few nights to complete.
 My next project is going to be a Christmas Pudding Hat that I started last night.  I am designing it as I go and with a bit of luck, it will be turn out ok.
It is certainly getting colder here now and I have got the warmer coat out, scarf and hat.  Even the cat doesnt want to go out much now so it must be colder.  She sits on top of the radiator to keep warm.

Talking of the animals,  I have to take Tammie out for her walk.  So will be back later.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Autumn Frost blanket

As promised here is a photo of my latest finished project.  It measures 46 inches x 36 inches and it's very heavy.   Warm and cosy though!

Can you see my fire pit turned into a raised bed of cyclamen.  The soil,  the flowers cost almost £50 but well worth it for that instant change of colour that brings a smile.

Oh well,  I'm off to bed ready for work tomorrow.   Night night x

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Lace knitting craziness

   Hi, before I start talking about Lace knitting, I wanted to show you a photo of Tipsy which was taken the other evening.  Do you think she was trying to get Franks attention while he was reading his book?

Now, I have been spending the last few weeks thinking about my knitting experience and how I can progress so whilst knitting on my Autumn Blanket and crocheting on my large crochet blanket, I have been thinking about Lace.  I love Lace, I love the idea of a beautiful Lace Shawl around my shoulders or even giving it as a gift to someone special for a special occasion.  I have also hoped that one day, I can have a beautiful lace table cloth set out on a table with a large vase of flowers in the middle.  

I have spent a few weeks looking through and for some lace patterns that will be for a beginner but I ended up having a light bulb moment, I have a book called Victorian Lace Today on my shelf that has only had a glimpse through when I bought it a year ago from the British Heart Foundation Charity Shop, in Romford.

I have fallen in love with some of those patterns but unfortunately, I do not think my skills will ever

reach that level.  The Author of this book, Jane Sowerby, actually explains a lot about the history of Lace knitting and I cannot imagine the work she had to do to get the patterns written down.  The Victorians, apparently, did not write their patterns down much and if they did it was very ad hoc, so for Jane to actually decipher patterns completely blows my mind.  

So today, after spending a bit of time sitting on my bed with my books and magazines, I finally decided on a shawl called A Curved Shawl with a Diamond Edging.  It only has two charts, a main chart that only has a 12 row repeat and a chart for a border that you can either knit and join on or join it as you go along.  We will see how it goes first!

So, I decided to use my Sublime Lace (two strands together) which is an Extra Fine Merino Wool in the colour 0402, which is a beautiful Pink Shade.  You can see the colour in the picture above and can you see the little bit of knitting that I did!  Well, it is crazy to think that took me one hour to do which consists of only the cast on (after 4 times of trying different cast ons) and only one row of the chart.   I had to go back to the Technique Page to try and work out where I was going with reading the pattern and finally, once I got the cast-on that I could work with, I then took a bit more time trying to understand how to do the repeat pattern stitches which are indicated in the bold black lines.  

I am such a plonker and realised where I had gone wrong with reading it and now, I have put it down and writing this blogpost.  Anyway, we will see how it goes and if it turns out that I am not a Lace knitter, I will just use my substantial stash of Sublime Lace for a summery and bright blanket.  Keep watching this space for any progress.

The Autumn Blanket I have been working on is finally finished and below is a photo of it close up.  

I will take a full photo of it tomorrow when the sun comes out.  I could have taken a picture today but we wanted to go to Homebase to get some soil and some Cyclamen because we decided to fill our Fire Pit.  I just wanted the last bit of colour before the weather turns really dark and I go out to work in the dark and come home in the dark.  So below is a photo of our bit of gardening on a Saturday afternoon.

You will be able to see it better, and the blanket, tomorrow.

Bye for now!

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Plantar & Paintbox

Hi,  I wanted to write on my blog today but was not sure of the content especially when I have not really done much this week.  I have been off work, as mentioned in my previous post, as Annual Leave and cannot believe how quick this week has gone.  I have spent a lot more time with my Grand Child which I have loved and Frank went to work up till Tuesday.  We went to my steroid injection yesterday and I was getting quite nervous because of remembering the pain from the needle before but I was a brave girl.  

We sat in the waiting room for about fifteen minutes, Frank did a crossword in the Metro newspaper and I got my knitting out.  When we were called my stomach turned over a bit but knew I had to give this a try.  Anyway, it went better than I thought and it hurt for barely a second.  I was told by the specialist to not go out for at least a week and to limit my walking until the pain has eased but today, I could not believe it.  I got up this morning and did not walk like I needed a walking frame, it was tender and sore but nothing like before.   

