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Saturday, 28 December 2013

On the train to the seaside

We decided to go out for a couple of hours today whilst the sky was blue and the sun was out.  It was flipping cold so don't be deceived by those warming rays of sun and it's much colder when your walking along a seafront!  We got the District Line Train from where we live to Upminster Train Station and we caught the c2c fast train to Southend Central.  We had the whole carriage to ourselves for two of the 7 stops
 and as you can see, quiet.  I do like the colour of the decor and if I could add a few crocheted blankets and cushions, it would look fabulous. If anyone is wondering about the cost of a train was £18 for the two of us.

We walked through the town to our favourite cafe and had a big breakfast and right opposite is a  wool shop. I love the window display's in there and I wish I had taken a photo of it.  There were knitted and crocheted ponchos and some big cable knit throws...lovely.

We then walked down the hill to the seafront and here is a photo. Right opposite the sea is a busy road and there are a lot of 'arcade' shops.  I always go to the 'tuppeny roll' machine where you put in 2p's that fall onto a drawer that moves forward and then pushes another drawer for the 2p's to fall off and into your winning shelf. I know it sounds mindless but it brings back memories for me.   As a child this road seemed so long and at the very end is 'The Kurzal'.  Well it use to be an undercover arcade precinct kind of building but now it's still called 'The Kurzal' but is a flipping bowling alley with a tesco underneath.

To the right of the picture there really isn 't much too see other than the beach. Years ago there use to be little huts that sold candy floss, buckets and spades, kiss me quick hats etc but now there is just a doughnut shop that wants 80p for a hot way!!  When we came out of the arcade after spending just £2 of our well earned money we walked over the road to say hello to the sea.  Here's a view looking down to the left of us  

and it is so quiet.  It is packed at the height of summer and it is so noisy and that is why I am not a lover of the seaside.  I had a caravan years ago in Dovercourt and it was away from all that noise of arcades, music and loud groups of kids.  I won't ever forget those times......with my boys and enjoying the peace and quiet.

To the right of where we were standing you can see a small pier that you can get a speed boat ride but obviously not out of season.  Beyond that pier is the start of Southend Pier but you have seen photo's of that and the train on it.

We walked back after that and went to have a look around the shopping centre but not for long, it was absolutely packed.  Time to head back on the c2c to home.

I have got more photo's to show you of my christmas goodies and my latest projects but will save that for another day...hope you liked the photo's.  Here is my final one of Tipsy keeping warm on top of the radiator.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Christmas Day Goodies

I am one excited and spoiled woman that now believes there is never going to be enough time in the day to do all the crocheting I want to do now.  A flowery throw has been started already today plus, I have Arucania Yarn for a knitted shawl and some Louise Harding yarn with beads to make another shawl with a pretty pink flower.

Plus I can't believe I get to knit these shawls with these Knit Pro Karbonz's just put a choking feeling in my throat and a rush of blood around my heart that proves to me I am loved.

I have spent the day with Frank who is the best that has ever happened to me, my youngest son who actually did all the washing up after dinner and with my in-law's who ate every piece of food on the plate and made good conversation. It felt so relaxing and such fun to be around these important people in my life.

It's such a shame for the day to almost end but am grateful that I get to rest and enjoy my memories of today and christmas's gone past.

I hope you all have had a good christmas and eaten plenty and I will be back possibly tomorrow, with an update .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Gas update

The gas man arrived this morning and spent a good two hours sorting out the problem.  We treated him with a bottle of Red Wine and he went on his merry way.  I on the other hand have had indigestion all day because of the worry so was glad to get home this afternoon and to pop the turkey in the oven.

The house is as clean as it will ever be and am now going to relax, hopefully, and wait for my son to come home to spend christmas day together.

My walk to work was eventful as usual and brings a smile to me every time I walk into the park.  I was greeted with around 100 geese wanting feeding and a small loaf of bread doesn't last long.  I worked it out they cost me £30 a month to feed them but it's all worth it when I see 'crooked billet'.  Here is a photo of a few of them this morning....
 This picture took 6 minutes to download....argh!! drives me mad.  

It's been rather mild here too, the wind hasn't caused any damage in the area where I live or even my park which got hit quite bad last time.  The only wind damage was 8 fence panels in the car park at work which was surprising. Apparently, we are due some more high winds again on Friday (flipping typical when I have to go back to work).

Finally, I want to end today with a very Happy Christmas to all that read's my blog and hope you get the gifts, food and love you want.



Monday, 23 December 2013

The winds are back

and so far the transport services are not too bad.  I would'nt like to live in Cornwall right now because it must be horrendous but here in London, it's raining, windy and a bit nippy but trains and buses are running ok..(so far)

However, I got home from work tonight and on opening the front door there was a strong smell of gas. So opened windows and doors and rang the National Grid.  They came after an hour and turns out I have a small gas leak.  At 8pm I had to ring the council and they said they would be here in the morning....yeah ok!!

So at the moment I have no heating or hot water and seeing as its Christmas Eve tomorrow, if they don't turn up I am totally sodded up for cooking the meat tomorrow afternoon after work which could then mean toast and jam for christmas dinner or a boring microwave dinner for the inlaw's. .  Oh well, hopefully if I think positive it might be ok.

On the craft front I finished my felted bag
and Tipsy seems to approve of it.  I just know that as soon as I lay it down on the chair, she will be laying on it which will drive me mad cause as much as I love her, I can't stand cat hair over my projects.   She is an old girl Tipsy, aged 14 maybe even 15 and since Peanut died, she has put some weight on and become rather vocal.  God help us if we forget she is out in the garden, she won't stop moaning for ages until she makes you feel so guilty!   

Here is a picture of my first block design. So I obviously called it Block 1.  It's all acrylic and it's totally random.  It gives me an option to practice using several colours but it definetely gets the thinking juices flowing and its not as easy as you think.  Designing is hard, because you have to practice, definetely rip back and then when you are happy you have to write it all down.  I wanted to design some fairly large blocks and yes it is curling up but that's intentional.  I did stitch a few garter rows at first but didn't like it 'framing' the block so I intend to carry on till I am happy with the length and then I will probably crochet an edge. (see I told you the design thoughts just start popping into the head)

Oh well, it's getting late now and after all the excitement of the evening, am ready for bed.  It's going to be a bit chilly up in the bedroom but I have a cute cuddly dog to cuddle up to and a loving partner who will keep me warm!  

I can't believe it's CHRISTMAS EVE tomorrow......

Saturday, 21 December 2013

Crooked Billet

 I can't believe people still visit my blog even though I haven't been on here for almost a month.  I haven't exactly been doing much other than work and a little rest.  I finished my christmas knitting and have started designing a few 'blocks' and it's not as easy as you think.

Anyway, I can't remember if I posted a photo on here of my favourite tame 'goose' that I feed at the park every day.  I have called him 'crooked billet' for obvious reasons and he just appears out of nowhere by my feet.  Anyway, here he is and am sorry if I already did this..