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Thursday, 1 July 2010

Annual Leave

Today has been a rather crappy day in all. Sat on a training course listening to a bloke trying to tell me how to be an Activities Co-Ordinator. He was the most ageist, chauvinistic, pig headed man I have ever met. I intend to ask my boss on Tuesday next week, if I would get sacked for walking out of a training court. If she says no, then at least I have got some amo to fire back at the idiots who havent done a days work in nursing dementia.

So, after a boring day I very low and came home to a quiet house. Did some tidying up, fell asleep and then walked the dog. Had decided that I should at least cook something for myself to eat so my first thought was, fluffy egg on toast. Didnt eat it all but at least I ate something.

Right now, I am enjoying a mug of Ofvaltine after watching Judging Amy on CBS. I do like that Tyne Daly. Makes me feel old cause I remember her in Cagney & Lacey.

I am going to try and put a picture here now but it has not been doing what I want it to do so if it goes awol, then its probably me not understanding all this stuff. Normally I can drag and drop the picture to where I want it to go on the blog post but no, they all bunch up at the top of the blog and I get annoyed with it.


That was a lot of fiddling to do there, but eventually its dragged down to where I want to post it.

This is how far I have got on my curtain I am making for my kitchen. I intend to get it finished tomorrow so I can get the drill and screw driver out to put up a cafe net curtain pole. I am so in love with the colour green right now.

Also, I am going to do a practice piece for this Botanical Cardigan from are having a knit along over two months and I intend to have a try at this. I havent done anything like this before so am a little nervous and more excited too. Good job I live alone now, most of the time anyway, otherwise the air would turn blue if my practice piece goes wrong.
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