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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sunny days, moody evenings

Yep, the sun is out, its warm and my plants in the garden are growing. I picked my second crop of strawberries last night and theres more to come. Picked up a ufo blanket the other night and have crocheted a fair bit but lost interest in it again.

My youngest son has his prom tonight and I have not been included in it except for money, and he has been out most evenings and spends most of his time out anyway. My eldest son has been house sitting and now has a new girlfriend so other than going to work, life is pretty miserable.

I watched a film called 'polyanna' the other day and the girl in the film said 'always find something to be glad about when something horrible happens'. Well, I am still thinking hard but not coming up with anything.

So its another quiet, miserable evening with no conversation, no laughter and completely exhausted.
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