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Saturday, 4 June 2016

My Garden In Bloom



 Strawberry Plant that is old and I cut a lot of it away last year but is thriving again.  My neice, when she was little, use to pick them and could not believe they were real.

 Bay Laurel (bay leaf)

  Rose (which is around 21 years old because it is the only plant that I left in the ground)

  I think this is called Golden Shower, it has a lovely scent and so does the peach rose below but cannot remember the name of it.

These are beautiful photos taken by my partner Frank today and there is a lot more to see but it is getting late and feels a bit stormy so will take some more again later.

It has been a while since I last wrote on my blog and the only reason is, I have not had much going on in the craft world.  I have projects in progress but life gets in the way, as well as emotions and feeling like a robot a lot more than usual.  I have still been watching my favourite podcasts and at the moment I decided to try and join in with the summerofsockkal which is being held by Bakerybears podcast.  You have to knit as many pairs of socks as you can, stack them up with a ruler in the background and see how high the stack is.  The winner will have the most in height and will win a prize.  

So far I am on my third pair of socks and I am trying very hard to keep my interest going in my knitting.  I get rather frustrated with life lately, mainly because my mind is not on my work or my craft designs and so I thought I would try and design the socks as I knit them.  Here are a few photos of my finished socks.

These red ones are from a Wendy D Johnson book called "Socks from the toe Up" and are called Simple Lace Socks.   However, I did start them as socks from the toe up with a provisional cast on and it worked rather well.  However, I got the heel turn and said a few choice words and thought this is not going to get finished if I continue and I want to enjoy what I am doing.  So I put one on a  magic loop and did them seperate.

These are a short ankle sock knitted from the cuff down but has the same sweet tomato heel as the red pair.  I just changed the toe colour to give more interest.  I am now on my third pair which are in the blue colour.  

They are all knitted so far in Regia Sock Yarn which I still have loads left over.  I am contemplating another Memories Blanket or Cushion Cover but we will see how things go.

Oh well, am off to try and rest up.  Hope to be back soon.