This morning, Frank popped out for a few hours to see his family, Emma and baby went out shopping and my son went to work so after a few hours of pottering around, I sat down with a cuppa and knitted on my blanket whilst watching The Grocery Girls Podcast who are from Canada.  After about an hour, I got up and prayed that I could walk ok and my goodness, I only had a little bit of discomfort under the arch of my foot.  I also went for a little walk to the top of my road and back again and it is working like magic.   

The specialist said that after 3 days the crystals from the injection will cling to the connective tissue of the plantar and will start working on repairing it.  At this rate, I will be back to normal in no time at all.  So, all I can say is if you have suffered from Plantar Fasciatus and been suffering for a long time, please go get a referal.   I have been advised not to jog anymore which could cause more trouble as I get older so I will go back to my walking soon and maybe even invest in a bike.  

So the knitting,  my blanket building is going very well, here is a photo of my progress from yesterday, I have added another block today but will show that later. 

It is just garter stitch and feels so soft because of the alpaca in the yarn.  I am now incorporating my Rowan Summerspun which I have two skeins of and also my Rowan Creative Linen.  They are all matching greens and oranges which is very autumnal.  I will keep working on it until I have ran out of the Rowan yarns that I have in these colours and then will probably just purchase some of the Creative Linen to do a border.

Now, the next bit of news was rather exciting because the postman knocked yesterday afternoon while I was happily knitting away in the garden.  Frank called me into the living room and there were 3 big pink packages from  I did not order anything at all but Frank was smiling from ear to ear and when I opened them there were these lovely yarns called Paintbox Collection.

You can just about see the amount that I got, 50 balls of gorgeous soft acrylic yarn in pastels and autumn colours.  He said it was a bargain and could not resist.  I was smiling from ear to ear too and felt so spoiled.  Frank thought I could start a winter project so I am definetely doing something in crochet.  I am thinking about the Flowers in the Snow blanket but with a black background like Tilly Trout is doing.  I will decide later but want to look at my craft books first before I decide.  

I am determined not to start anything else until I get the Autumn Blanket done first so there will be steam coming from my needles.   

Well, that is about it for now.  Dagenham has been warm, chilly, rainy and now chilly again.  It is just after 7pm and I am going to get a cuppa and a few little chocolate treats and rest for the evening. 

Have a good evening and I will report back later!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Maltesers at the ready!!

Hi, back again and only got a little bit to show for my crafts.  I am getting closer to my appointment for the horrid injection in my foot and today (Monday) is the start of my week off work.  I have accrued enough annual leave to take a week rest so today, I had a little lay in and then me, Emma and Magic went to Upminster to get a few bits out of Marks & Spencers.  I love the fruit out of M & S, it is such good quality and ready to eat straight away which is what I like.  I also wanted to go into Roomes for one of Franks birthday presents.

Emma had never been there so we looked in the baby section, the candle section which has got lots of lovely Yankee Candles and would love to purchase some but cannot burn them because it effects Franks breathing.  I did have scented plug ins but they had to be chucked out too. Anyway, I managed to get the wallet I wanted for Franks birthday and it was £28 which hopefully will last him for a while.  I bought him a wallet a year ago, in fact, I bought two from Amazon and unfortunatley, when he went to start using the second one, the credit cards would not fit in the slots.  Rather annoying because it was not cheap, so I may try and snip a bit of the stitching and use it myself!

We came back around lunch time and I did a little bit of pottering around, got dinner done early and now finding the time to put up a blogpost.  I then intend to sit with a bit of chocolate and a cuppa.

The crafting I have been working on is a knitting project using my Rowan Frost yarn in orange and green and am sticking to it.  I really really want to start another project but want to be a one project on the go kind of girl!   So, here is a little sneak peak of what I am doing...

I keep laying down the 3 blocks that I have knitted on the floor to decide on how the placement of the blocks are going to be but I keep changing my mind.  I am on the fourth block and am now realising that I do not have as much of the green colour as I do of the orange colour.  However, the dilema did slide away because I have Rowan Linen of the same colours which I am going to include too.  Phew!!

Tomorrow I have decided is going to be a crafting and podcast day or at least, that is my plan.  The weather is going to be a bit rainy so hopefully, nothing ruins the plans.  

I have been watching The Grocery Girls podcast which are two sisters that live in Canada and they are knitting shawls which are absolutely beautiful.  Tracy knits the shawls so quickly it amazes me.  I am also preparing to watch the rest of The Bakery Bears a little later and also Round The Twist podcast.

Oh well, I am off to get myself a drink because I have started on the Maltezer chocolates already.  Here is a photo of Tipsy snuggling up to Frank whilst he is reading.  Hope to write again soon!

