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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

What I've been up to

Here are some photos of my finished projects for christmas gifts! Cool, ha.

They are only a few photos and the one I really wanted to put on here of my own designed crochet cushion cover, has suddenly disappeared off my documents. Never mind, will find a way of posting it soon.
Have been very busy with work and family life and totally fed up with the snow now here in Dagenham. No matter how far in advance we are warned about the impending weather, the trains and buses seem to grind to a halt. I'm sure they do it on purpose because they dont want to go out in the cold weather. Wonder what would happen if the snow was as bad as New York or Canada!
Have got a few orders to make of some fingerless gloves, a pair of mittens and a teddy bear hat so am keeping busy with that. I started knitting a cardigan a while ago but have not been able to complete it yet cause of the extra bits of crocheting! Never mind.
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