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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Bye for now...

I'm going to take a break from blog land, got so much going on emotionally and mentally and I just cant concentrate on anything else.

Will be back soon, x

Friday, 17 October 2014

Poppies of London

We went to see the poppies today and oh boy, it looks spectacular.  The crowds of people that were there was amazing.   Here are photo's that Frank took and will leave you with them.....

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Annual Leave

Am off work for  Annual Leave and it's been crap week of bad weather, cold and dull.  The rain fall we had yesterday (Monday) was non stop and ended up staying indoors.  I am so tempted to put the central heating on but trying to avoid it.  Instead I put a cardigan on and/or a blanket.

The only work I have been doing is a little housework and lots of crochet and knitting.  My niece asked me to make her another pair of fingerless gloves that can be converted into mittens so I designed a pair.....

I had to decide how to do the mitten part so I thought the best way of doing it is to start a pair of toe up socks using Turkish Cast On and then stop knitting until it is big enough for the tops of fingers.  I sewed it onto the glove and am rather pleased with it.  I have wet blocked it and hopefully wont have to put a button on to hold the mitten back.

I have started another christmas present called "Marakesh' which is a large afghan in a burnt orange colour with embroidery but have decided to just do one panel for now to practice the embroidery.  I haven't done it before so watch this space.

Last night was rather a sad and worrying evening and I spent most of it doing my crafts.  I sorted out the odd balls of acrylic yarn I have and there is a lot.  I put it into a large bag and have got it sitting by my chair...possibly with the intention that it will become a blanket.

I then settled down with a coffee and started crocheting a's from an old craft magazine.  Here's a photo of the magazine and my cosy that I made.  It's a little big and I still have to get a pompom for the top.

Oh well, I'm off to relax and I will leave you with a photo of  Princess Tammie laying down like royalty...

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Cable & Cream finally finished

It's taken longer to think of a name for my latest design than it has to actually knit it.  Well, here it is ...

It has been a miserable day weather wise and after a short break in the rain, we went to the back garden and took loads and loads of photos to try and get a good picture of the blanket.  I quite like the one above because it looks like 'autumn' with the plants in the background slowly fading away however, the green of the shrubs makes it stand out.

I have tried to post a link to the pattern on my blog but am still trying to find a way of doing it so if anyone is interested in the pattern you can pop over to and look for Cable & Cream and it should show the picture above.  My name on ravelry is Bachan so please have a look at my projects and would be glad to hear your comments.

My neice Adele has asked me to make her another pair of fingerless gloves but with a mitten that is removable so I am having a go at designing that now.  Watch this space....

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The Three B's..

It's not hard to think of a title for today's post.  Here goes....


We popped to Southend on Sea yesterday for a few hours.  Only because the weather man said Sunday was going to be a wet day but Saturday would be nice.  They got that wrong because by lunch time, the rain arrived and was rather gusty and chilly.  Mind you, it was so peaceful walking along the beach and listening to the waves.  Here's a couple of pictures that just say ...'relax',

However, today (Sunday), it's bright and sunny.  There was a frost this morning and it is a bit nippy but still lovely and bright.


Do you remember the swiss roll I made last week.....well I had another go at it but decided to just make it into a layer cake instead and used Morello Cherry Jam and's a picture!

I must be feeling a bit better for me to get the baking bug again!  


I have knitted about 90% of my blanket that I am designing. I now just have the final strip to knit of the Knotted Cable.  I won't show a picture yet until it's finished.  

I had a bit of a dilema too because I had ran out of yarn for it and couldn't get it anywhere on the net matching the shade and dye number.  I ended up going in my local yarn shop which I try to avoid and he had it there so I just bought it quick and walked out.

Oh well, I am going to go cook his dinner, walk the dog and then knit for the rest of the day.  Have a good week everyone.