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Back on the needles

Where do I start about my knitting mojo disappearing for a while.....was it because of stress, because of the humid weather we have been having lately, because I just cannot concentrate on anything or just feeling old and lazy!   I really do not know why but at last, after spending many moments at work and at home in a daze of thoughts of different ideas I decided to kick myself into action again.   

Unfortunately I think a lot of it has to do with the pain I am having to deal with in my feet every single time I decide to move around.  I ended up getting referred to the hospital who said I have a severe case of Plantar Fasciatas and because I have left it so long (over a year) it is going to take a long time to heal.  So I have been told, not advised, but told that I have to stop walking long distances and use public transport, I have to keep off my feet for long periods of standing (basically sit down more) which means my weight is going to go up a bit and to never ever jog again.   Why me!!!

It is just not fair, I loved jogging!   So to cut the story short, I now have an appointment on the 21st September to go get a steroid injection in my foot, from the underneath (ouch!!) which is going to hurt like hell and then got to be on crutches for a few days.  So, bang goes my nice week off with Frank and going out to different places and instead I have to stay in and not do much.   Hopefully I will get more crafting done.

So here is my first design project for a while that has got my mojo back.  I have not written up the pattern yet but I do hope to get it done soon.

I have decided to call it Waiting for Christmas and is a crocheted cowl using a soft and silky 4ply yarn that wraps twice around your neck.  I did not want something that was too long and bulky but a cowl that would sit nicely on top of a coat done up to the neck or slightly open.  It is warm enough to keep the chill off but also not too warm to give you another hot flush.  

I then decided after finishing the cowl that I should start using my stash and one particular stash was purchased in 2013 at the Craft fair in Olympia, London called Namolio.  It is a 4ply yarn, 100% wool and rather itchy to the touch.  I purchased 2 skeins of it that were already caked up and I started knitting the Violet Waffle hat that is on  I also wanted a project for my bag so that I could knit on the bus to work, during my lunch break and on the way home.  It was a rather easy knit and I decided it needed a pompom too.  

It only took about a week to knit and although it felt itchy at first to knit with, when it is a completed project, it is cosy and warm and not itchy at all because I definetely would moan about that.

The next hat I started the same day, straight after completing Violet Waffle.  This one is called Elementary Geometry on too. 

This had a slightly different style which involved a bit more concentration.  It is a free pattern and the original pattern said stocking stitch for the rim which you fold in half and join but I did not think it was going to be firm enough to stay on so I decided to do a 2 x 2 rib, fold it in half and then join it.   

This hat took the same amount of time again and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  My head is 23inches in diameter but I knitted the smaller size because of the ribbing and I am glad I did.  I love the slight slouchy effect and the way the pattern decreases to the crown.  I would definetely do this again.

I still have another cake of Namolio to use and will knit up a matching cowl to go with the two hats but first, my Rowan Frost yarn has been looking at me for almost 3 years to be knit into something, so I have started something else that I can knit on the bus to work, it especially helps to concentrate on my knitting when the bus is full of teenage school kids who are rather loud and irritating. 

I still have the large crochet scrap blanket on the go and pick it up now and then, especially when the weather starts getting cold.  I really do not like the humidity we have been having and although the past few days has been better, there is more of it on the way.  I just cannot wait for Autumn to arrive properly so I can a) get the warm coats out, b) get my shawls out and c) go back to my walking after my foot has healed!!

I am off to do some more knitting, watch The Antiques Roadshow and to drink a nice cup of Tetley Tea. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Just popping in

Hi,  I am just popping in to say I am still here and just posting a couple of pictures of my two projects.  Sorry for the absence, I have been having a rough time (it feels like it) and I am no good with things like this.

I will try and post better again soon.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

My Garden In Bloom



 Strawberry Plant that is old and I cut a lot of it away last year but is thriving again.  My neice, when she was little, use to pick them and could not believe they were real.

 Bay Laurel (bay leaf)

  Rose (which is around 21 years old because it is the only plant that I left in the ground)

  I think this is called Golden Shower, it has a lovely scent and so does the peach rose below but cannot remember the name of it.

These are beautiful photos taken by my partner Frank today and there is a lot more to see but it is getting late and feels a bit stormy so will take some more again later.

It has been a while since I last wrote on my blog and the only reason is, I have not had much going on in the craft world.  I have projects in progress but life gets in the way, as well as emotions and feeling like a robot a lot more than usual.  I have still been watching my favourite podcasts and at the moment I decided to try and join in with the summerofsockkal which is being held by Bakerybears podcast.  You have to knit as many pairs of socks as you can, stack them up with a ruler in the background and see how high the stack is.  The winner will have the most in height and will win a prize.  

