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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Day Nine..Shopping & Leadenhall, London Before I start this post, I forgot to put this picture on here from the Olympic walk around London.
This is a back turning on the way to Bishopsgate called Leadenhall Market. I thought it looked very 'british'. Can you see the 'hotel chocolat' shop on the right, very nice but very pricey. Cobble street, victorian like building's that have such a lot of character. I would love to sit there and watch the world go by. I would suggest to anyone to look Leadenhall Market up on google.
This next picture you see is of some building work's going on in London. It's right near Liverpool Street and if you look hard enough, to the left of the photo, you can see the 'gherkin' as we call it here in London. The reason I took this picture is because how on earth can they build such high, big buildings in such a small space with such restrictions all around. Yep, didn't do much today other than went to Romford to return an item at Marks & Spencers and then we got the bus to Upminster to have a look in Roome's at their China Sale. I stupidly broke a new mug that I absolutely love and we wanted to replace it but the store had sold the last 3 mugs so I ended up buying two salad bowls that match. I will keep an eye out for the mug in case it turns up in a charity never know.
What did we do next....we went home and then had a late dinner. I sat up and watched tv for a bit while crocheting a new project. I just love starting new projects, its exciting plus its the start of my christmas craft list I want to get going on. I purchased the yarn at Roome's too and it was quite reasonable. It's acrylic of course, because lets face it, a child's blanket is going to get a good bashing.
It's a square called 'willow' out of Jan Eaton's 200 crochet blocks book. I have 16 to make of these in this colour combination. I also finished off a birthday present. Its a crocheted blanket, pillow and bag for a child's toy pram. It didn't take as long as I thought and I enjoyed making it. Oh well, am off to sort some dinner out. Bye for now.
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