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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day Four..Annual Leave I have a new shower and this one actually works. I have lived in my house for 18 years now and there has always been a mixer tap in the bathroom and a shower attachment but it has only worked once. My brother David came over, after riding his bike for an hour an half and he fixed a new one for me. I christened it and was the first to have the shower plus I dont have to use a bucket to wash my hair anymore. I use to have to fill the bucket with warm water and use a cup to pour the water over my head but no more of that nonsense now. It took David a while to change it over because obviously he had to empty the water pipes after turning off the water supply and then it took him ages to get the old mixer taps off. Anyway, I wont bore you anymore with this nonsense cause it took the best part of the day to do. F came home about 3pm and shortly after David left we went to Upminster for a wander around. Its a posher area for charity shops and we had a stroll around, went into a few shops and got a non slip bath mat to put inside the bath so we don't slip over and break a bone. We then came home, I got fish and chips for us for dinner, walked Tammie and then I did some more of my knitting. I hope to finish it Friday night and I am very pleased with it. Got no photo's today cause I thought it would be boring of a shower head. My plans for Friday are all sorted so will update soon. Happy knitting the way, my page views are increasing a lot at the moment and although no one is leaving any comments I just want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to read about my daily life.
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