Friday, 30 April 2010

Latest Stuff

First of all this is the love of my life. My little dog. My best friend who is always cuddling me. Although saying that, everytime I pick up my hobbies she gives me an evil eye.

Its been a real busy week at work and have had some good times. I am now off for a week so I intend to finish a few things around the house. I have got loads of gardening to do and some painting of my lounge.

Oh yeah, my hubby got a job at last after 2 years so am gonna start getting things sorted out now.

I have been busy getting some projects sorted out and have almost finished a 'mitred square' cushion cover. Its come out pretty good I think. Lovely and soft. Its got a ridge too and am now going to make an envelope type back for it.

Its made with 75% acrylic and 25% wool and its lovely and soft. Only paid £1.25 for the varigated yarn which is real good. Used about 4 balls.

To change the subject. we have had some great weather here in the UK and its so warm. I had organised my first boot sale at work and it was such a joy to do. Even my ladies and gents enjoyed it, sitting outside selling some bits and bobs and even had some ice creams.
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