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Monday, 25 April 2011

Heres what I did

So I cant afford £16.99 per tin of tile paint and I wanted 4 colours so when I looked at what the paint consists of, I decided to clean the tiles, paint them with emulsion, use a grout pen to tidy up the lines, re-seal around the bottom of the tiles and then varnish. It cost £12 all together and all I have to do now is varnish the tiles to protect them from water.

I did the same thing a few years ago with green paint and got bored with them but I wanted to be occupied with getting the house how I want it and always wanted a country kitchen style. I am going to paint the walls magnolia and then need to work out what to do with the kitchen doors because they are all different. I know its not the norm for this kind of design in Dagenham but if it keeps me happy and occupied, why not..Then I went into the garden today to tidy up and prepare it all for some bedding plants. I am hoping to get loads of Osteospermum's because they go mad in my garden and will look great in the borders.

We had a lovely storm on Saturday afternoon. I was putting the first coat of paint on the tiles with the back door open and within an hour it came over dull and close. Then BANG, thunder, lightning and then the rain came. It was wonderfull to hear it and did the garden such a lot of good. It only lasted about half hour, the thunder, but it was enough to clear the humidity a bit.

Oh well, am gonna go and do some more pottering about. Started knitting Jo's wedding afghan this morning so intend to do some more of it later.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

I went, I bought, I came back.

Yep, I was out a few hours around charity shops in Upminster and got a flipping bargain. A Marks & Spencers Dress for £4 so I am well pleased. I also got some paint tester pots and a new brush. I will be experimenting an idea for my kitchen so watch this space and these are the colours I chose. What else did I buy. Oh yeah, some 1200 meters of double knit yarn for a wedding afghan I am doing for a dear friend of mine. I would not have got through the past year without her friendship. Am not going to post the picture on here cause I dont want to ruin it.

this is what I have already started. The pattern is called 'Crochet Swirl' out of Inside Crochet Magazine, Issue 11 but I think it will look great as a throw for the sofa. Its used with two strands of double knit together and has got 40 swirls. I am on the 5th one now. Its well cool and easy to do.

I also got some packs of seeds for 35p out of Aldi's and some naughty chocolate treats which I know I shouldnt, but cant resist. Oh well, am off to tidy up and get prepared for a day at work tomorrow. Got to find somewhere to hide 75 small Easter Eggs...

Another year older

It was my birthday Thursday and I ended up going to work. I thought if I stayed at home I would only be fed up and was so right, cause I was so fed up when I got home from work. Never mind. Had a great day at work anyway. Plus it was lovely and warm and sunny as it has been all week.

I have just browsed my photos on my camera but havent got anything to show on here today, its nearly all work photos and I cant do that. Oh well, I am off to some charity shops cause if I dont get out I will scream.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

The pains of gardening

I went to Romford early this morning and managed to get some bits for work and ended up buying some fabric and wool too for a project that I will start later today. I got home about 12 lunch time and after a well earned cuppa and some pottering around the house, I spent about 2 hours in the garden. My back garden is South facing and I get full sun all day so there are times in the summer, that you cant sit out there. I pruned the big caeonothus tree and cant wait for that to flower, it gets beautiful blue flowers on it. Then I dug over the sides, sorted out a load of pots that I dont want anymore (stored them in my little greenhouse for now)and replaced some of the soil in the pots I do want to keep. I am hoping this year I will be able to afford to go to a nursery and get some plants. I wasnt up to it last year but this summer, I want the garden to be my sanctuary. I've got some space to put a few new shrubs this year too. I think I am going to go reds, yellows and pinks this year for the colours. Am hoping to save enough for a little patio set with umbrella so I can sit out there in the shade and eat my dinner.

On the crafting front, well as you can see I obviously cant tell the difference in the shades of red I have used. I was knitting this cable design for a bag and didnt realise that the shade of red was different and did not notice until I was blocking it that it was totally wrong. Oh well, serves me right for knitting when I am tired. I will save it though, I can use it for an odds and sods blanket later in the winter.

The next bit of knitting achievement was this Rico Pompon Scarf. It was given to me by a friend at craft club who had got fed up with it so I unpicked it (which is a challenge in itself) and then I tried to knit it myself. That was a year ago and was sitting in my wardrobe till yesterday. I unpicked it, went on Youtube and found an easy detailed tutorial and whilst watching 'Lambing Live' on BBC2 I got the hang of it. In an hour, this is how much I got done and intend to finish it tonight and put away for a christmas present. I looked up the price of the Rico Pompon and its a £10 just for one ball, cant believe that.

After all that gardening I am absolutely shattered and intend to enjoy a well earned rest in my corner. Its waiting for some bedding plants next month and I am going to be quite cosy in that corner. Stroll on summer.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Sunny Saturday

Today I went to look at a house for an exchange and loved it. I hope it will be my final stage of decluttering from my divorce. It will be hard to leave this house as I brought my kids up in it but I got to move on to heal so I just hope she likes my house. She is coming this afternoon to have a look so keeps fingers crossed.I have also been busy doing another crochet blanket. Its from the magazine called Inside Crochet Issue 16. Its called 'star blanket' and is really pretty.

I have also been tidying up and weeding the garden etc and my favourite plant has finally flowered and its beautiful. Its called 'Kiria'.

Am so excited, cant write no more. Finish it later.

Friday, 1 April 2011