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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Well for the first time in years I have put my tree up in November. You cant see the fibre optics showing which is a shame but I think it looks pretty. I have collected the different tree ornaments since I became a mum.

It is still snowing here and rather chilly. Might not take dog out tonight, we will see. I gave myself a challenge today of not having the tv on all day and so far, I havent. Mind you, I havent done any knitting yet either which is astonishing really. I have tidied, cleaned, washed, ironed, changed bed linen, hoovered bedroom, dusted, done more washing, went to shop for bread and cake and now, having a cuppa before I decide what to do next.

Its snowing at last

Well my wish came true. Got up at 8.30am and saw this when I let the animals out for their morning wee. Had a look at the news quick and as expected, delays on trains, cancelled trains, buses delayed. However, so far, schools are still open. Plus, we knew this snow was coming so why didnt my borough council put grit down. TYPICAL.

Oh well, am off to get some toast and another cup of tea. Bye for now.

Monday, 29 November 2010

A weathered story

This photo was taken about a month ago when we started getting frosty mornings and at this very moment, it has been snowing most places in the UK apart from where I live. Its been very cold, to a freezing O oc but not enough for snow. I have had my heating on for 4 days solid because I almost had frozen pipes. I say almost because when I switched the boiler back on after a rather freezing evening, the boiler couldnt ignite or do anything. So being a single lady I didnt want to have to call out anyone and decided to leave it on all the time. I have used almost £10 in about 4 days having the blinking thing on.

Other news is: I finished my mitred square blanket, (yes another one) and its come out excellent.

I used all my scraps of yarn, mainly all acrylic and I used a size 5mm circular needles. Plus I used a 6mm for the edging. I did double up all of the yarn I used to give it that extra thickness.

I have been rather busy of late, I have been working a lot so spend most evenings knitting or crocheting. I have made a couple of pairs of childrens mittens for my neices and nephew and also, been trying to knit that cowl of mine but its taking so long.

The next project that I have on the go and by the way, has been on the go since May is my crochet afghan for my bed. I realised that I didnt have a warm home made blanket in my house just out of crochet so I have been doing this.

I managed to find a lovely red, blue and another cream aran yarn and I personally think, its going to look great on my bed. I have noticed that on the 400g balls of aran the yardage is very different. I can get 24-29 rows with one ball of 400g yarn and on another I can only get about 20 rows so it goes to show you the difference.

On a christmas note, I have finally done all my gifts now. First time in years, I may even consider wrapping it all up today. Now off to get a cuppa.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

A random random

Well, doesnt time fly when your like a robot. My daily routine is, get up at 7am and go off to work. Back home 8 hours later, walk dog, get dinner on (if I feel like it), see if the kids are going to appear for a meal, get changed and ready for bed, watch tv and knit. Drink tea and a bit of chocolate and off to bed to start again.

I must say though, I have been quite productive with my knitting. I am about 80% done on a larger mitred square blanket. I am not sure if its going to be for me as I didnt realise till yesterday, I am short on spare blankets or whether to give it away as a christmas present.

I also have knitted two pair of mittens in between doing the blanket, one pair was for my neice who is 5 years old and the other for my other neice who is 18 years old. I wished I had taken a photo of the gloves cause they were my own pattern. I am also going to finish another big blanket done in aran yarn and crochet. Its so big now and fits across my kingsize bed.

I do feel sometimes that I need to have inspiration with my crafts and get a bit 'bored' with the same old thing. I have promised myself that I will, one day, design something that everyone loves and wants to buy the pattern. Thats one promise in my life I am going to achieve.

Oh well, I suppose I better think about going off to bed and dreaming about my ambitions.