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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Do you remember these two tree's I posted about around earlier in the year,
and obviously, this was taken when we had some serious fog. I love walking through the park at various times of the day and when you first walk in, these two tree's greet you. Especially when its springtime and they blossom together and join like holding hands. Anyway, the tree to the right has GONE. Yes, GONE. It didn't get any blossom on it this year and sadly, it had died. I noticed a few weeks ago some graffiti marks on it but alas, F said that they are probably going to cut it down. THEY DID! There is nothing left, and that poor tree is standing all lonely. Now I know if my friend Jo is reading this, she will think 'you sad cow, just go and hug the damn tree', but I can't do that. Not when there are people around. I am hoping to catch the Park Keeper to see if they have any plans to put a new one there! Watch this space.
Do you like our corner. We picked up some Bamboo Screening from Wilkinsons at the Heathway a few weeks ago and then planted up some geraniums. We got a bargain at Homebase too, a Palm Tree that was £3.99 instead of £20. It needed looking after a bit but after around 4 weeks, its thriving. We also got some Canna Lilly's and they are thriving, my first Canna Lilly will be flowering soon and we can't's a pic of it
The garden is coming on a treat now and all I really have to do is do the wood treatment on the decking. It won't last another winter so had better get my finger out soon and get it protected. I went back to work this week and so far, so good. Missed my mates Jo and Paul but everything is back to normal now. I have been jogging of an evening and managed 2.3 miles yesterday evening. (couldn't breath much or walk much afterwards) I spent an hour doing another square for Lilly's blanket....
and am now cooking some chicken for dinner. That's about it folks...will post again in a few days when something exciting happens....
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