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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Downton & Buns

I have been baking a little and knitting a lot. Here goes.....first the home made iced buns.
I have been watching 'The Great British Bake Off' and they had a challenge of making Paul Hollywood's Iced Buns. Mine came out rather nice and we have eaten two each with a cuppa. You can get the receipe if you go onto and type in 'iced buns'. They took an hour to 'prove' then you had to cut them into the shape you want and then let them prove again (total of 1 hour 40 minutes) and then they take ten minutes to bake. At least I know how to make them! The next project I am doing is as per the title, 'Downton'. It's a lovely winter hat for me! It is almost done, only taken two evenings so far and am using Sublime Merino DK and is so soft. Here is a picture of progress so far..
I am not one for wearing hats, I look odd in them but as soon as I saw this pattern on ravelry, I thought it would suit me. We will see! I have been watching a new podcast called 'knittingden' and am enjoying that, I have also started jogging again, it's been around 10 weeks since I jogged because of my foot and so I took it easy today and did 2.5 miles. It was so nice, there was not a soul around and the sun was rising. The past week has been ok. Just work, feeding the birds every morning on the way to work and chatting to them (no, am not mad). The ducks, geese, coots, moorhens all wait for me and the crows are so use to me now that I am surrounded by them as I walk through the park. All you can hear at times are their wings flapping behind me...scary! I had my youngest son round for chinese takeaway on Friday and it was good to see him again. We went into the kitchen to clear up and there was a beautiful red sky and so I had to take a photo of it...
Oh well, got no plans for next week other than going to do jogging again Tuesday and Thursday. I have got to find something else to knit that I can take to work so I might use up some sock yarn and make a pair of fingerless gloves. At least if I dont wear them, they can be a christmas present for someone....have a good week and will try and write again next weekend. Take care everyone!

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Addicted is an under statement. I have finished 'Squared Out' and did it in just under two weeks. Considering it was a knitting project and not a crochet project that is pretty good!
I ended up doing a border with the same colours and it worked out to 30 inches square. It's roughly a lap blanket for a pram, cot or even when your sitting indoors and your refusing to put the central heating on. Talking about the weather, us British moan about it all the time and this brit is going to have a moan. We have had the season of summer go overnight literally! I can't believe how wet, cold and windy it has got. (That was for about two days) and then it went back up to 80's for two days and now we have had rain, fog, mist, heavy winds and barely going above 60 degrees. It has been cold today and I put on layers of clothes because I absolutely refuse to put the central heating on in September. I try to wait till at least the begining of October.
Talking about October, Tammie will be 10 years old on the 13th October and this photo is showing that she looks fed up! I was sitting on the sofa knitting away at my new project and I realised I had dropped a stitch. I unravelled it to the point of where I dropped the stitch, and Tammie decided to lay next to me and rest her head on the ball of wool. I could not make her move and I got Frank to take a photo of her. She looks so fed up but I had a feeling she wasn't feeling too good. Anyway, my sons came over and I ended up walking her a little and came back to do dinner. Then about an hour ago she was laying next to me on the sofa and she had a little fit, the first one in about 8 weeks. It was only a mild one but it was still a little upsetting. It only lasted about a minute and then she was back to her normal self. Here is a photo of my cat, Tipsy just so she don't feel left out. She looks like she has been told off but I promise you, she hasnt.
Other than a normal week at work and counting down the days till the weekend, there's not been much going on. We went to Southend on Sea yesterday for a while but it was pretty wet and miserable. We went to our favourite cafe for breakfast and had a look around the shops for a while then got the train back. I left Frank at Romford and I went to see my friend at the local hospital. I ended up being there for over two hours and met Frank back at home. So, haven't done much really accept have a little lay in so I will leave you with a photo of my next project I am doing.....have a good week everyone.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

All squared up

This is the update, it's no longer called Autumn on the way, I used some pink yarn and can't seem to substantiate where pink would come into the equasion of autumn. I am only making 9 squares and am then going to put a log cabin border around it using the colours already in the squares. I have had a pretty crap week, spent most of it worrying and feeling low but today (Saturday) is the first day that I feel a better so we went shopping to Asda's early and was back by 11am. We had a cuppa and then I started my housework and unfortunately, I got that 'bleach' feeling and filled up a washing up bowl with a little bleach and warm water and got on my hands and knees, cleaned the skirting boards, living room door and laminate floor. I then beat the crap out of the rug and put it back on the floor. I then hoovered through up the stairs, wiped down woodwork and picture frames then I saw some unsightly cobwebs lurking so a good tip is to rinse out a clean mop and get all the water out of it and use that to gently wipe down cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling and coving. Next I tackled the bathroom and decided after resting at the top of the stairs to stop before I knacker myself. Plus I want to do the two bedrooms tomorrow so it was time to put all the cleaning stuff away, have another cuppa and update my blog whilst listening to the radio on the tv. My next task for the day is to do some more of the square blanket, watch my favourite podcasts and then around 5pm, cook a fresh veg pizza that has been bought at Asda. Frank is off out to the library shortly while the sun has come out and then this evening will be a quite one as usual. So have a good evening everyone and I might update tomorrow again, we will see.