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Monday, 2 August 2010

Chocolate no more

I have started yet another project because my Kimono is going very well and almost finished. I decided not to knit sleeves for it because have run out of yarn almost and cannot afford to buy anymore but, never mind,I have a lovely long waist jacket that I can wear on chilly days when autumn comes.

The above picture is the start of a 'Round Ripple' Afghan from and I am using some itchy sock yarn to make it with. I do hope that it will soften up when its washed. I love the green colour in it and I think the self striping yarn is the best invention yet.

I have been off work today because I thought it was a 'bank holiday' but nope, got it wrong again so have had a lazy day at home, knitting, tidying up, crocheting and of course eating the fatefull chocolate bar. No more alas, within minutes of me eating it, I ended up with a headache, so its goodbye to chocolate now. Mind you, I can still have my 'Ovaltine' at night.

Quite often lately, when I am at work, I think about my sofa and my chaise lounge where I can put my feet up and craft away to my hearts content. I think its looking rather cosy now. I got my brother David round to help me paint the walls 'magnolia' after Peanut decided to use the embossed wall paper as a scratching post. Its looking really fresh and new now. (Will post a new picture soon) I am going to get some more greenery soon, have seen a few house plants around and am waiting for the prices to fall a bit.

Am off now to potter about in the garden for half hour before I start to think about what to cook for dinner. I am being rather good lately of bothering to cook a meal even though its not the same anymore when your kids dont sit down for meals. Can't blame them though, if I had my time again at their age (20 and 16) I wouldnt be sitting around.
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