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Thursday, 13 August 2015

And so it begins....

Without getting too personal, I decided that my career was going nowhere.  For the past year I have been like a robot, like many of us. Go to work, come home, go to bed absolutely sick of the day you just had.  I was ok once I was at work because I enjoyed being around my colleagues and we had such a lot of fun at times however, gradually every day I was dragging my feet through the park wanting to turn back. The stress was part of it, the wage was another part of it but if Im true to myself, I was not happy.  So, even though I knew what effect it will have on me financially, I just could not put up with it emotionally, physically or mentally and if anyone knows me well enough, I will only take so much and then move on.  So after 8 years in one place, I walked out.  Im not proud of it but I have to think of myself.   

I have a great family who support my decision and even my work friends and now as the title of this post says, And so it begins....

Job searching is a tedious task and I have already had some promising outcomes. The worst thing about it is waiting by the phone however, I will not do that for very long.  I know, from experience, companies are busy so I give anyone a day and then I ring up reminding them that I am available.

Yesterday (Wednesday) was my first day at home and unemployed and my head was spinning, neck hurting and feeling pretty low.  After a couple of hours job searching, I put away the laptop and did some housework.  I then wanted to finish my latest design so I went outside in the garden and sat there with a cuppa in the sunshine and finished a small cotton blanket for my soon to be grand daughter.  Here is a photo of it completed and I now have the pattern up for sale on and it is called Jodie which is the name of one of my work mates who I absolutely love because she gave me the nickname Suebo! 

Its made with a cotton/acrylic blend and I wanted to make a blanket that was just big enough for a baby basket that was cool and not too heavy on baby.  So after knitting it, I did a small crochet border around it and am pleased with the outcome.  Ross said he likes it so am pleased.  I have just got to think of something else to knit now! 

After spending an hour in the garden I took Tammie out to the park and had a walk around there and then got pretty miserable the rest of the day.  Your mind just works overtime when you dont have much to do, I watched some tv which I hardly ever do now, I got a bath and then I just collapsed on the bed sobbing.  Anxious and feeling rather sick, Frank rang me and seems to know the right timing, and he told me off and said everything will be ok and to watch some tv.  I did in the end, I watched the second episode of British Bake Off and it was about biscuits which was interesting.  I then turned the tv off and went to sleep with Tammie by my side.

Today is Thursday, and I am writing this at about 3pm.  I had a lay in, did a bit of tidying and then went for a walk down to Asda to get some ingredients.  I found a group on facebook called and its all about sweets.  I found a receipe for some cashew nut, caramel and chocolate turtles so that is what I made an hour ago. Here is the result and omg, they are delicious..

 I am not keen on cashew nuts but these are yummy plus you can use any kind of nut really.  I am going to add a little fruit with it next time.

Whilst the sweets were in the fridge I did some ironing and then came downstairs to write my blog.  Now that I have done that and it is pouring with rain outside and a storm, I am going to watch a podcast and knit on my blanket.

I do hope I can stay strong with all these troubles, I guess only time will tell.

Sunday, 9 August 2015