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Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Para-Olympic's start tomorrow and I feel more excited for it than I did when the Olympic Ceremony a few weeks ago. There is hardly any noticeable chaos on transport links at the moment and hopefully, it will stay that way. I am intending to watch the young girl with 'dwarfism' who got Gold in the Beijing Olympics and who is now 17 years old. I will be keeping an eye on her definetely. Today I got a second Christmas Present. Wanna see....
We had our Summer Fete at the care home on Saturday and in between the downpour's of rain, I managed to get to a China stall. This cup, saucer and tea plate was only a £5 and it's a discontinued design of Minton ware. I love it. I checked the actual price on ebay and other specialist websites and it turns out the teacup alone sells for £14.99 so I got a good bargain. I didn't do much the weekend, I have slowly progressed on the Lily Blanket and have only 8 'willow' squares to complete and then I can crack on finishing it. On Sunday I went to an outlet shop of Thornton's and bought these for a bargain. Just £3 instead of £6 and they are sitting at my bed side table with only a few missing..I swear..only a few.
I am off now to do a bit more crocheting and to watch a bit of Don't you think that tv at the moment is a bit boring. Nothing decent on, not even a good documentary and I would absolutely love to get a crafting channel like they do in USA, I think its called PBS cause they broadcast Knitting Daily TV. Oh well...dream on.
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