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Monday, 26 December 2011

Oh the weather outside is....

Its cold, cloudy and am debating about putting my p.j's on at 11:36 am on Boxing Day. I just got back from spending a lovely relaxing time at my brother's house with Michelle and the kids and oh my god..the christmas dinner was lovely but it could have fed 2 others as well. Not that I am complaining, it was delicious but felt bad for leaving half of it. A girl has to keep some room for chocolate gateaux right!

Anyway, I got loads of presents as you can see in the picture. I am going to put on my Susan Boyle CD soon whilst pottering around the house and tonight, I will be lighting my yankee candles. I got quite a few cook books too which is kinda strange because on Christmas Eve, whilst baking an apple pie to go to Dave's with I decided to do a bit more home cooking. Mainly because of the price increases in food but also I miss making stuff. Even if my boys are not gonna eat it or wont be home to eat it, I can still give food to family and friends, freeze dinners or have them for my lunch at work. I think thats the start of a new year plan....yikes.

I managed to knit/crochet 10 christmas presents this year which I am really pleased about. I have also decided to purchase a christmas present each month from January so its easier on the purse strings in December. I am also going to plan a craft project too for each month. Yikes, I must get that patchwork quilt out I started about 8 years ago. I will save that picture for another time but lets just say its all hexagons and hexagon papers. Apparently the company I bought the pre-cut hexagons from dont sell them anymore..

I have to apologise to those who read my blog (and I know some people do because the viewing stats keep rising) for not putting any posts on here for a while. I have no excuse other than feeling tired and lazy and working like a robot at times.

I started a crochet project from attic24 and its a Blooming Flower Cushion Cover, its great to find a pattern that is different and a little challenging. Once you get the initial few rounds done it seems to stick in your mind to do the rest. I left it a while to take photos because I want to do something different for the backing. It says to repeat the front but without the petals and then crochet the two together. Thats great but what about washing it. So watch this space for an idea I have to make a fabric backing and buttons. I also want to have a go at sewing again. I want to make p.j. bottoms for lounging around indoors so will be looking around for bargain flannel type fabric.

I got lots of creativity to think about now..I think its motivation for me to get out of my moods in winter time. I really dont like winter because of the dark mornings and evenings. I thought if I have a focus of things to plan, I might have a better social year next year too. I know one things for sure, I dont want to miss out on the Craft Fair at Olympia and also I want to visit Convent Garden Market.

Right, I am off for a cuppa and a bit of chilling. Hope all of you that take the time to read my blog are having a good christmas season and I am sure you are all thinking the same thing as me..(no more worrying about presents). Bye, speak soon.

Friday, 9 December 2011


Where the heck has time gone. Its been a long time and I have felt like a robot so by the time I have got in from work, I have no energy and weekends have been not so good so have not felt like chatting.

I have been knitting and crocheting most evenings still, so theres no change there and to be honest, can't wait for the spring to come because I hate these dark mornings and nights.

Anyway, I will post tomorrow something more interesting rather than my moaning.....