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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

29 degrees....

Today is hot, humid, sticky and all those uncomfortable words that describe this heat.  I have spent 8 hours in a windowless office surrounded by electrical equipment i.e. computer, and a wall fan that does not do much good.

I sat in the garden at work around 1.15pm and its too hot to eat much so I just had cereal for my lunch and then did some knitting on my bag design.  Here is a photo just to prove I did do some craft today.....
I have started this three times but I think I have finally
cracked it as to what I wanted to achieve with it.  Im using an acrylic double knit yarn by Hayfield Bonus.  Also using size 4mm double pointed needles.

On the way home I treated myself to some Lily Flowers and popped into my local florist who charged £3.50 for one stem of lillies.  It is quite dear but you get at least 5 flowers on the stem and when they open, it will smell gorgeous.  Here is a photo of them placed in a vase I have had a couple of years, it was dumped at New River Walk and we thought, waste not, want not so it is being used for the first time today.  
The wire that you can see on the floor is connected to my
fan which is blasting right now.  Can you see my cook books and also in the distance my basket that I keep scraps of acyrlic in. They are destined to be a blanket one day soon but its just too hot at the moment to even think about another blanket.  

I shall now leave you with a photo of my craft basket on the coffee table, my cup of loose leaf tea which is quite strong and am now off to eat some chicken nuggets and then walk Tammie once its cooled down a bit.  I will probably potter about in the back garden for a little white.....bye for now.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Cheese on Toast

Yep, that is what I am having for my dinner tonight.  Cheese on toast, a home made rock cake and a pear yoghurt.  

I made a plan yesterday that when I get home from work I will do something every evening to try and boost my enthusiasm for this house.  So when I got in tonight I avoided walking Tammie first because it has been such a humid day and just did not want her to walk out in that heat.  I washed up the mess in the kitchen left by my son, I hoovered through the house, I went to the front garden and tidied it up and then came indoors.  That took me from 5.45pm to 7 pm.  I then walked Tammie and then sat down to have my Cheese on Toast.  

I wrote it down on my calender that I keep pinned to my kitchen board and then wrote for tomorrows chores to start on the back garden.  I then sat down and started a new project for a Christmas Bag I would like to design and watched Wolfe Farms Podcast.  

I did treat myself today to a new ball of sparkly christmas yarn by King Cole called Glitz. It was £3.25 from the post office near where I work and here is a photo of it...

The people in the background is the Wolfe Farms Podcast and they are on youtube under  (Knittin Wolfe) in case your interested.  They post every week without fail and live in Lancaster, USA which is quite rural.  Take a look at their podcast, its really good.

So I have surprised you by adding another post and I have surprised myself too but I thought it would be a good thing for me to try post about my little achievements as I do them. 

I am going to crack on with my knitting now and will leave you with a photo of Tinkerbell laying in my corner of the sofa at Franks house.  How dare she!!!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

A British Sandwich

What is distinguished as a British Sandwich?  Some would say cucumber sandwiches, some would say cheese sandwich but I say it is a Chip Butty.....Fresh bread cut thickly with a decent butter and loads of warm chips.  Here is a photo of what I enjoyed the other evening after a humid day stuck in the windowless office.....

I came home from Franks house today and was debating whether to post anything because I havent really been doing much other than work.  I have been working on my mitred blanket and am enjoying it a lot now that I have a design in my head to work on.  The progress of it is below for you to see...

I intend to have the mitred pattern going in a vertical direction and then squaring off the corners which I have done in this photo.  However, I am going to continue with it to the length I want the middle section and then knit a border all the way round and then add some more mitred squares to it.  I am hoping to get it finished by Christmas with the wish that Frank will be back home by then and we can cuddle under it.

Its been quite a humid month of June, we have had a mixture of weather and the past few days it has been 27 degrees.  We have had some dodgy looking clouds coming over too and here is a photo taken from the front of my house.  
In fact, this photo was taken Monday night last week because the bin men were due on Tuesday morning.  The forecast for this week is going to be unbearable, the weatherman said it is going to get to 34 degrees, I hope not!!!  I cannot bare being stuck in that office with that kind of tempature...

Oh well, I am going to go now and sort out a few things in preparation for some ideas for christmas presents.  I will leave you with the progress of the baby goslings I feed in the mornings on the way to work.  There is also a photo of some baby ducks that Frank took over New River Walk and of course, a photo of my spoilt pup....have a good week and I will try to post more later.

Apparently, the goslings will keep their cute fluffy coats until they are around 3 months old.  I also found out that the geese can live up to 25years.