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Friday, 23 July 2010

The lazy day of Peanut

Peanut is my rather larger than life black cat that has decided to spend most of the day on the window sill of my stair window. He is not a normal cat and I say that out of pure experience with cats. He is 2 years old almost and in that time he has bumped into furniture, swiped my feet as I walk down the stairs, he growls at me all the time or he tries to hump my leg when I let him on my lap for a cuddle. Yes, I had his bits lopped off last year to stop him from peeing in the house.

He walks like he has an attitude and when people see him they say 'he is weird looking' cause his fangs are still visible when his mouth is shut. He has a few scratches across his ear and face now and looks a bit like a trouble maker but he is so loving and you can pick him up and he wont go to claw you like my other cat.

So, if you think you have got a strange behaved pet, then you havent met Peanut. By the way we called him that cause his brother was called Kit Kat after the chocolate bar so I called him Peanut after the new kit kat bar.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Defrosting The Box

Today and tomorrow I am off work because I am in work the weekend so I thought I would have a good tidy up. I did, and I also started defrosting the ice box in the top of the fridge because it was bad, really bad. I left it to drip for a few hours with a bowl of hot water underneath it and had a dig and a poke at it at about 6pm. Thinking it was going to take me all night and away from my knitting, something amazing happened. The whole block of ice, the size of a drawer, came out in one piece. Here it is after a few goes of putting hot water on it in the sink.

I have done loads today and I treated myself in Asda to some lovely chrystanths and some scented candles too.

The next thing today that I want to complete is the back of the kimono I am making. Its about 21 inches long now and needs to be 28 inches so I am going to start it again soon. Its going very well though.

I am off now to walk the dog, wash up and then finish that kimono. Catch ya all later aligator.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Kimono knits

I started making this Kimono the other day and am enjoying the fact that it will be for me. I am determined to make something I can wear and show off at the same time. I am using the Rowan Pure Wool I got from I Knit, London and hopefully, I have got enough yardage but if not, I will make the sleeves shorter.

Its been really tough the past day and today, I felt like I was on a roller coaster. Am very tired too which doesnt help and luckily, I had offered to babysit my nephew and neice while their Mum and Dad had gone for a meal. Good job really, might have cocked up my knitting.

Oh well, off to zzzzzzz, land

Friday, 16 July 2010

Picking Up Needles

I bought some Malibrigo yarn at I Knit, London and decided to make a lace scarf for a friend at christmas. Well as you can see, its finished. I hand washed it in soap flakes and then pinned it to a towel on my ironing board. Its blocked very well and I think its going to look lovely. All I got to do is get a nice brooch for it.

I've also had time to look for another pattern to do the knit a long with and have found in my Knit Kimono book, Komon. A lovely kimono thats not too big and can be worn as a jacket in the autumn. I started it last night and its knitting up lovely with Rowan Pure Wool DK.

Oh well, am off to get ready for work so hopefully, the day wont be too long and dragging.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

i Knit, London

I went to I Knit, London on Saturday with my friend Debs who works at Canary Wharf and knows London like the back of her hand. (Her hubby is a London cabbie).

Anyway, I bought some Rowan pure wool for 90p a ball in Liberty store and then for the first time ever, she took me to Oxford Street. Wow is it expensive, but interesting. Then we went to Carnaby Street and to be honest, I dont know what the fuss is about. Its just over priced clothing and people hanging around in the 'street to be seen in'.

It was a good experience though and will never forget that I saw a bag for £800 by Vivienne Westwood. Did I swear in the store, yes, it was rather shocking too but my reaction was normal.

Thursday, 8 July 2010


I made my first ever purchase on and the service was fantastic. Especially when your a yarn addict. Here is my stash of 100% silk and I got 5 whole balls of 100gs.

Isnt it beautiful. I do hope there is enough for my Botannic Medallion Cardigan. I havent blogged for a while because I have felt so knackered with this humidity and it makes my ankles swell terrible. Plus, nearly every morning I am waking up with pins and needles in my hands which has been worrying me so will have to get that sorted out.

Well I'm off to bed now, got work tomorrow but then on Saturday I am planning to go to the I Knit shop in London. Am excited.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Hexagon Fun

Ooh, another project started tonight. Hexagon afghan and the pattern is from

It is so easy to do and especially when there is nothing on the tv tonight. So, I put on Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets for the 20ish time and have been crocheting this delightfull shape.

Am off now to do some more.

The smell of flowers

I bought these today at my local florist and noticed the prices of flowers now. These ones were £3.95 which is dear, especially if you compare it to Asda or the market. What really made my chin hit the floor was a small bunch of fresias at £5. Thats disgusting. I've got some sweet peas in the garden growing and am going to pick them too.

My brother David came over this morning and put up my cafe rod. It looks really good and is blocking the sun lovely. It gets so hot in my kitchen with the full sun on it all the time.

I started practising the Botannic Medallion Cardigan last night. It definetely needs concentration and stitch markers. I have been browsing the www for some yarn and would really like alpaca but its so expensive and would work out to £60 for this cardigan. I would never spend that much money on one piece of clothing so I guess I will have to just use the Patons 100% cotton DK and pray it will wash up nice.

Am off to do some more house work.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Annual Leave

Today has been a rather crappy day in all. Sat on a training course listening to a bloke trying to tell me how to be an Activities Co-Ordinator. He was the most ageist, chauvinistic, pig headed man I have ever met. I intend to ask my boss on Tuesday next week, if I would get sacked for walking out of a training court. If she says no, then at least I have got some amo to fire back at the idiots who havent done a days work in nursing dementia.

So, after a boring day I very low and came home to a quiet house. Did some tidying up, fell asleep and then walked the dog. Had decided that I should at least cook something for myself to eat so my first thought was, fluffy egg on toast. Didnt eat it all but at least I ate something.

Right now, I am enjoying a mug of Ofvaltine after watching Judging Amy on CBS. I do like that Tyne Daly. Makes me feel old cause I remember her in Cagney & Lacey.

I am going to try and put a picture here now but it has not been doing what I want it to do so if it goes awol, then its probably me not understanding all this stuff. Normally I can drag and drop the picture to where I want it to go on the blog post but no, they all bunch up at the top of the blog and I get annoyed with it.


That was a lot of fiddling to do there, but eventually its dragged down to where I want to post it.

This is how far I have got on my curtain I am making for my kitchen. I intend to get it finished tomorrow so I can get the drill and screw driver out to put up a cafe net curtain pole. I am so in love with the colour green right now.

Also, I am going to do a practice piece for this Botanical Cardigan from are having a knit along over two months and I intend to have a try at this. I havent done anything like this before so am a little nervous and more excited too. Good job I live alone now, most of the time anyway, otherwise the air would turn blue if my practice piece goes wrong.