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Monday, 29 August 2011

Sock & Block

I have started my christmas knitting and downloaded this pattern Pebble Stitch Fixation Socks by Anna (on and am a little further than this picture. I have knitted the heel, turned the heel and am now decreasing down towards the foot/instep. I love the colour of this self striping yarn and wish I could remember the brand name but I think, the rate its going, I can make a pair of fingerless gloves to match. I think the socks would be best for 'house socks' or 'bed socks' purely because they do have a fair bit of room at the widest part. I will use a smaller set of needles next time. It is so nice to knit a smaller project for a change and I already bought some yarn Sunday for another two pairs.

The Vinga Belted Cape is completed and is now blocking on my bed. I soaked it in 'Lenor' Fabric softener for a few minutes and then placed it in the washing machine on a short spin. I wanted it to stretch a little and it has. It now measures 26" so hopefully, it will look even better when I wear it.

Its a bank holiday in UK and I took the liberty of this three day weekend in pottering around, browsing the net for christmas ideas and also watching some old films. The best films ever are 'Its A Wonderful Life' and 'The Shop Around the Corner'. Did you know that the film 'you've got mail' was a remake of Shop around the corner.

I even decided to de-frost the little freezer compartment in my fridge and it took hours upon hours so knowing me, at my hormonal times, I decided to yank out the bottle after pushing a knife down the side of the block of ice. Its amazing what strength us women have at certain times of the month and this is what happened...yep, I pulled the sod out and moved the fridge 2inches as well. Oops. Did the job though cause within half hour, I was back to my knitting and starting my second sock. I dont even remember cooking dinner Saturday which is a good thing too.

Finally, the past few nights I have thought its been getting rather chilly of late and noticed this morning that my hydranger is starting to die off. Typical, you get to the end of August and the garden starts losing its colour. Here it is... and even now, my hands are feeling a bit cold too so I bet ya, before you know it, it will be dark when I leave for work and dark when I leave work. Such is life to earn a few pennies.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

The door of silence

The Door of Silence

You spend years not affording a holiday each year,
a trip to the seaside costs more than you thought.
Your kids need shoes, clothes and you give them priority
And you try to buy the best that you can afford.

They go to school, join a few clubs and make some friends
While you are working or at home worrying all day.
You cook each day with the ingredients you can afford
And hope its the nutrition that they need to thrive.

You help them the best that you can to get through exams
And praise everything that they have achieved.
They grow up so quick and suddenly they are taller than you
And they now concentrate on their own life’s and loves.

All of a sudden, light a flash of lightning to your heart
that noisy house contains memories of laughter and joy.
There’s no conversation, just a slam of the door and then silence
But you know they will be back because this is their HOME.
Think about the next one.

I knit away the hours to put my mind at peace,
Forgetting the days decisions and making a happy time.
I knit a stitch like an addiction that makes me go light headed,
Thinking about the person who will receive my gift.

The pattern says slip, slip and knit and here comes the shaping,
Checking every row and wondering..will it fit.
Is the colour right for the person that I chose to receive,
Does the yarn feel soft enough to put next to their skin.

I follow a pattern so intensely, that the time floats away
Row by row it forms into a warm and wonderful piece,
My mind looks back to times of happiness and joy,
Of smiles we have shared together and it encourages me more.

My project is almost done and I think about the next one,
Shall it be a scarf, gloves or even a pair of socks.
Before I realise it, my tea has gone cold and my dog sighs,
Its time to cast off and give the gift of love.

By SHBACHAN copyright

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Pebble Stitch Socks

I started these socks today because I wanted to start my christmas knitting. I love socks and normally I will knit two socks at a time on two circular needles but I decided to just do a pair stress free. They are working up well, the pattern is easy and the yarn is very soft. Anna at has inspired me a lot over the past few months, I love reading her blog because its not just about knitting. She covers crochet, dress making and visiting places of interest.

Also, I had a good week off and finished my Vinga Belted Cape but just got to block it which I will do this bank holiday weekend. I also plan on doing some painting of my kitchen too because the paint I bought last time was matt finish and not silk so everytime I try to wipe it down, I take off some paint. AGHHH so annoying.

Oh well, am off to do some more knitting. Catch ya later....

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Vinga Belted Cape

I started this project a few days ago and was a bit dubious. I havent crocheted anything lacy before because I always get scared of all the different rows being completed and lose myself. I found this pattern on ravelry and decided to buy it and within minutes, I started making it. I have found it rather easy to do other than having to mark off each row with a pencil. I thought there was an errata so I frustratingly contacted the designer through ravelry and awaited a reply but there was not an errata. It was me! I had frogged two rows for nothing so I sent an apology to the designer and said 'all ok'. As of now (4.11pm) I am on row 28 and am getting more excited to finish it.... but the dilema is I am going to have to look for a nice belt to wear with it. I am even considering making another one, depending on the comments I get from work, and maybe in a nice blue just like the pattern picture.

