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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Not happy

I haven't got a lot to say at the moment, so here is a few pictures of what I have done to keep myself busy....

Sunday, 8 June 2014

A change is in the air

And it's not just the weather either!   It is so humid here at the moment that I am already fed up with it.  We have had a few rain bursts but has done nothing to cool the air and the humidity drives me bonkers.  I don't know how other's cope with it in other countries, I certainly don't envy them.

I have been rather busy as usual, rather stressed as usual which then means rather grumpy of late and I cannot help it.  When my stress levels rise constantly during the day, I get to a boiling point and I either get the grumps, cry or the air turns blue.  Thank god my colleagues at work know me by now, should do after 6 years, but I dod feel a change in the old career coming soon. I don't know what it might be, but if things carry on the way they have these past few months, I will re-think my career.  There's no fun in going to work 5 days a week knowing that you are going to be stressed and stretched to boiling point.  

Anyway, enough of that, what else have I been doing.  Well, the jogging is hit and miss. I tend to jog home from work which gets the heart rate going and the breathing better and to be honest, the way I have been lately, I am happy with that at the moment.  

I have finished one project that is a birthday present in August for a friend,  another pair of 'Afterthought Heel' Socks.  I used Heart & Sole Sock Yarn, self striping and there's enough left over to make a pair of small fingerless gloves.   

I have decided that I am going to try a different style of sock next time because I made these for a size 6 foot and I am not happy with the heel.  So, am on the look out for a different design and will be using my Regia sock yarn.

I have spent every morning walking to work as per the norm and have seen many a baby bird, I have been watching Spring Watch on the BBC and this week is the third and final week.  It is such a brilliant programme and I could not believe my eyes when I saw a Cockatoo chick chuck out the eggs of a Nightingale nest just so he can rest in the nest.  I would never have believed it unless I saw it.  I am so envious of those people that live in the more semi rural areas of our countryside, I wish I could just up and move away and see all of that every day. I wouldn't get grumpy at all.

I started another project today which is kind of an experiment.  Frank bought me a scandinavian christmas stocking book and it's got some gorgeous keepsake stockings that could be given as 'heirlooms' to family or friends.  I am trying one out using acrylic double knit yarn (even though the pattern says sock yarn).  Here's a sneak peak...

I would like to try and do some more designing but my mind is not on it at the moment and I would rather do some when I am more relaxed.  I thought if I tried a bit of 'fair isle' knitting, it would give me more practice too and so far, I am enjoying it.

I think that's it, other than the boring day to day stuff, there's not much more to say.  Tammie is doing fine, still chasing the squirrels over the park (but not fast enough) and I would probably scream if she ever caught one.  I will leave you with a photo of the birds I fed this morning on the way to work, yes I said this morning (Sunday) cause I opened my big fat mouth on Thursday and said I would help out in the laundry this weekend.  God knows why I said it but heyho, needs must and all that!!

Bye everyone and hope that we all have a good week ahead!  PLEASE!!

Sunday, 1 June 2014

A country affair

We went to The Chase Nature Reserve today which had a Country Fair and we met some lovely goats, sheep and a Police Dog.  We also went into some craft huts which was a little disappointing and had a little walk around.  There was a very large horse, breed Suffolk Punch and was only one of only 500 left and it's job is to pull logs etc on farmlands.  He was gorgeous brindle/tan colour.  Anyway, we then went to get something to eat and ended up at a Burger Stall which had no prices.  We took a chance and ordered two cheeseburgers, small bottle of water and a cola.  Guess how much...........£10.  If we werent so hungry, we would have said 'keep the burgers'.  

After that we went to get some ice cream and took Tammie for a walk around the reserve.  I remembered one route and I was reminiscing a lot because it was where I use to take my kids when they were little and when I had the luxury of a car.   We found a few more fishing lakes and here is a photo of one......

Here's a couple of photos I took of one of the pens the animals were kept in......

Isn't this one above cute!

On the crafting side I have finished another Tunisian Blanket design and I have called it Tunisian Panel & Lace Lap Blanket.  It is on my projects page at and my user name is 'bachan', in case anyone wants to read the description.  Here is a photo of it just as a teaser.....

I am off now to do some crafting whilst the weather is nice...and prepare my mind and body for a stressful week ahead.

Have a lovely week everyone.......happy crafting.