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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Singing to Killing Me Softly

I am, right now, listening to The Fugees 'Killing me Softly' and singing whilst trying to type. I have done housework today, went jogging and shopping and spent a few hours crocheting and watching Columbo on tv. I then decided to watch some episodes of whilst crocheting and am now enjoying a cup of Yorkshire Tea. I haven't had a cup of tea since this morning at 9am when I realised I ran out of teabags. I went to the shops just to get teabags and came back with some crisps, chocolate and dog food (not Teabags). It took me almost 6 hours to put my crocheting down, get off my butt and go get the tea. I do that a lot lately and its rather worrying, especially when I work in Dementia sector.

Anyway, here's what I have been crocheting...
It's been a funny old day today, weather wise. It was almost autumn like till about 3pm and now its beautiful sunshine, very warm and breezy enough to get the washing dry. I havent got to cook dinner today so am going to enjoy a few more hours of crocheting and watching tv. I think it's known as a 'couch potatoe day'. Don't do it often so it wont hurt...Now that the tea has been consumed, I think I might have another one....

Friday, 24 June 2011

Double Helix Socks

I cant believe it. I am off work today waiting for the council to do some repairs to my radiators etc and am browsing and found a pair of socks that you actually start knitting from the heel using two strands of yarn and it is such a brilliant idea, I cant wait to give it a go. It amazes me how these people get these ideas and how they can put it together, its taken me half an hour just to figure it out from reading the pattern half a dozen times. Anyway, thats excitement 1 for the day.

What have I been doing. Well here is square number 2 of the Catherine Wheel Stitch I am making. The pattern has sunk in my brain quite quickly. I dont know how big its going to end up but will be at least 6 squares this size. Sometimes I get rather annoyed with myself because I have so many ideas of projects that I want to make but there is just not enough time in the day and of course, I have to go to work. Oh well, such is life I suppose. I did decide yesterday that I really need to start my christmas knitting and crochet so had better get going on that.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Jog In the Park

For the past year I have been thinking about jogging purely because its the cheapest exercise a person on a tight budget can do and the only thing that was putting me off from doing it was pure lazyness. I decided last Sunday that if I don't give it a try now at the age of 43, I am never going to lose the weight I need to (which is 3-4 stone). I do not intend to be a single woman the rest of my life and the only way to get myself a fella again is to get rid of my 'fat suit'. You certainly dont realise how much jogging takes out of you and how long its going to take to find the right 'pace' and to build up your staminer. Anyway, I weighed myself last Sunday (14 stone 10lb), took some measurements and will weigh myself in the morning to see if any weight has disappeared.

Yesterday I started making some crochet flowers for my cousin and it only took about an hour to make 8. The one on the right is my own design. I have made loads of flowers before and if I remember rightly, I found a project on where someone actually made a blanket of flowers. YIKES

I am also crocheting a blanket called 'catherines wheel stitch' which at first, I was ready to throw it against the wall but I carried on and finally got it how its suppose to look. I had to follow the pattern on Youtube and I am now in two minds whether to turn it into a cushion cover or just carry on with it as a blanket. Oh well, I better get my bum in gear now that the sun has come out and do some jogging. Must remember to do the warm ups first or I wont be able to move later. At least when I get back I wont feel so guilty about sitting on my bum for a few hours happily crocheting...tara

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Catch up

What have I been doing. Not a lot, just the usual boring stuff like work, paying bills, housework and general stuff. I was off work last week as annual leave and didnt do much other than shopping and tidying and crafting. My brother R was obviously at my place so he helped me paint the kitchen ceiling. I bought some cupboard paint which was £20 a small tin but let me tell you, its well worth it.

My garden is coming on a treat and when I have cut the grass tomorrow, I will post a picture. My Sweet Peas are growing every minute and after the harsh rain we have had the past few days, the garden has just gone mad. Weeds have appeared that I swear were not there the other day.

On the knitting front, I gave Jo her wedding lapgan and she loved it. I told her its officially called 'Capriliga Wedding Lapgan'. It fits across my kingsize bed and can easily get two people under it for a cuddle. It was a total of 10.5 balls of 100g DK and the sad cow that I am, was just under 45,000 stitches all together. I cross stitched a label for it and that went down a treat too.

This is my next project that I have started. Its the Aestlight Shawl from and I decided to use my Blue Faced Leicester Fingering Weight Yarn for it. Its a little boring at the moment because its increasing in garter stitch and theres a lot of it but am excited that it will be my first ever shawl.

Am going to just go and finish my Saturday cleaning so will leave you a picture that you will go goey over...