Also, in between crocheting I have been doing some gardening (basically tiding up my drive way) and unfortunately, I didnt realise I had gone red not brown until my brother said 'sis you've caught the sun on your back' to which I immediately scratched it and yelped ouch.I am the first one to have a go at anyone not taking precautions with the sunshine but its the first time in my adult hood that I went red on my back. My arms are lovely and brown and my face too so its something else I have to accept as getting older. Never mind...could be worse.

I have also been browsing the net for some sock yarn recently because the last pair I made stretched at the ankle so I am going to have to knit with some elastic with the yarn or find something that will have some 'give'. I keep looking at the really pretty sock yarns but they are so expensive and when you think about it, £12.99 for a pair of socks,,,no thank you. I guess I will have to keep looking...

Sunday, 14 August 2011

A week to go

I dont know where the time has gone these past few weeks. The hours go by even more quicker now I am working on my own in my little office, there does not seem to be enough hours in the day. In the past 8 weeks I have walked to work 95% of the time which is 3 miles a day and my eating habits are much much better which means, yes I have lost a stone and now weigh in at 14 stone. I have not followed any specific diet plan like weight watchers, slimming world etc because basically, I cant afford it and would rather spend my £6 on wool. I have been rather concious of what I eat and if I have had too many treats then I am good for the rest of the week.

I have finally finished Joseph's Nap Blanket and his Dad said he cuddled it when he got it. I decided to do a crochet top and bottom for about 8 rows and then did a crochet edge to tidy up a bit. I also tagged it in cross stitch on 14 count aida and as you can see, I am rather pleased with it. I didnt use up as much of my spare stash as I would have liked but at least the box is only half full now. I was tempted to purchase a few odd colours of King Cole DK from my local post office but I refrained because its defeating the object of using up my spare stash.

I have started another project but this time I wanted to do something different, maybe clothing for me. I have looked through and also looked through and not really found much that took my fancy and then I came across a pattern called Vinga Belted Cape. It's a design by Kristen Omdahl and it looks so great. Heres a picture of it.. I started it Friday night after purchasing the pattern from and downloading it (it was so much quicker and only cost £2.52p). I am using a 3.75mm crochet hook and Yoemans Yarn 4ply in cream. Its going rather well for a lacy project and because I can print off as many copies as I want, I am marking off the rows as I do them. Here is a picture of its progress so far..I have this vision of me wearing it when I have lost at least another stone. I could even wear it for work with a nice plain vest underneath, anyway, we will see how it goes. Lace crochet and knitting dont like me normally so watch this space. I am off work now for a week and hopefully I can make good progress on it.

I have been looking for some yarn to make a pair of Tardis Socks for a christmas present but cant seem to see the yarn that takes my fancy. Its obviously got to be a soft yarn so it doesnt itch the foot. I hate itchy socks. Guess I will have to keep hunting around, I might even have a trip out somewhere different for better choice. Oh well, suppose I better get up off my bum and do some work around the house, I will leave you a photo of my Tammie waiting for me to come home from work. My brother took the picture on Thursday.

Monday, 1 August 2011

TV Drop Challenge

I have been moaning and groaning about the crap on tv lately and really miss a good film to watch of a weekend. They keep putting on boring soap operas that are just so obvious of the outcomes or they put on repeats. So I decided a few minutes ago I am going to have a 'no tv' weekend where I will not watch any form of tv from the moment I get up on Saturday morning to the moment I get up Monday morning. I did this a few months ago and I was quite proud of myself because I listened to the radio, had a sing song, caught up on chores around the house, had a change around of furniture, did a bit of window shopping, rang a few family members etc and I was quite proud of myself. So watch this space, oh yeah, I may even put a tutorial on here.

So what have I been doing. Well, I got a kind of promotion at work and am now Administrator on a 3 month trial period to see if I get on ok. Have been doing the job officially for 2 weeks so am so glad for the opportunity. I am still knitting Joseph's blanket and here is the progress so far... I decided after I finished Joseph's blanket I will get my patchwork quilt out to start on again. Its only been 10 years and its all hand sewn hexagons over papers. I just could not leave it any longer because I have finally found my wall paper I want for my bedroom and the quilt will go with it.

Thats it for now, am ready for bed and a good nights sleep,....night night