So far I am on my third pair of socks and I am trying very hard to keep my interest going in my knitting.  I get rather frustrated with life lately, mainly because my mind is not on my work or my craft designs and so I thought I would try and design the socks as I knit them.  Here are a few photos of my finished socks.

These red ones are from a Wendy D Johnson book called "Socks from the toe Up" and are called Simple Lace Socks.   However, I did start them as socks from the toe up with a provisional cast on and it worked rather well.  However, I got the heel turn and said a few choice words and thought this is not going to get finished if I continue and I want to enjoy what I am doing.  So I put one on a  magic loop and did them seperate.

These are a short ankle sock knitted from the cuff down but has the same sweet tomato heel as the red pair.  I just changed the toe colour to give more interest.  I am now on my third pair which are in the blue colour.  

They are all knitted so far in Regia Sock Yarn which I still have loads left over.  I am contemplating another Memories Blanket or Cushion Cover but we will see how things go.

Oh well, am off to try and rest up.  Hope to be back soon.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Mustang 1967 Engine Code K289...

Here is a quick blogpost about a hobby that my brother in law is hooked on.  As the title of this post says it is a Mustang 1967 and it has been in the family since the early 80s.  It had been tinkered with for a while and used for quite a while but then left in a garage for a few years.  Then recently he has stripped it down and after a few thousand spent, it is running lovely and is now working on a few other bits now.  I asked him yesterday whether he will get it resprayed when he has no other things to do to it and he said he is not sure.  It had a respray back in the late 80s but was a poor job and was now a bit dubious about getting it done.  Anyway, he said he is not too worried about the colour, he just wants to get it roadworthy for MOT and then it will be out on the road.

The rest of the week has been just work.  We went to spend the Bank Holiday Weekend at Franks mum and have done hardly anything.  I did a bit of knitting and too much eating and went to the cemetary to see how the flowers are doing on our loved ones grave.

We took this photo below on the way into the grounds of the cemetary and they are so pretty as a cluster of daisies.  We zoomed into them on our phone and the definition of the petals is fantastic.

Oh well, that is it for now.  Back to work tomorrow so am off to do some knitting!

Thursday, 28 April 2016


Hi, I have a little helper with me who likes to watch her Knitting Nanna do her knitting.  Especially when the colours are bright.  My grand daughter is giving the green acrylic yarn a close up inspection and I think she approves.

I have only been concentrating on one project at the moment and that is designing yet another Regia Sock Yarn blanket out of my leftovers from the Memories Blanket.  It is going well and I am pleased with the results but am finding I have less time to knit because of work and life getting in the way.  Here is a photo of what it looks like at the moment..

However, saying that it is a good thing to have one project on the go and whilst knitting plain garter stitch, my mind tends to think of other things I want to start.  I have just ordered a book called Crochet Mandalas from WHSmith and that will be here soon which I am excited about.  I have a lot of acrylic yarn leftovers and balls of bright colours not started on so that is a future idea.  Here is a picture of just a tiny but of it..

I actually tried to work out how long I have been knitting and crocheting and it works out about 25 - 30 years of crochet and about 25 years of knitting.  I can remember when my cross stitch addiction started back in the early 90s when my eldest son was a young toddler and I had a few sleepless nights with him having whooping cough.  Much to say I got addicted and then carried on with it right through my second son being born.  

I also remember back in the late 90s I got into patchwork quilts and that hooked me for a very long time, making pram quilts, snuggle quilts for my boys, and then I wanted to make a hexagon quilt all by hand (I was absolutely crazy) but I did it.  I remember putting it in the loft when it was 3/4 of the way finished and then about 8 years later, I got it out of the loft and finished it.  I thoroughly enjoyed doing it and will probably go back to patchwork when I have a bit more time.

Today, I was up early as usual and spent about half an hour knitting in the quiet surroundings of my front room waiting for the time to leave for work.  I am still walking 2 miles to work and 2 miles back which absolutely kills my feet. 

I have been in a lot of pain with my feet the past few months and it is getting worse, it is mainly because of having two verucas, one on each food and it is like walking on a stone all the time.  In fact it has got so painful that I have had tears in my eyes at the inability to walk properly so I have made an appointment at the chiropodist for tomorrow and hopefully, it will do the trick.  Will flipping hurt but if it works, then it is worth the £55.

Oh well, I am off to watch a podcast in bed and do a bit more knitting.  I will leave you with a photo of Tinkerbell.  She is my Mother in laws dog and she is so cute...


