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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A nice cup of tea

Up to a year ago I wanted to do baking,crochet and knitting but didn't have the money to go and buy ingredients or a really nice yarn but I had the time to do it all. However, now I have the money to buy ingredients of all kinds and some nice yarn I don't have the time. Flipping typical isn't it! My mind is running away with ideas of projects I want to do and baking that I would like to try but I just haven't got the time. Trying to fit in work, housework, feeding the partner and jogging, I barely get an hour at night to do my crafts. However, I am getting spoiled lately, Frank bought me some Rowan Fine Lace and I a gorgeous lace book so I reckon I can get at least two big projects out of the 10 balls of lace yarn.
Anyway, I am writing this today because I have had to book the day off to take Tammie for her CT scan and when we got there, they apologised saying that the mobile unit was not visiting there today. I was flipping angry because they didn't communicate properly and I even rang them yesterday to check that the appointment was still ok and was told yes. They apologised and said they would do a bile test on Tammie to see if its still high and if its not high, she might not have to have the CT scan anyway, so am sitting here waiting for 3pm to go and get her and the results! It's horrible coming home and Tammie not greeting me, I can't wait for 3pm. We popped into Romford after dropping her off at the vets and I went to Hobbycraft to get my crochet hooks and then we had a stroll around the charity shops. I got a Debbie Abraham's book called Blankets and Throws to Knit at £5 which was a bargain because I was only looking at her patterns this morning on
We went into TK Max and got a lovely pair of cups that caught my eye. They were £4.99 each but well worth it. We also got a chicken doorstop for the back door which is really cute. Oh well, that's it for now. Am going to drink my tea out of my new cup and watch the clock for time to leave....

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Liberty's of London
Sorry it's been so long to put a post on here. It's been a rather worrying few weeks and I have got more worry next week. My dog Tammie started having fits and she is now on permanent medication and a special diet. We have got to wait for her CT Scan on Tuesday 25th June to confirm that she has got a liver shunt... Frank took me to Liberty's of London today and it's a lovely old fashioned place but very expensive. I did however get treated to a bag of Rowan yarn called Pallate which was £30 instead of £60 and a packet of Rowan Fine Lace which was £39 instead of £85 so I did pretty well. It's full of designer garments, shoes, ornaments, collectables but I really wouldn't pay £125 for a dress no matter how much I wanted it. Plus, it could be made for about £30 because it's an old fashioned style. Anyway, we then went to Oxford Street, walked around for a bit but it's so crammed pack with people that you can't stop and look in windows and I don't like that. It's like playing dodgems! We then went into McDonald's at Leicester Square and across the way is a shop called M & M World (the sweets) and I thought I could get a few treats for my neice but when we went in there, oh boy! The smell of chocolate is gorgeous but will not, ever pay their prices. £1.99 for 100g's of M & M's, a child's t-shirt for £13, a little charm necklace on a chord £19. Nope, sorry as much as I love her, I am not a tourist and won't pay those prices.
Here's a photo of the BT Tower which you can see from a shop corner on Oxford started pouring with rain and we decided to take cover in a shop front till the rain slowed but unfortunately, when we looked round inside the shop we noticed it was Rocks & Go (a porn shop that had a big sex toy in the window). We laughed and joked about it and the amount of people going into the shop, men and women, it must be poplar!! We went to Carnaby Street, Soho, Leicester Square and then walked down Pall Mall and the wind was blowing up quite a bit today and loads of grit was flying around and hitting you in the eye. There were union jack flags tied to the posts and there was so many people there it was crazy. We thought something was going on and noticed horses around for people to stroke and control traffic.
At the very start of Pall Mall is Marble Arch and as you walk down, you have St James Park to the left which is very busy too. The soon realised what was going on when the guards on horses and the Police stopped traffic and saw the changing of the guards march down. It was great to see outside Buckingham Palace... We walked down past St James Park and came to Westminster Tube Station and headed was a nice few hours out seeing the sights but was glad to get home to my own Palace for a cuppa and my knitting.