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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Day Three, London. We went to Highbury & Islington to see a park called 'New River Walk' and when you walk through it, you don't realise your in London. Its so quiet, so beautifully green with trees and plants as old as the area and the wildlife is amazing. The river itself looks so peaceful and you wouldn't know there was a river there when you first walk in. It look's like a green tarmac because the water is so still and has got that green duck weed. Walking around you see some gorgeous houses that are 3 floors high and some have a basement and most have the high steps to the big front doors. It is a very pricey area and we looked in some estate agent windows and you dont get any change out of £1 million. We carried on walking around and F suggested we go up to The Strand. I thought it would be really busy but it wasn't at all. We went to Convent Garden Market too and the cute little shops with all knick knacks in was good to see. We also came across the yarn shop 'loop' but did not want to go in and then F suggested we go to Waterloo where my favourite yarn shop is. Thank god for We got out of Waterloo station and trust me, there are loads of exists from this station and we had to google Lower Marsh Street. We found the store called 'I Knit' in minutes and inside there were two cute little dogs alseep on the leather sofa. I had a quick look around at the yarn and its gorgeous but I decided to get myself some Addi Circular Knitting Needles size 2.25 for my sock knit a long in September with and all I need to get now is some sock yarn. They had some Zauberball Yarn for socks but it was quite expensive so I will have a look around for something a bit cheaper.
By the time we got the train back again, it was around 5pm and we were both knackered but it was a splendid day and thoroughly enjoyed it. I did have a delivery on Tuesday from and got 3 balls of King Cole Riot Double Knit to make 3 christmas presents. I got a bargain cause I saved almost £2 on each ball of yarn compared to my local hobby centre.
Oh well, not much else to say other than Happy Knitting. I am spending Day Four indoors cause F is off to help his brother and I have my brother coming over to fit a shower and mixer taps. So I will be pottering around the house, possibly might even clean the bedroom exciting!
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