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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Pinky project is done

My next finished project has only taken about 2 weeks to complete. Its my own design of basketweave and garter stitch. The only bit of sewing to be done are the few ends so thats not going to take too long. It measures 27" by 24" and is currently in the washing machine on a mini wash. So I am typing this whilst holding my breath. Its made with acrylic and you need to wash a baby blanket a lot so thats my excuse for using acrylic. I just love the crochet shells around the edge which I think makes it even more girly.

I am now going to start my Simply Lace Curtain today for the knit along group at and its going to be my first real big lace project. I actually did a swatch with some Patons 100% cotton and didnt like it so am now taking a chance at using some 4ply yarn on a cone. I am going to make it for my kitchen window at first and hopefully, all being well, I would like to make one as a christmas present for Mother In Law cause she is so awkward to buy for and she would not expect a hand knitted curtain.

Now changing the subject slightly!! My husband bought me this gorgeous 'Mini Apple Tree' from Homebase, Dagenham and it was only £14.99. It grows to 6 feet and can stay in the pot. Plus it doesnt need another apple tree to polunate apparently. The white blossoms are just so lovely and the thought of sitting in my garden and picking an apple whilst sitting in my chair is just lovely.

We did a lot of tidying up in the garden the weekend, even though it chucked it down with rain, was cold and windy. I planted up a lot of runner bean seeds too because although my garden is small, I really would like to have some veg growing too. The first big job is to re-paint the decking which will take a long time.

Ok back to knitting now! I also am popping to Upminster tomorrow to see if I can get some wool the colour of 'winnie the pooh'. I keep thinking its more like a golden yellow that an actual yellow so I hope I can get it. My husband's cousin in Port Orange, Florida is having her first baby and she wants Winnie the Pooh nursery for the baby 'boy' she is having. I had so much trouble finding a pattern of Pooh that I could use for an afghan and finally got send a link for free Disney charts and oh my god, they are brilliant. So watch this space.
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