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Friday, 10 December 2010

Feeling like a robot.

Yep, dont we all feel like we are robots at times. Work, rest, sleep, work, rest, sleep.....never stopping and thinking about enjoying the things we take for granted. Sounds a bit sorrowfull doesnt it, but today I woke up at 7am thinking, thank god its Saturday only to realise that in fact its Friday. Boohoo. Also I forgot that I said I would cover someones work shift in the laundry tomorrow so I am up at 6am on a cold, dark and probably miserable Saturday tomorrow.

Never mind, at least I have still got my hobbies to do when I shut the front door after walking the dog. The picture above is my Swirl Scarf I have been making. Its taken about 4 hours so far and got only one more row. Its from the Inside Crochet Issue 11 Magazine and its brill.

I have also finished my large blanket for my bed and its lovely and warm. I will post a picture on here another time. Night night.
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