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Monday, 6 August 2012

Day Eight..London not Dovercourt. We intended to go to Dovercourt for the day today and checked online how much the train fares would be. It said £12 from Liverpool Street so we made our way this morning and it was quite a busy train. Got to Liverpool Street, went to the Ticket Office and was told, wait for it, £33 each return. I won't write on here what we said, and walked out. Then we had the dilema of what to do for the day so we decided to have a wander around London again. Here is a load of photo's I took, can you recognise any of the buildings.
The first picture is a close up of St Paul's Cathedral and the other two photo's are of a beautiful little square garden that is at the side of the Cathedral. It's so pretty with loads of pink flowers and the fountain is gorgeous. I decided as soon as I saw it that I would call it 'Ladies Garden'.
The next photo is obviously, of an old fashioned London telephone box. You don't see many of them now and if you do they are probably vandalised with the phone broken. This telephone box was opposite the 'Ladies Garden' and I just had to take a photo of it for my blog.
If you look close enough at this next picture, you will see 'The Shard' to the right which is the tallest building, London Bridge in the background to the left and a train going across the middle. You can just see the Olympic Rings hanging down from London Bridge but here is a closer picture for you.
We walked across the Millenium Bridge which is suppose to 'wobble' a bit during windy weather and there was soft classical type music playing as you walked across it. The tide was out on the Thames and you could see the green water marks up the sides and black sooted rocks. There were boats along the edge that are nightclubs and the Police were patrolling the river too. We then walked across Waterloo Bridge and I turned to take this photo of 'The London Eye'.
We then walked along Albert Embankment to Waterloo Bridge and then went to the Strand to McDonalds and saw a lovely old fashioned shop that sold Cashmere Jumpers etc. I wanted to take a photo of the shop window but wasnt sure if I was allowed. It was decorated in such a way that was so old fashioned but makes you want to stand there for ages to take it all in visually. We bought McDonald's McFlurry ice cream and ate it in St Martin's in the Fields Church Yard, (this church opens every morning with a 'food kitchen' for the homeless) and then went to Charing Cross Road and into Leicester Square. We went to Carnaby Street and popped into Liberty's but wasn't in there very long. It is so expensive it's unreal. We went up to the third floor to the Yarn Dept and saw some gorgeous yarns but also at 'expensive' prices. We came out of there very quickly and walked up to Oxford Street because I wanted to find the John Lewis Store which has a great craft section but gave up to look for it and by then we were ready to head home so we got the tube from Tottenham Court Road back to Mile End and home. I would like to say that it was so nice to see Oxford Street again, (its only the second time I walked down there) but I don't know how people can, or would want to walk and go shopping there of a weekend. It was quite busy and your constantly playing 'dodgems' to walk around. I noticed quite a lot of the clothing shops like Next, Gap, Hugo Boss etc were all empty so I wonder how can they even stay open. If it was my business I would worry that there was no customer's walking in. Anyway, that's enough to bore you all with. I had 41 page views yesterday, WOW. Thank You.
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