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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Lace failure...

Exactly as the title says, I tried the lace and because of the lack of concentration and distraction, I just could not do it.  So, when I get things done that I want to do, perhaps in the New Year I can concentrate.

I have however, been working on the scrap acrylic blanket and as you can see, it is almost half way up the bed.  I do manage to get at least 2 rows done a day and I have been placing a progress marker so I can see how much it is growing.  If I didnt do that, I would think it was not growing.

I have also had another go at stranded knitting and below is a photo of a Christmas Tree Hat design that I got from  It is a free pattern and the instructions are so easy to follow.  It only took a few nights to complete.
 My next project is going to be a Christmas Pudding Hat that I started last night.  I am designing it as I go and with a bit of luck, it will be turn out ok.
It is certainly getting colder here now and I have got the warmer coat out, scarf and hat.  Even the cat doesnt want to go out much now so it must be colder.  She sits on top of the radiator to keep warm.

Talking of the animals,  I have to take Tammie out for her walk.  So will be back later.