Monday, 18 September 2017

Computers and crafts

Hello, just showing off my second part of the Christmas wash cloth gift.  
I have had a few more ideas for wash cloths and to be honest, could design my own because they really are not that hard to do. 

This next photo is of Tipsy getting cosy on my Memories Mitred Blanket. I had a visit to the dentist on Thursday and felt quite exhausted after the treatment plus I had a bad night sleep too so wanted to have a nap.  Can you see Tammie by my foot, she was sulking because the cat had got near my chest first to cuddle up. 

Today 18.09.17 I went to register for a Ecdl course in Ilford and what should have been a short visit ended up being a 4 hour visit involving 6 assessments of what I know and don't know about computers.  I came out with such a headache after and eye strain but glad I did it and now going back to officially start getting my knowledge better for the future. 

When I came home I made a cuppa, had some biscuits and then sat  and completed a sock.  This one is ribbed on the top of the foot, plain underneath and quite a snuggly fit.  I started the second sock about 6.30pm and as of 10.30pm it is over half done.  

I would like to get another pair done by Friday evening so I can give as a birthday present to Frank. 

That means I have knitted him, since January 2017, 13 pairs of socks so far. I love doing them and got a few ideas going on in head too, plus I'm knitting them so much quicker which takes away the second socks syndrome. 

I'm off to bed now with paracetamol for the headache and tooth pain and plan to make myself pop out tomorrow for short while to get a bit of exercise. 

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Just popping in

3 months nearly since I last wrote, wow!   To be honest, I have had a load of crap to deal with over the past 1.5 years and it all came to a full on explosion in July this year.  I have not been in the best of places  both emotionally and physically and even now, I am still trying to get over things which I will never.

Without the support of my Brother David and Sister Michelle, I would not have got through all this crap that God seems to be sending me.  It has made my faith seem in vain, if that is the right word and I am dealing with that too.

I have not been working since middle of July and the first few weeks have been horrible, lonely, crushing, mega emotional and much more.  After those few weeks I have managed to come to some sort of state that I could sleep a bit better and try to get a grip on life.  I made myself have a routine during the weekdays by getting up as if I have work, job searching before I do any kind of chores etc, trying to look for another place to live cause quite frankly, I hate this house and then around lunch time, I do my crafts.  My appetite was pretty much non existent for quite a few weeks and was just picking at snacks to keep energy levels up.  I am eating a breakfast now and sometimes I will have toast, egg or a microwave dinner but my interest is not good in meals. I think one of the worse things living by yourself and not working is the lack of people company.  It depresses the hell out of me not seeing anyone from day to day and I am now realising how the elderly stuck at home, retired and skint feel.

Anyway, I have knitted and crocheted a heck of a lot and made a lot of things i.e. a Poncho for my Grand Daughter, Bangers the Sausage Dog as well as a hat and scarf for him, a Crochet Blanket for a friend, 3 pairs of socks, a rug for my Grand Daughter, a wash cloth and am now starting a Fair Isle Christmas Stocking.  I used my Ravelry projects page to count how many yards of yarn I have used since July 17 and it works out to over 4,000 yards so no wonder my thumbs and wrists are hurting.

I have tried to upload photos from my phone to the laptop but I am having problems doing that so I will have to get my son Scott over to have a look for me as to why!

I have had a few interviews and a couple of weeks ago, I was offered a job I really wanted working for the NHS as a Medical Typist but the lady in charge was going away on the day she rang me to say I got the job and would be back on the 18th September.  So, that is not far away and I hope that I will be starting work soon cause I have had enough.

Anyway, thinking ahead and not knowing what Christmas gifting is going to be like I decided to look around for some things that I can make for certain people that are craft worthy at receiving knitted or crochet gifts and I found a lovely Wash Cloth pattern on Ravelry which I have done.  I am now going to make another one but in just one colour and add a nice bar of soap and wrap it up in a big ribbon as part of her gift which I know she will like.

I am also knitting a Christmas Stocking by Arne & Carlos, its a free pattern that I have adapted slightly to make space for some Duplicate Stitch to put my Grand Daughters name on.  I am also going to make a few dangly items like a heart, a bell to the top of it.

If anyone is on, please friend me if you wish to, my name on there is Suehb and you will be able to see my projects that I have made.

I do not have a tv at the moment downstairs so I have been watching a lot of podcasts and thoroughly enjoy them.  I tend to go up to bed around 7pm because there is a small tv up there and I get pretty fed up with downstairs so I just shut the curtains, put the lamp on and get tucked up in bed with my dog Tammie.  She is doing really well, my cat Tipsy is 18 years old and she is now with arthritis in her back legs, cant hear much or see much, eats and sleeps all day and doesnt even attempt to go upstairs because of her legs.  She curls up on the sofa most of the day and night and cuddles up to me when I sit on there with my knitting.

So, that is a little update of whats going on, I guess its a bit like a diary which is another word for a Blog and I will try to keep it up to date with my thoughts and crafting.  Whoever reads this, I would like to say thank you and wish you a good day.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Cottage Garden

It is absolutely huge on my Kingsize Bed in length ways and touches the floor width ways on both sides.

I started it back in January to get rid of all my old unused acrylic tan from about  three years ago. I spent 2 hours this morning sewing in all the ends.

Is so warm and cosy and is a big yarn eater.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Socked out

Seventh pair of socks since January for Frank. . Yikes..

I'm now doing some crochet called Spun Gold, a shawlett made with my The Uncommon Thread BFL Fingering weight.

I have finished the large blanket I have been crocheting and will post a picture as soon as I get a chance.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

A knitters thought

I'm sitting up in bed knitting on Franks sock and I managed to knit 25 rows in 1 hour.   That's 70 stitches x 60 minutes.

Anyway, it occurred to me that the fastest knitter is a lady called Hazel Tindall who lives in Wales and she knits 180 stitches in 2 minutes which is blinking fast.  

So if I could knit the 140 rows of Franks socks (not including the heel and toes), how long would it take to knit a whole sock at the speed of Hazel Tindall.....

I reckon,  without any disturbances, I could knit a sock in about 3 hours.   I will have to try that one day.

I shall leave you with a photo of 2 young girls back in the 1900 knitting socks as part of their chores....
  Can you imagine if the kids these days could or even would do it.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Books and bugs

First of all my book reading has come to an end.   I have a bit of a history with reading books and then getting loads of bad luck and lately that is what has happened.  So I can't take much more and decided to just stick to my crafts and try to concentrate on the things that come my way.  

The next piece of this title 'bugs' is exactly that, I got on the bus to go to shops after work and got terrible pains and a sick feeling.   I ran to the library toilet and was overcome with sickness and diarrhoea with no warning.  I had to ring my son to come get me I felt that bad.   I spent the rest of the day and the next in bed.  This morning I tried to eat but my body wasn't having it and I have starved myself.  I'm flipping hungry and going to try a little dinner later.

So today I have spent knitting, moaning and generally a moody 🐮.    I've got to go back to work tomorrow so I must try and cheer up a bit.