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Saturday, 23 January 2010

Banging Headache

Oh god, I woke up with a wicked headache this morning. Got snug on the sofa with my blanket and dog Tammie and went back to sleep for another hour and half. I'm ok now after having two cups of tea and some cereal.
I have been updating some photos of mine on facebook and forgot I had taken this picture of an old project.
This is a photo taken Christmas Day 2009. I made this about ten years ago when I was heavily into patchwork and applique. The colour ran a little but has stood the test of time.
Well, I'm off to start the day. Probably lazy day today seeing as I have got work tomorrow.

Friday, 22 January 2010

It never stops

Nope, it never stops to amaze me that time flies. I have been really busy in work and of an evening am trying to get my first order completed. The wrist warmers have been made, the leg warmers are finished, the teddy bear completed and now the fair isle mittens are almost done.

I cant believe that this week has flown by so quickly! I noticed last night at 4.30pm as I left work it was ever so slightly lighter than the night before so was happy with that. It means spring is on its way. I just hate the dullness lately of the sky. Blimey even my bulbs are poking their little tops out of the soil already!

I went to Romford today with mother in law who I love to bits. Only bought some things for work and got a few items of food and then went back to Nan's after. She will be 90 in August. Then I came home and blitzed my bedroom. Put all the crap in the loft ready for a boot sale in April and then sorted through all my knitting magazines. I have so many things I want to make that I have got to put them into some sort of order otherwise I will just not get anything done that I want to try my talents at.

Oh well, am gonna go and browse the net for a while, see whats going on in the world.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Chicken Curry

Chicken curry is one of my favourite meals, not from the jar but freshly cooked by my lovely husband R. Then I am going to have to get on with the Teddy Bear Hat that I have to knit for a comission. Have been to work today in the Laundry for some overtime and had to have a kip this afternoon cause I started very early.

Tomorrow there will be a lay in with my little dog and then I will be going for a lunch with the family at a carvery restaurant. Am looked forward to that.

The picture is of the other love of my life, my little dog Tammie. She is there when I come home from work greeting me, she sits on my lap everytime I pick up my knitting and loves to knick my tea without me looking.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


I'm trying to be light hearted at this precise moment but am finding it very difficult. The thing is, up to a 14 months ago my youngest son R who was 15 was the most wonderful, loving and caring child ever. Then he met a girl and from that day on (his first ever girlfriend), he has become this major monster who is rude to me, looks at me in distaste, told me he hates me, has not got one polite word for me, does not want to be around us and this very second ago, has barely spoke two words and been very abrupt.

I am finding it very difficult in my own heart to say "get on with it" and let him get over his teenage hurtfullness but when I am sitting here, crying again because of the hurt he causes, I dont know how much more I can take. He has become this obsessive, over-powering biggot that at times, I feel like I could say to him 'I hate you'.

People say, 'he'll grow up soon and realise what a git he has been to you and your family', or 'its his hormones', or 'just leave him to it and he will come running back with his tail between his legs'. Well I dont think that is ever going to happen cause he has become this control freak over his girlfriend and now at the age of 15, nearly 16, he has already said he is leaving home as soon as he can.

I hope I can get my son back but somehow, I cant see that happening.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010


By the way, have been on a diet as from the 1st Jan so if I get a bit flustered on here ranting and raving about life, men, teenagers and my crazy cat, you will know why. I am deprived of chocolate and cake.

What I've been up to

Here are some photos of my finished projects for christmas gifts! Cool, ha.

They are only a few photos and the one I really wanted to put on here of my own designed crochet cushion cover, has suddenly disappeared off my documents. Never mind, will find a way of posting it soon.
Have been very busy with work and family life and totally fed up with the snow now here in Dagenham. No matter how far in advance we are warned about the impending weather, the trains and buses seem to grind to a halt. I'm sure they do it on purpose because they dont want to go out in the cold weather. Wonder what would happen if the snow was as bad as New York or Canada!
Have got a few orders to make of some fingerless gloves, a pair of mittens and a teddy bear hat so am keeping busy with that. I started knitting a cardigan a while ago but have not been able to complete it yet cause of the extra bits of crocheting! Never mind.

A long time ago

Some home made presents for family!

Yes its been a long time since I posted. A lot has been happening here at the HB Ranch what with teenagers in love, then out of love and then god forbid, back in love. Now, today, one of them is out of love.

So, with all that going on, me working 6 days a week and knitting and crocheting the christmas presents, I am now a little, just a little, bit de-stressed.

I have managed to make 7 christmas gifts ranging from gloves, scarves, blankets and leg warmers. They all went down well. Theres a few pictures for you to see above.
Since January I have made and designed a crochet cushion cover and another pair of leg warmers for nan. My manager has asked me to crochet more funky gloves too, a teddy bear hat and a pair of mittens, so have got my work cut out for a while.
Am fed up with the snow now, walked 3 miles to work and was knackered but got hubby to pick me up. I dont know about you lot but I absolutely hate the dark nights and dark mornings and just cannot wait for it to be spring!!