Sunday, 3 April 2016

Designing is not easy..Regia Mini Comfort Blanket

I have just spent the last 3 hours of my Sunday to finish writing the pattern for my latest design and it took another hour to upload it to my ravelry store.

I was writing the pattern and taking photos as I was making the project but it still takes a lot of time to edit things, tweak it a bit here and there and then to finally agree with myself of course, that it is ready.  Here is a photo of the Regia Mini Comfort Blanket that Frank took in the garden this afternoon.

It was a bright, warm and sunny day until about 5pm and then the heavens have opened and we have had rain on and off.  It is now nearly 9pm and I am knackered.  I worked yesterday (Saturday) and it does not feel like a restful day today.

I do hope we get a better week this coming week!

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Design mojo back

This is my design mojo coming back.  I still have such a lot of my Regia Sock Yarn and although I said before that I was eager to finish my memories blanket,  I miss working on it.  So the design I am doing now is a kind of design-as-you-go, not quite knowing whether it will be a blanket, cushion cover or just a small throw for my pouffee in the living room.  

I have a few other ideas swimming around in my head and one of them is having a gift box at home so that when I make small items like gloves, socks etc and are not really meant for anyone, I can store them away in a pretty box and go to them should I need a quick gift.  I often see hats and sock patterns that I could do and the thought of having a stock of socks in all colours sounds a good idea.

I got this box out of Homesense in Romford which is part of TK Max stores and was only £5.99.

The next photo is something that we are really excited about and it felt like weeks before it arrived when it was only a few days.  A brand new Smart TV and we are very pleased with it.  We paid for the delivery and installation and did not realise you can connect it up to the internet so the first thing I thought of was watching my podcasts.  Oh boy does it make a difference.  And it is in HD.  I am very happy with that .....

An update on Tipsy, she is doing very well.  She has been back twice for check ups at the vets and got one more check up next week.  Goodness knows what the final vet bill will be but heyho, that is why I pay for insurance.  She does sleep a lot which is no difference and she seems to be mellowing a bit too.  She normally does a runner when we get visitors but when the guys from John Lewis Stores came with the tv, she was hanging around where she normally would run off upstairs.

She does like her cuddles which is great!

The District Line trains are not running from Good Friday through to Bank Holiday Monday evening so that put a kibosh on our plans for Easter so we are having a quiet one at home.  I am glad in a way because we have both been feeling rather exhausted physically and emotionally so a good rest will do just fine.  

I will leave you with a photo of my favourite flower which always reminds me of my Mum who died back in 1976.  I did not know her but I was told many years ago that her favourite flower was a Daffodil so through the year, especially at Easter, I do buy a few bunches to put in the house and have lots of them growing in the garden.  This photo shows what we call a double daffodil.

Have a good Easter to all those who celebrate.

Saturday, 19 March 2016

Memories are complete

Yep, it is finally done. Started it in March last year, finished it today.   I had a few months off from doing it last year but I have cracked on with it this year and I just wanted to get it completed.  

If you read back over last years blogposts you will know it was not a good year for me.  Partner left, kids not happy and my depression was at its all time worse.  I spent a lot of nights crying whilst knitting on it and was just  a robot of work, home and bed.

The blanket is 99.9% Regia Sock Yarn however, the green yarn at the tip of in the first photo was Regia sock yarn leftovers that I used to knit a pair of socks for Frank last year.  So there is a few squares of that colour in the blanket.  Just below that green square is a purple square, well that is not Regia.  That is Araucania leftovers from a cowl that I designed and yet to write up a pattern.  So there are a few squares of that in the blanket too.

On the next photo you will see an I-cord bind off that I did to finish the edgeing all the way around. I used a variegated regia top and bottom i-cord and the same red of the corners, on the two edges. Also, if you look to the left of the photo, the second square which is of a beige and cream colour, that is Opal Sock Yarn leftovers so there are a few of them in there too.

I intend to use it as a nap blanket but also will be used when my Grand Daughter is older for her single bed.  The photo below shows you how easy it is to cut away the ends if you weave them in as you go.  

In total I used around 26 colours of Regia Sock Yarn and they were cost from 79p to £5.50 a ball.  Some of the balls were 25g and some were 50g balls.  It is hard to work out what it has cost in money to make and I would never have spent that much money on it.  It was only because Frank was buying me the yarn as treats when it was on offer at John Lewis Store in Oxford Street, Kemps Woolshop was a big purchase because they were doing a lot of it at 79p a ball which is a big bargain.

I am relieved it is done and if anyone who knows what depression is like, you will understand that as much as there were good times and bad times when making it, I shall enjoy curling up under it when I need some comfort.