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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Freezing but colour on its way

Yep, its freezing here in Dagenham, so cold that I am sitting here with my wooly hat on. It doesnt help that when the council came last week, I had to lift my carpet tiles and now cant put them back so theres a draft through the floorboards that I didnt notice before. Obviously, there was carpet there before but even when I first moved in here some 15 years ago, I didnt notice how drafty it is without flooring. So until I can save enough again to replace the carpet, i have to put up with it.

Its rather misty here at times but at least the darkness is not so early evening and I love waking up to the day light. I have even noticed the birds singing more too which brings a smile to my face. Plus, all my bulbs are coming through in my front garden so I have got hyacinths and daffs to look forward to soon.

On the crafting note, I have started another baby afghan but in unusual colours (not my choice but each to their own taste).

Its called 'neat ripple afghan' and I have made several of them before and thoroughly enjoy it. I had a look on my ravelry projects list and could not believe I have made over 80 projects since being a member. Thats a lot.

Right, I'm off to get warm and get crafting. See ya.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Crochet & Maintenance work

This is my latest project. I have made this blanket several times but this time I am using 100% silk. Its come out rather lovely. The blanket is for a friend who is going to be a nan for the second time and specifically asked for neutral colours.

The maintenance work I am talking about is having all my water pipes redone in my house so am off for 3 days and guess what I will be doing whilst those blokes tear up my house.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Clacton 1996

The sound of the waves gently hitting the sand,
the fresh sea breaze that softens around,
Hazy blue sky's with the sun trying to break,
the gulls flying over, not a sound they make.

Deck chairs stretched across the soft warm sand,
theres the noise of children playing around.
A rush for the tea stand, needing the brew,
and children gulping at their cups of coke too.

A little rain falls and the beach is cleared,
people take shelter and the kids cheer.
The beach becomes quiet and a peace arrives,
the families clear and so does the tide.

Time to meet up and board the coach to leave,
the children moan, the adults heave,
the sigh of relief that you know means rest,
we'll all be home soo, back to our nests.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Tears mean joy too

I can't see the sky for the tears in my eyes,
is it the stars twinkling or the tears streaming.
All I see is darkness with eyes closed so tight,
and clouds like eye lids blocking out the light.

The tears still flow but thats all ok,
you need to let them out, its a price to pay.
The breathing is slow, the chest rises and falls,
and the quietness surrounds until it calls.

As time gets on and theres no more tears to fall,
the clouds move away and the darkness re-calls.
The light is the moon and no matter where it is,
its always above me like a loved ones kiss.

Oh My God, I havent written a poem for ages and the first verse just popped into my head. I will have to write some more, I forgot how much I love to write.

Saturday, 5 February 2011


This is my latest completed project and took about 2 weeks altogether. The Lavender and Pink Flower is called 'Willow' from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet Blocks and the rest of the blanket I adapted to how I wanted it. Its a lap afghan and crocheted quite quickly. Its so exciting to come to the end of a project, cause my mind is racing to start the next one. I must be an addict.

I'm off to sleepy land now, got to get up for work in the morning. Night, night.